How Dare You?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve heard of and come across certain stories that make me wonder, “What the heck were you thinking?!”  One of them is the story of Desmond Hatchett, a 33 year old Knoxville man that has fathered 30 (yes, you read correctly THIRTY) children with 11 different women.  Mr. Hatchett has asked the state of Tennessee to assist him in his child support payments because he can’t afford it anymore.  I not only blame him, I fault these women.  When I ventured into internet dating, a man messaged me that had 7 children.  I quickly deleted his message without responding and never looked back.  (Crazy thing, he also messaged my sorority sister (in a completely different state than me), too, but that’s a post for a different day.)  What made woman number 6 or 7 (let alone 10 and 11) think, “Oh, he’s a catch, he’s cute-let me go ahead and sleep with him”?  I swear, people are stupid.  I tell my friends this, but I’ll share this with you all, too.  People, America, my SGITC readers-think about the person you’re about to sleep with.  Could you see yourself having a child with this person?  Could you imagine this person being in your life forever?  If not, keep it in your pants!!!!  I honestly feel sorry for these children.  This has to be the most disgusting thing I’ve seen in a long, long time. 

For my fellow “Basketball Wives”  viewers, how many of you all wanted to slap Kesha last week?  Yes, Tami was wrong and WAY out of order, but why was Kesha acting like a punk?  UGH!!! I was so disgusted watching that whole episode.  And now Tracey Edmonds (ex-Mrs. Babyface) and Shaunie want to put this mess on the big screen??? #icant  Who is going to pay to watch these chicks in a movie theater?  Not I.  I feel like these reality shows have gotten out of hand.  And to show how these little girls are looking up to these reality stars…I have started watching “Tanisha Gets Married”. (Don’t judge me.)  Tanisha was a cast member on “The Bad Girls Club” and has gone on to host the BGC reunions and other shows on Oxygen.  During last week’s episode, a little girl went up to Tanisha to get her autograph and told her, “When I grow up, I want to be on ‘The Bad Girls Club’.”  Tanisha quicky corrected the girl and say, “No, you don’t!”  Let this be a lesson to all little girls and young ladies in the world-even the women who are ignorant, crazy, and deranged on these shows want you to strive for more. 

UPDATE: Can I also add that I’m quite perturbed that Tia Mowry AND Pooch Hall are leaving “The Game”???  So, I guess this means the show will have it’s last season next year.  It’s been real. 

I’m not a lawyer (even though I had hopes of being one until I turned 23), but I don’t care what anybody says, George Zimmerman needs to stand trial.  If he had stayed in his car, Trayvon Martin might be alive today.  The media needs to let authorities do their job.  But I will say this will be tried in the case of public opinion before it gets to a courtroom.  And I know he has a family and other loved ones, but if your brother, son, husband, or whatever did something wrong, you need to let him know he was wrong-end of story. 

That’s all I have for today.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!



No one is perfect, and we all have made mistakes in our lives.  When we mess up, we normally ask for forgiveness from the person or people we have wronged.  But what happens when what you’ve done has directly affected a large group of people…or your mistake is all over the news. 

We are all familiar with Eddie Long and Chris Brown, two men accused of heinous crimes that were plastered all over the news.  Pastor Long’s supporters stuck by him, while a large amount of his congregation left his church.  And he hit news again when was “crowned king”.  (Not sure if that’s completely accurate since I had no interest in watching this ridiculous footage).  He did apologize for taking part, but the damage had already been done.  And just when America had decided to move on, he comes up in our newsfeed again.  Chris Brown did the unthinkable, he put his hands on one of America’s sweethearts.  Even though there were rumors of abuse, from both parties, before the Grammy’s of 2009, Rihanna’s battered and bruised face shocked all of us.  And Chris Brown was Public Enemy No. 1.  Within one year, Chris was working his way back into our hearts.  And it seemed as if he was working his way back nicely.  Now, people are shaking their heads again due to the former couple teaming up for songs on both of their upccoming albums.  Some people say Chris is remorseful and has paid his debt while others think he should be buried never to return to see the light of day again.  I have to admit, I’m a C Breezy fan. 

