This Week in the News

Before I begin today’s post, I just want to send special prayers to the families of Zenani Mandela, great-granddaughter of Nelson Mandela, and Maryland State Trooper Wesley Brown.   Both were senselessly and unexpectedly killed early this morning. 

As each week brings tons of news to us from around the world, I have decided each Friday I will (attempt to) discuss topics that are hot right now (or at least have people’s tongues wagging).  I’ll share a little bit of the story and provide my lively commentary to what’s going on. 

First, what seems to be the talk of the hip-hop world, is Slim Thug’s comments to Vibe magazine regarding Black women and relationships. (To read the article in its entirety, click here.)  Before I read the entire article, I was a little perturbed at what he said, or what people were quoting, which was pretty much all of the bad stuff.  Despite what I think about him as a rapper or a person or what have you, he did make some valid points about relationships.  Now, he really should not have generalized his statements as all ethnicities are probably guilty of what he accused Black women of, but his derogatory comments were too much.  My advice to him, which I have put into my own personal practice, is don’t make generalizations from a few people that you have met.    But quietly, I’m thinking that he made these comments on purpose.  Is Slim Thug really relevant anymore???  Did he make these comments just so his name would still in people’s mouths???

Next up, Joran van der Sloot.  Do I REALLY need to say more?  This guy, at only 22 years old, is all sorts of trouble.   First, a woman, 21 year old student Stephany Ramirez, is found dead in his hotel room in Chile-the reason?  According to van der Sloot, it’s because she found evidence that linked him to the Natalee Holloway disappearance.   Next, he tells the Chilean authorities that he will reveal the location of Holloway’s remains, but only to Peruvian authorities.  Lastly (or at least the last thing I heard), was that he was arrested for extortion as he contacted the Holloway family to pay him $25,000 to reveal the location of Natalee’s body.   (Read all of the details in this article.)  I really hope that if he is guilty (as we are all innocent until proven guilty) he gets the maximum punishment.  It really seems as if he has no remorse.  And did he really think that contacting the family and asking for money was smart?  I mean, doesn’t he know that they would unquestionably contact the proper authorities and his butt would be arrested?!?!?  I wouldn’t be surprised if he showed up on an episode of “World’s Dumbest Criminals”.   The guy does have to be pretty smart to elude prosecution so far, as he had to be let go (twice) from police custody for lack of evidence.  I do hope both families get the closure they need and both girls get the justice they so rightly deserve. 

The NBA Finals- I have only one thing to say…  GO CELTICS!!!  I’m so glad I was able to watch the last few minutes of the game last night.  I really feel like there is a competition going on, and I can’t wait to see Game 5 on Sunday! (Wait, it is Sunday, right?!) 

Last, but certainly not least, is the breakup of the 40 year marriage of Al and Tipper Gore.  (Yes, I know this is last week’s news, but I still feel the need to discuss this.)  Ok, seriously, who does that?   As someone who truly believes in true love and all that, I was very disheartened when I heard this news.   This is not a good look, at all.   After going through so much and still sticking by each other, they’re just going to throw 40 years away.  Some experts say that due to longer life expentancies more long lasting marriages are ending in divorce.   This does not sit well with me at all.  So, this message is for my future husband, whomever and wherever he may be- I don’t plan on getting divorced…ever.  I’m in it for the long haul, and you should be, too.  If you’re not sure you can make a lifetime commitment to me, then I may not be the one for you.  (Ok, thanks for letting me take that little break.)   And to add insult to injury, their oldest daughter Karenna is getting divorced as well.  *Sigh*  But the Gores say their split is amiacable, so I guess that makes it ok…(no it doesn’t, but I’m trying to play diplomatic.)

So, what are your opinions of what’s going on?  Feel free to comment on any of the stories I mentioned, and please share some news of your own or anything that I did not mention.   I want to hear from you!!!  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.

Marriage: Is It for Everyone?

This must have been the weekend of love.  Two of my sorority sisters got engaged! Yes, very happy occasions, and I can’t wait to hear the details of how their fiancees proposed.   But, on the other hand, a friend of a friend celebrated her 30th birthday this weekend by having dinner Saturday night, and a number of people thought her boyfriend was going to propose to her.  She has been with this man for almost 12 years (they met and started dating in undergrad) and is about to move in with him (I said she’ll be pregnant within a year-that was harsh, huh?!?!).  And come to find out her best friend, who was also in attendance at this dinner, is set to marry her fiancee next August.  A group of us have discussed this young lady’s situation in length-how she has been with this man for years, and they show no signs of getting married.   While we in our personal lives and the media make a big deal out of getting married, not every woman’s goal is to become a Mrs. one day.

Now, as a little girl growing up in the South, I was very traditional-to the extent that I knew I wanted to get married, have the house with the white picket fence, 2.5 children (the national average a few years back), a cool SUV (’cause I am NOT driving a mini-van), and maybe a family dog.  It never dawned on me that not every little girl dreams of getting married.  A co-worker pointed out to me that may be the case with a few people in society.  To use her as an example (hope you don’t mind!), my co-worker had been married for about 20 years (they’ve recently divorced), but neither she nor her ex-husband wanted to get married.   She felt pressure from family asking, “So, when are you going to get married?” And even when it was time for the big day, her future husband asked her, “Why are we doing this again?” 

As I grow, mature, and EVOLVE, I’m happy to know that I don’t know everything, and to really expand my mind so I can take others points of view into account.  I can say that my eyes have been opened wide.  While I know I want to become a Mrs. one day, I am not rushing into it by any means.  But  I also know that not everyone wants to get married, and 20 years ago when people thought others were crazy for not getting married, that doesn’t seem so crazy now.  I mean, a woman doesn’t need to have a husband to have a child or paying her bills or for “after hour” activities (ya’ll know what I’m talking about) if you want to take it to the extreme.  While I still think my friend’s friend is crazy for not marrying this boy after 12 years and moving in with him, I’ve decided that we must let people live their lives and do what makes them happy. 

Please feel free to share your thoughts on marriage for the masses.  Have we gone away from tradition?  Is it right to be a bachelor/bachelorette for our entire lives?  Until the next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.