Seal the Deal

I hope you guys had a great weekend!  Last I wrote on this here blog, I stated I was not going to be able to attend The DC Quarterly hosted by Paul Brunson due to tickets being sold out.  Well, thanks to the generosity of Vanessa Mitchell, I was able to go after all! 🙂  (Thanks, Vanessa!)  Thank goodness my new partner-in-crime, Ms. Rasberry, was at The Social as well.  We were able to walk around, people watch, and mingle, and she served as my “Wingwoman” in one instance.   There was a guy that I thought was attractive, so Ms. Rasberry sauntered over to him, said something about her friend thinking he was attractive, and brought him my way.   We had a very nice conversation, I found out he was a Southern boy, and we both felt the same about going out to clubs (we don’t like going) and would prefer to hang out with friends and enjoy nice dialogue.   We talked for about 15 minutes, during the speed dating round.  When it was over, Southern Boy and his friend proceeded to leave- no asking for the number, no saying it was nice to meet you, nothing.  And don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a cold and ugly walk-away…they just moved along.

Fast forward to later on in the evening about an hour later.  A friend of mine was hosting a party at his house, and I invited Ms. Rasberry to come with me.   During the course of the evening, I noticed an attractive gentleman looking our way (repeatedly).  After a few minutes, he came our way and struck up a conversation.  After said gentleman excused himself for a moment, Ms. Rasberry stated she was going to leave when he came back.  I asked why.  She said it was pretty obvious that he was flirting and was interested in me, and she didn’t want to be a third wheel.   By the time he came we had moved on, as the party was winding down and everyone was getting ready to go.   We did chat some more before we left and realized that we had mutual friends.  But he didn’t ask for the number.

As we were leaving, Ms. Rasberry said something very profound.  “Guys won’t seal the deal.”  This essentially means that a man will talk to a woman, give her all the signs that he’s interested, but when it’s time to leave, he doesn’t ask to see her again, say he would love to continue the conversation, or ever ask for her number.   Things are just left hanging in the air.  And I realize that I don’t need to meet a potential suitor at every place I go, but especially at The DC Quarterly, I would have liked SOMEBODY to ask for my number. 

So guys, it’s your turn to sound off.  What makes you “seal the deal”?  Meaning what about a woman will make you want to ask for her number so you can continue to get to know her, whether you’re attracted to her or you’re just looking for a friend (but do guys really just look for platonic female friends? I don’t think so.)  And ladies, if you’re feeling me, feel free to sound off, too.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!