I think the one of the most famous men to be redeemed is R. Kelly (I orgininally wasn’t going to talk about him, but he just popped up in my head).  I don’t think I need to elaborate.

The main reason why I wanted to write this post was to discuss a certain pastor in Jacksonville, FL.  The story of (I refuse to call him Reverend) Darrell Gilyard broke the year I moved to DC.  Not to elaborate (you can research the story), but he pled guilty to lewd conduct and lewd molestation of two underage girls who attended his church, which is one of the well-known mega-churches in my old city.  After Gilyard was released from jail this past December, he was hired by another church in Jacksonville, to be the pastor.  Since Gilyard is a registered sex offender and cannot be around children under the age of 18 due to conditions of his parole, the church has banned children from attending Sunday services.  No, I’m not joking and your eyes are not playing tricks on you.  Security guards stand at the door and turn away parents who have children with them.  The court stilled has not ruled whether children can be allowed in the sanctuary when Gilyard is preaching. 

Yes, this man paid his debt to society.  But in my humble opinion, this man does not deserve to be in a pulpit, especially since before he came to Jacksonville, he left Texas amid accusations of sexual misconduct.  What are we teaching our children when we don’t allow them to come to church?  That it’s ok to commit crimes against children as long as you’re a “pastor”; you serve your time and are allowed to come back to the same place where you got in trouble before?  Now, don’t get me wrong, I totally believe in forgiveness, but let’s be smart about this.  Gilyard should have the decency and common sense to say, “You know what?  I need to find something else to do as my career and to earn money.”  Yes, the man is almost 50 years old, but I’m sure he can do SOMETHING besides preach. 

So I type all this to say, should Gilyard still be preaching?  And if so, is it right that children are banned from services?  Can we all be redeemed from past bad acts, once we make amends?  And is it really that easy to forget someone’s bad deeds?  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.

Newsworthy Updates from the Southern Girl

So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  And it’s been even longer since I’ve done a “This Week in the News” post.  I got a request to post one (thanks, Southern Cousin!), so this is what we have.  Some things are not that new, but they’re new to you ! 🙂

First, 24 year old Howard University sophomore Alonzo Guyton was shot and killed on October 26 in apparent robbery attempt.  Applause to Prince George’s County officers for identifying a suspect.  DC resident William Knight, who is only 20 years old, has been arrested for his murder.  Also, Alexis Simpson,  a 19 year Bowie State University student, was indicted last month for the stabbing death of her roommate, 18 year old Dominique Frazier.  The trial is set for March 26, 2012.  Reportedly, the roommates were having issues from the beginning, and room change requests were submitted to the Housing Department.  It will be interesting to see what comes out during the trial.  It is just unfortunate that the lives of two young women will never be the same.

Second, I haven’t mentioned Mitrice Richardson lately on the blog.  But she and her family are still in my thoughts and prayers.  This article, written by Mike Kessler, takes an amazing look at her case.  Just know it’s not over, and I hope the truth surrounding her death comes out soon.

Next, this Penn State sex abuse scandal.  Here’s what I’ll say:  Sandusky, if guilty of child abuse, needs to rot under the jail.  And if his phone interview with Bob Costas is indicative of anything, I think he’s guilty. And if anyone, parent, teacher, coach, whomever, knew of the abuse, they deserve to rot, too.  Listening to a portion of his interview, I don’t know what would make him think horseplaying with a child in a shower (let alone being in the shower with a student in the first place) would be ok.  Should the football team go on to finish their season?  Absolutely.  I agree with Elizabeth Hasselbeck (surprise, surpise)-the students should not have to suffer for the actions of their coaches.

Herman Cain, Herman Cain.  I really wanted to (attempt to) like you and think you would be a formidable GOP candidate and opponent to Obama.  But alas, you disappoint me.  First, the allegations of sexual harassment, now you have no knowledge of the President’s stance on Libya.  And for that matter, you probaby don’t even have a grasp on the facts.  I’m done with you, sir; good day!

