My Super Bowl XLV Recap

So I can admit defeat…and admit when I am wrong. I predicted the Steelers would be victorious in Super Bowl XLV…but alas, I was wrong. Congrats to the Packers. I guess since football season is officially over, I have to give all of my attention to the NBA (Go Celtics!). Due to the fact I have a great post for you tomorrow and I don’t want to inter-mingle football with my commentary, I’m giving you my recap of my night (and the game).

First, I mentioned to you guys that I was going someplace that I was really excited about going. That place was Liv, and the guest of honor, in town celebrating his 40th birthday, was Questlove of The Roots. He and I have some witty banter on Twitter (well, he responded to me once…maybe twice), so I was all set to introduce myself, have him put a face with the Twitter handle, and take some photos. But due to unforeseen circumstances (my two sorors and I were on different pages today-hey, it happens), I didn’t go, and instead went to another party outside of the District. Now, while I ate exceptionally well at my Plan B location (kudos to my friend L-Boogie), the satellite was not working, so we missed almost the 1st half of the game. Our party travelled to a friend’s house and watched the rest of the game. I was excited to see the Black Eyed Peas, as they were the first pop group to perform after the Justin/Janet issue in 2004. They performed a few of my fave songs, and because I was in mixed company and I’m darn near 30 years old, I had to refrain from singing out loud. :). I was equally excited to see my early high school crush Usher but was thoroughly disappointed because he didn’t actually sing. (But he danced his butt off!!!)

Now, for the 2nd half of this game. I’m glad the Steelers found some life in the locker room, but it was too little too late. In that sense they reminded me of my Jaguars-slow start and get some fire during half-time, but it’s still not enough. The good thing was that most everyone I was with was hoping the Steelers would win so no one felt left out. Big Ben made some stupid mistakes; all 3 of his turnovers resulted in TDs for Green Bay. It almost seemed at one point the Steelers were gonna give it away! But in any event, I’m glad I was able to actually watch a competition.

I have no clue what I’m gonna do until September. Maybe I’ll join a touch co-ed football league in the DMV-wait, does that even exist??? And who am I kidding? I wouldn’t play! What did you guys think of the game and the half-time performance? Oh, and we missed the National Anthem, but I heard Christina (Aguilera) forgot a verse; can somebody elaborate? Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

P.S. I forgot to talk about the commercials!  Apparently, I missed some of the best ones!  I LOVED the Chrysler commercial, the Mercedes was ok (how did they pick Diddy?!), and I love Kim K. but that Skechers commercial was whack.

Super Bowl Friday!

Happy Friday, folks!  I am in a GREAT mood! So much so I’m dancing, singing, and probably having my co-workers give me the #side-eye…but I’m ok with that.  Since we’re gearing up for the Super Bowl, today’s Black History Month fact relates to-you guessed it-football!

Tony Dungy, former head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, was the first Black head coach of an NFL team to win the Super Bowl when the Colts defeated the Chicago Bears during Super Bowl XLI. 

Since we’re all expecting to party this Sunday (I’m going for the Steelers, despite my feelings about Ben Roethlisberger), today’s “This Week in the News” post will highlight those who probably stopped partying a while ago…

First up, looks like Halle Berry is having a nasty custody battle with hunky ex-model Gabriel Aubry over their 2 year old daughter, Nahla.  Now, of course their friends are taking sides, with Halle’s friends claiming Gabriel is a racist jerk and Gabriel’s friends accusing Halle of sending expletive filled texts.   Why is it when the love is gone adults get stupid and start acting like children instead of PROTECTING their children???  If their main concern is the well-being of Nahla, shouldn’t they work out their differences (in private) and do what is best for the child?  And I will never understand why people have offspring with people they don’t like.  But that’s another post for another day…Oh, and if Gabriel really called Halle the “N” word, he needs to get dealt with.

We won’t talk about this long, but why are journalists surprised their getting attacked in Egypt?  I love Anderson Cooper, but just because you’re loved in the U.S. doesn’t mean people overseas love you.   People are upset, there’s social unrest, and people are behaving irrationally.  I don’t know about you guys, but I’m staying as far away from Egypt as possible. 

It appears people are a little suspicious of Chelsea Clinton’s husband, Marc Mezvinksy.  The former Wall Street broker left his cushy job at G3 Capital Management to start hitting the slopes in Wyoming.  I think something fishy’s going on, but others (i.e. my “auntie” Madeline) thinks Marc was over the pressure of worker as a broker and wanted a more relaxed life.  Well, I hope he didn’t jump on the Clinton train thinking he was gonna coast through the rest of his life.

Super Bowl XLV– I think the Steelers are going to win.  And I’m excited about the Super Bowl I’m going to.  I’m not telling where I’m going only because I don’t want it to be any more saturated with folk that it already probably will be.  I can say it will be hosted by the drummer of a band I LOVE!!!  If you follow me on Twitter I may let it slip on Sunday! 😉

What’s going on in your worlds?  Anything happening in the news I didn’t touch on that you want to discuss?  If you plan on drinking this Sunday, please make sure you drink and drive responsibly.  We don’t need any senseless accidents, and I don’t want any of you to get in trouble with the law!  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!