About Elle

No matter where I live, I feel like I will always be a Southern girl; it’s in my blood!  I’ve lived in South Carolina, Florida, and our nation’s capital.  This blog is just about me- my experiences, opinions, and some ramblings on things I see, with some news splattered here and there for good measure!  I love, live, play, think, read, and have fun!

I’m an only child who didn’t really have imaginary friends growing up but learned to entertain myself.  I had tons of friends and was always involved with some type of extracurricular activity.  My mother has called me “Social Butterfly” since I was in middle school.  I like things to be a certain way, and for that reason, I will volunteer to serve on various committees to ensure my voice is heard.  I truly believe that if you address a problem you should have an idea for a solution; if you just want to complain, I’ll quickly stop listening.  Probably because I’m a Fire sign (Aries all day!), I’m a natural born leader (but I know when and who to follow).  Most people’s opinion on me is that I’m a sweet girl who has a nice smile and warm disposition.  I think that’s an accurate depiction!  If my life movie were being made right now, I would want Jurnee Smollet to play a young Elle and Sanaa Lathan or Kerry Washington to play me (even though they are at least 5-10 years older than me!).  I love all things purple (including “Purple Rain”), Beyonce, Angela Bassett, Boris Kodjoe, and Prince.  Pop culture, reality tv, and supporting good movies and good music also take up a lot of my free time!


  1. I saw your most recent blog series on entrepreneurs and thought you would like to check out my client Shanel Cooper Sykes. With a bestselling book, wildly popular web series and health and beauty line on the horizon, this domestic goddess is poised to become the next great media mogul of her time. She is internationally known and has 35,000 followers. You can reach me on my email address if you have any questions. Have a beautiful and blessed day!

  2. Love the title to your blog…..I’m actually a native of California born and raised in the valley and recently moved to Arkansas….so it’s quite a culture shock, but I’m adjusting…….well…..until I come across some strange country critter that I have never seen before. hahahaha

  3. Hi there! I write a blog called Desperate English Housewife in Washington (www.ukdesperatehousewifeusa.com) and I love reading your blog. I would be delighted to feature a guest post or interview with you on my blog to showcase to my British and American readers what a ‘real American gal’ in the area does, who she is, and what makes her tick. What do you think?! Claire

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