My Two New “Aunties”

I think we all have special people in our lives who aren’t family.  Someone like a “pseudo” mom or dad or older sister or brother that we’ve adopted (or they’ve adopted us) to show us the ropes and give us life lessons that we just didn’t think to discuss with our parents or were too embarassed to bring up.   Throughout my short time on this earth, I have been VERY blessed to have so many mentors and wiser women in my life to help guide and mold me, in addition to the great work my parents and family did.   In my new job, I have two wonderful women who have taken me under their wings and tell me the things I never discussed with my mother.

First, let me say that I always seem to attract people to me.  I don’t know if it’s my Southern disposition or pleasant personality, but for the most part, I never run into people who don’t like me. (And no, I’m not conceited or stuck on myself; I’m just stating facts.)  My co-workers, Casey and Madeline, are the two newest additions to my extensive list of mentors.  Both ladies have served in the military, are at least 15 years older than me, and are mothers.   These ladies are not shy about anything, which is a huge contrast to me, who can be somewhat prudish at times.  They are always sharing their experiences and giving me advice, especially when it comes to men.  In recent weeks, I have been given advice on everything from how to be more assertive when dealing with men, not being so harsh/mean all of the time, and when to just let men go. I’ve known Casey longer.  She was there when I first started this position and was my first official trainer.  Casey has made sure that I know what I need to know about my job, without stepping on anybody’s toes, and ensures that no one tries to pull the wool over my eyes.  Never one to bite her tongue, Casey shares her own Latina flavor of anecdotes ranging from eating organic foods to “bumping the uglies”. (I’ll let you figure out what that one means.)  And Madeline, whom I affectionately called “my inappropriate auntie” when discussing her with a friend of mine, is a great addition to our office.  A fellow Southern girl, Madeline and I have hung out numerous times outside of work and has even tried to play matchmaker; unfortunately for the guy, it didn’t work out, but Madeline gets an “A” for effort!  Both women say everything my mother and I don’t, or won’t, discuss and we have a great time when it’s just us girls in the office. 

I love my mother immensely and speak to her at least once a day everyday, but it is nice to know that I have so many other strong, educated, and accomplished women in my corner.  So to each and every woman that has touched my life in a positively way, especially my two new “aunties”, I say “Thank you!”  So, what about you all?  Do you have an older person who influenced your life in a positive way?  What have they done?  Do you still communicate with them?  Please share your stories.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.

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