MOCA DC Hosts “Erotica 2011”

Happy Hump Day!  Today’s post is a mixture of “Events Week” and “Way Back Wednesday”.  Thanks to my homie, road dawg, soror, sister, and friend @OriginalNajeema, I was first introduced to MOCA last year…or was it 2009?  In any event, MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) DC has an exciting exhibit going on from March 4 until April 2.  There was an opening reception last Friday, which was attended by over 200 people.  For the next few weeks, various events will be taking place, such as a special meet-and-greet just for models, an open house, a closing gala, and DMV Nude. 

I have to admit when Najeema took me to DMV Nude last year I was slightly intrigued and a little nervous.  I was expecting naked people to be walking around everywhere.  But it was far from that.  There were really cool backdrops and interesting lighting that allowed photographers to take pictures, and some artists were using models as a human canvass-yes, people were getting painted and then having their photos taken.  I think that would be ultra-cool, but I’m not that unhibited and I need to tighten up a little.  I can say I was truly able to appreciate the human body as a work of art. 

If you want more information about MOCA, go visit the website here.  Most of the events are free, but they do ask for a donation to help keep the gallery open.  I may try to attend some of the events this year.  If you’re able, you should definitely attend.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!