Way Back Wednesday- Glamour Girl

I haven’t done a WBW post in about 2 years.  And since I want to do some more research/thinking on other topics, you’re getting something directly from the heart. 🙂

Growing up, Southern Mom and one of my aunts used to call me Glamour Girl.  Despite the fact I wore lip gloss (“my lip gloss be popping”), played with Barbie dolls, and HATED to get dirty, I told them they were wrong; I was a tomboy… (Yes, you can laugh.)  I think I wanted to go away from this because I viewed being a Glamour Girl as negative.  Even though the sisters were having fun at the expense of an 8 year old, I wasn’t having it.

Despite having a father that is about 6’3″ (now do you see why I want a tall dude???) and a mother that is 5’7″, I stopped growing at 5’4″, due my having scoliosis.  And I was always a little taller and heavier than my female classmates.  I was a jolly green giant until about 7th grade when everyone else started to catch up with me.  At this age, even with my participation in basketball and cheerleading, I began to embrace being a glamour girl.  I was a ham for the camera (still am) and loved dressing up (still do).  My hopes of being a model were dashed when I realized I wasn’t going to grow anymore.  I can’t remember if I ever told Southern Mom this, but she knew that was a dream; maybe that’s an example of a mother knowing her child.  I did participate in the pageant at my high school for two years and in the pageant hosted by my mom’s sorority, not necessarily because I thought I was going to win, but because I thought it would be fun.  And I had no problem being put on display.

While some girls would be miserable if they didn’t win because this was there end all and be all, my mother instilled in me that not only was I pretty but I was also intelligent, nice, friendly, and had a number of other things going for myself.  I was more than just a pretty face. Some girls, that’s all they know, which is unfortunate.  And this isn’t to say that I didn’t have some insecurities.  We all do, and we would be lying if we said we didn’t.  I always wanted longer hair (still do) and wondered if the girl next to me was prettier.

I am happy to say, that even though I still sometimes suffer from insecurities, I’m still a Glamour Girl, even at 31.  I embrace it.  And I better since I’m getting my own crown and sash in less than a month.  And I DO plan on winning my next pageant in August.  And even if I don’t, I’ll be ok.  Because I’m more than just a pretty face.  I’m a friend, a leader, a daughter, a writer, and a volunteer.  Also, I’m not just walking across that stage and putting myself on display for me.  My hope and prayer is that a woman or girl who sees me knows that she can follow in my footsteps, even if she isn’t 5’10” but is closer to 5’2″ and isn’t a size 4 but is closer to a size 16.  I’m also doing it because I think it’ll be fun, I  like to dress up and I don’t mind being on display.   Until next time, I’m just  a Southern girl…in the city!

Way Back Wednesday- My MJ Fix

The Michael from my youth; you can really see his nose job in this photo.

Morning, folks!  Now that we are back to our regular schedule, it’s time for the typical Wednesday post here on SGITC.  I was going to do it last week, but I was so overwhelmed with my desire to share my thoughts about “The Game” that I really didn’t have a choice!  And I miss “Happy Black Girl Day”!  So, the thing that’s going to make this Black girl happy today is talking about Michael Jackson.  For some strange reason, I was going through this MJ phase last week-singing songs, watching videos, listening to CDs…  So I’ve decided to share some of my favorite Michael songs with you guys. 

First up, “Leave Me Alone”.

Next, “Dancing Machine”.  Yes, I know, Michael and his brothers, but it’s a great song!

You can’t have an MJ song (or video) list without “Thriller”!

One of my personal favorites is “Human Nature”.

I could be here all day, but I”ll stop.  What are some of your favorite MJ songs?  I know you have some so feel free to share!  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

Way Back Wednesday-TV Edition

I first must thank my Facebook friends for ALL of their suggestions for this post.  They probably didn’t know why I was asking, but I think they all enjoyed the trip down memory lane!  They gave me some great suggestions, such as “Fragglerock”, “Perfect Strangers”, “In the House”, “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”, “Charles in Charge”, “Punky Brewster“, and a host of others.  But I had to pick three shows that I absolutely loved growing up. 

First, “My Brother and Me” was one of the first shows on Nickelodeon featuring a predominantly African-American cast.  This show, which only lasted one season, followed the exploits of two brothers, Alfie and Dee, their older sister Melanie, and their parents.  Based in Charlotte, NC, this show highlighted your typical American family.  I must say I always thought it was cool that the parents were members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. (which I knew I wanted to become a member of since I was a little girl) and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.; the paddles were hanging on the wall outside the kitchen (Yes, I’ve always paid attention to detail).  Some great catch phrases from the show, which were said multiple times by anyone born in the early ’80’s, are “Don’t hold your breath”, “You didn’t say ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy'”, and “Hit me! Hit me!”  It’s a real shame that there are only 13 episodes of this show.

Next is “Out All Night“, featuring Vivica A. Fox, Morris Chestnut, Duane Martin, and Patti LaBelle.  LaBelle played club owner Chelsea Paige, Fox played her daughter Charisse, Chestnut played club manager Jeff, and Martin was Jeff’s irresponsible friend and roommate Vidal. I LOVED this show, and sadly it only lasted for a season as well.  They always had some great musical guests.  I always enjoyed watching Ms. Paige tell someone off and the budding romance between Jeff and Charisse.

Lastly, I can’t forget my Saturday morning shows.  TNBC was a staple in my house during my teenage years, and one of my favorite shows was “City Guys“, starring Wesley Jonathan and Scott Whyte.  This show followed the exploits of these two NYC youth and their friends.  I always had a crush on Wesley, so I was excited to look at him each Saturday morning.  Plus, I felt like this was a great show that told realistic stories.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of “Way Back Wednesday”.  I know there were TONS more shows I could have mentioned.  What were some of the great shows that you enjoyed growing up?  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!