Open Relationships

Two people meet, date, decide they have a lot of things in common, and decide to commit to one another.  That seems to be many people’s goal when it comes to relationships, but what if one person isn’t enough?  Does your significant other feel comfortable having an open relationship? 

According to Wikipedia, an open relationship is when people who are in a committed relationship are able to have an emotional or physical relationship with other partners.   I spoke with two of my friends yesterday regarding open relationships.  One friend, Vince, a graduate student, asked why we were questioning the whole open relationship “thing” anyway, as if it were taboo.  Vince mentioned that in some African societies, it is normal for one man to have many partners or wives.   He also brought up the fact that open relationships seem to work with celebrities in the sense they may be away from home a lot and may seek companionship on the road.  These type of relationships may not work with “regular” people who do not lead the same lives as celebrities and may not have the same resources.  Another friend, WaltBrown, a writer, supports open relationships.  He believes that during the “getting to know you” stages, two people should work on being friends first and possibly date and be intimate with other people.  Once two develop a strong friendship, then you can work on being a couple.   If the two do decide to have an open relationship, rules should be placed that make both parties comfortable.  The main thing that WaltBrown said that I agree with in regards to any relationship is that “Sex should be the icing on the cake, not the glue that holds a relationship together.”

As I told Vince last night, I am a very traditional girl (which he questioned :)), so I’m not sure I could have an open relationship.  I will admit both men did bring up points that were valid and that I never thought of before.  What are your thoughts on open relationships?  Do you think you could be in one?  Or maybe you have been in one.  What was your experience like?  Would you do it again?  I’m waiting to hear from you guys! Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.