I Need to Get Out More

We are 43 days into a new year.  I have some goals that I would like to have accomplished by December 31, some that rely on me being disciplined and focused while some rely on the actions of others.  One thing that I would like to see happen sometime this year is that I begin dating one guy on the regular-and dare I say start a relationship.  Clearly I know that I can plan and hope til doomsday, but if it’s not in God’s plan, I can hang this particular goal up.  But, because I have been praying, taking action, and fully believe that God helps those who help themselves, I realize that I need to get out more.

Sure, I go to work and volunteer with two great organizations in DC.  But I don’t think I’ve really gone out to “kick it” in 2013.  And, if I can be frank, the man God has for me is not going to come knocking on my door.  So if I want to meet him and have him find me, I need to be more social.  What am I doing to fill up my social calendar you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you.  Tonight, I am attending a State of the Union Watch Party.  Since I didn’t make it to the Election Night party, the least I can do is attend the SOTU party as a DC resident.  Next, I’m going out of town this weekend with my girls.  We’re heading down South, and I am SO excited!  Next week, I’m attending a networking/philanthropic event.  The great thing about that is that I will be representing one of the organizations that I volunteer with (and I got us on program), so I’m anxious for us to get our name out there and recruit some more volunteers. And please don’t misunderstand-I’m not attending these events to meet men; I’m attending them because I like doing things.  (Meeting Mr. Right would be an added perk.) I am a social butterfly.  But I can’t be too social sitting up in my house watching “Scandal” and “The Walking Dead” all of the time.

At the advice of a great soror, I’ve decided to join some organizations.  Which ones?  I’m not sure yet.  But it will most likely be just one, as I have two orgs and my sorority that take up a lot of time.  But I want to do something fun-and different-and something that interests me.  I’ve already decided that in addition to running, I want to take up boxing.  (I’m taking gym recommendations! :))

Do you need to get out more?  I know I do.  I’m a social butterfly that loves sitting on my couch watching tv.  I’m not sure how that works exactly, but here I am as proof, so I guess anything is possible.  So, it is now my goal to go out at least once a week.  I guess that needs to go on my vision board, too… Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

Benevole Inc. hosts First Annual Fundraiser

Yes, you all are quite lucky-two posts from your girl in one day!  And don’t get your hopes up, this is not related to the reunion…I’ve actually decided that’ll be my Way Back Wednesday post! 🙂  In any event, this post will highlight an organization that has become near and dear to me!

Benevole, Inc. is the brain child of George Slaughter, originally from Chicago.   George has always been in the business of giving back.  He and his parents began volunteering and serving the Chicago community when he was young.  After losing both parents, his father when he was 10 and his mother when he was 18, George kept that giving spirit.  During his undergrad years, he began working with orphans and continued this work after he graduated.  He started “Belk Cares” to raise awareness for orphans and was able to have his company host a Christmas party for kids instead of just giving the toys to faceless names.  He also hosted Families First in Atlanta each year he lived there.  Now in the District, George has decided to continue his philanthropic work.  To find out more about the event, read below.  And don’t forget to purchase your ticket.  This is sure to be an event you don’t want to miss!

Contact: LaToya Grant

E-mail: latoya.grant@benevoleinc.org



Benevole, Inc. is hosting its First Annual “Walk-a-Mile in Someone’s Shoes” Fundraiser and Cocktail Social on Saturday, October 2, 2010 at Hotel Rouge (1315 16th St. NW, Washington, DC) from 7-11 pm.  The donation per person is $25, and the evening includes heavy hors d’ouvre and an open bar.  High heel shoes are mandatory for men and women.  No photography will be allowed, and all cell phones will be checked at the door.  In keeping true with the organizations mission of meeting the operational needs of existing non-profits, 100% of the proceeds from the event will go to N Street Village, which empowers low-income and homeless women to achieve their highest quality of life by offering various services to its clients.

According to Co-Founder and President George L. Slaughter, Benevole, which is French for “volunteer”, hopes “to raise awareness about existing non-profits” and “desires to become the bridge between the benefactor and the beneficiary”. Slaughter created Benevole to give back to the community.  The organization has four pillars on which they focus-women, children, homelessness, and health.  Tickets for the event can be purchased from this site http://www.benevoleinc.org/Events.html and must be secured by September 30.  For more information regarding Benevole, Inc., please visit the website at www.benevoleinc.org.

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If you would like more information regarding Benevole, Inc. or the above mentioned fundraiser, please contact LaToya Grant, Director of Communications, at latoya.grant@benevoleinc.org