And on the girl I love to watch on tv, Kim Kardashian.  All I can say is, “Shame on you!”  First of all, correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t there a potential for the NBA lockout this summer?  So she knew Kris didn’t have any income coming in.  Next, I don’t care what she says, she got married for publicity and to try to one up her sisters.  Khloe’s wedding wasn’t half as elaborate and over the top as Kim’s.  (Not that that has any bearing on the length of her marriage.) 

On the upside, I have been named the Outreach Co-Chair for First Book-DC, which provides books to students in the city and to lower the illiteracy rates.  Our official launch event is November 30, so be on the lookout for the event info!  Yes, I’m still job hunting.  Oh, and there’s some other good news, but I won’t go into details because I don’t want to jinx it. 😉  Enjoy your day, and until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

Does Anything Surprise You Anymore?

When you put your life on display, don’t be surprised when people comment on it.  The girl we all love to hate, Kim Kardashian, has decided after 72 days of marriage, that she no longer wants to be married to Kris Humphries.  (Might I add it was a little tacky…or maybe just weird…that E! showed their wedding special not once but TWICE yesterday. *SMH*)  I think America, quite possibly the world, was stunned to hear this news.  I’m sure that people thought they would last at least a year.  But less than 3 months…that’s harsh.  Can I also add that E! Entertainment Television has plans to premier “Kim and Kourtney take New York” later this month, which will focus on the newlyweds.  I really feel bad for the Hump, who apparently wants to stay married and make his marriage work.  He really seems like someone who got caught up in the Kardashian web.  And from watching the special (heck, watching the entire Kardashian series), it seemed as if Kim was more caught up with the idea of having a wedding than having a husband.   Long story short, I wish them all the best. 

Leading GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain seems to continue to surprise Americans…or maybe just me.  I can say a few people were surprised to find out Herman Cain is a graduate of Morehouse College, a premier collegiate institution for African-American men.  People were shocked that Cain has done as well as he had in various national polls.  But what surprises people are the allegations of sexual harassment.  (This is very reminiscent of another Black conservative who came to national attention a few years back.)  But what is MOST surprising is that these allegations have not seem to hurt or hinder Cain’s momentum.  Time will tell just want is in store for this man.

Some more surprising news (which did not overshadow the Kardashian-Humphries news) was the announcement by Jessica Simpson is that she is in fact pregnant!  In the past, Simpson has always addressed weight gain allegations; this time she let it ride and for good reason.  She announced on Monday that is expecting with fiancee’ Eric Johnson. 

What recent news has come out that has surprised you or caused your mouth to drop open in awe?  What do you think the future holds for Kim and Herman?  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

This Week in the News

Happy Friday!  It’s been a while since I’ve done a TWITN post, but I felt like it was time to get back to my roots!

First, it seems like the Salahis will always try to shine, no matter what happens.  Michaele and Tareq Salahi, the infamous couple that crashed a White House party and appeared on the now defunct “Real Housewives of D.C.”, just won’t stay off of our television screens.  Tareq claimed Michaele was missing when she didn’t show up for a hair appointment.  Turns out, she was tipping out on her husband, hundreds of miles away in Tennessee with the guitarist of the band Journey.  Something tells me Tareq knew exactly where his wife was; he was just trying to either embarass her or get her to come home.  Unfortunately, neither one worked.  IMHO, he turned out to look like the stupid one. 

Next up, can someone PLEASE tell me why Jennifer Lopez and soon-to-be ex-hubby Marc Anthony are now doing commercials for Kohl’s???  It’s entirely crazy to me that after they split that not only do they have new clothing lines, but it’s for the same franchise.  #WDDDA  I’m utterly confused by these series of events, but whatever…

September means the start of new shows and season premieres of some of our favorites.  I was able to catch the premiere of “Ringer”, the show starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. I was VERY impressed with the show.  Some things were a little cliche, but for the most part, I enjoyed it.  I can’t wait for “Grey’s Anatomy” to premiere on Thursday.  And I missed “America’s Next Top Model”, but actually I’m thinking it’s a show of a bunch of people who didn’t win.  And some of these women are old (according to the modeling industry) so how successful can they be???

In young folks’ news, I have NO clue what is going on at our colleges and universities.  Sadly, just last week at my alma mater, women’s baskbetball player Shannon Williams  was stabbed in the neck by her girlfriend who was in Tallahassee visiting and pronounced dead after being transported to the hospital.  And last night, 18 year old DC native Dominique Frazier was stabbed and killed by her roommate, whose name was just released at 11 am (as I’m writing this post).  The stabbing occurred in their dorm around 8 pm.  The suspect, Alexis Simpson, turned herself in around midnight.  She was charged with first degree murder, second degree murder, and first degree assault.  She is from District Heights, MD.  This news absolutely breaks my heart.  Controlling our rage is apparently something that we must teach our girls, so when they become young women, they don’t overreact and resort to violence.  My prayers are with both victims’ families.  And the families of the suspects. 

So, that’s all I have for today.  I am kinda geeked about going to see Musiq Soulchild at The Park tonight (thank my friend Lola for convincing me to go; our friend Kells is going, too!)  Enjoy your weekend, and until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!


My Rant for the Day

First things first- Can I say that I am beyond SHOCKED that news has surfaced Will and Jada have separated????  Yes, I know that I don’t know them, but let’s be real.  We hold celebrities to certain statuses in our lives, especially when it comes to relationships. weight, looks, money, etc.  And it seemed that the Smiths had it together-a beautiful family, talented kids, businesses, both were currently working.  I know more than a few of us thought that Will and Jada were the epitome of Black Love, right up there with Ossie and Ruby, Angela and Courtney, Bill and Camille, the list goes on.  I know it’s NOT going to happen, but we should leave the Smiths alone during this very personal matter. 

Next up, I saw “The Help” last Sunday.  While I appreciate my girls inviting me out and having a bang-up Sunday night, I really don’t know my thoughts on the movie.  I had no desire to see the film, but I didn’t have any plans (and they changed the time they were going just for me), so I decided to go.  “The Help” was an enjoyable film, but I don’t know if I liked it.  Honestly, I have to see it again before I can do a real Southern Girl Review.

I bought Beyonce’s “4” about a week after it came out.  I am probably once of the biggest Bey Stans there is, but I don’t think I’m a fan.  As I told a friend, I’m not a Ballad Beyonce fan (think “Listen”); I like more up-tempo, dance hits (think “Single Ladies”).  And since her newest album is more ballads, I wasn’t feeling it.  I have been listening to it more with the intent to give the album an honest listening to and determination in my opinion.  As of today, the jury’s still out. 

So, that’s my rant for the day.  No rhyme or reason, no logic.  Just my thoughts on some things that are going on in pop culture.  And for those of you who know how I feel about the Kardashians, I purposefully did not discuss Kim and Kris’ nuptials this weekend.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern Girl…in the city!

What Kind of F*ckery is This?

Amy Winehouse

Image by NRK P3 via Flickr

On Saturday, July 23, I was taking a break at work around 12:30 pm.  I took a quick peek on Twitter to see that people were sharing the news that Amy Winehouse had been found dead in her London flat.  I was saddened and surprised, but not shocked.  To say it was inevitable may be cruel, but it’s an accurate statement.  I went back and told my co-workers that she had died.  As an ode to her, they wanted to sing “Rehab”; I told them “no; that’s highly inappropriate.” 

Amy Winehouse was poised to become this generation’s Teena Marie-a soulful white girl who had a unique sound.  Sadly, her career didn’t have the chance to flourish like Marie’s, but she will never be forgotten.  As my auntie Madeline pointed out to me, it’s ironic that she, Janis Joplin, and Jimi Hendrix all died at the age of 27.  I’ve lived longer than all three of these artists.  Another ironic thing about Amy’s death is that she died within weeks of Betty Ford, the biggest proponent of battling addiction.  I mentioned Amy in a WBW post earlier this year.  I guess we’ll never know what greatness she and ?uestlove would have made in the studio. 

Today’s post title is my favorite Winehouse lyric from the track “Me and Mr. Jones”; heck, it might be my favorite song lyric ever.  And it explains how I’m sure a lot of people are feeling about her death right now.  I hope at least one person who’s battling addiction learns something from this and is able to get clean.  I hope Amy is resting in peace.  And I’m sure Mrs. Ford is getting in that a–.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.