Mothers and Daughters

Happy Black Girl Day!!!!  Yes, it is the second Wednesday of the month, and in recognition of Happy Black Girl Day, today’s post will be dedicated to Mothers and Daughters.  (And to my non-Black girls, don’t worry, this post is for you, too!) 

As an only child who was raised primarily by my mother (my parents divorced when I was 4), I have a close relationship with my mom.  Going back and reading my high school diaries, I’m shocked to see some of the things I wrote.  Apparently there were times when I couldn’t stand my mother.  I pretty much was able to do what I wanted to, but those times when my mom said no, I went in on her and went in hard…just on paper of course!  But now when I look at our relationship, I’m so happy to have her in my life.  We speak at least once a day and talk about everything.  She still educates me and there are times when I teach her a thing or two.  A soror and classmate of mine, Makya, is doubly blessed.  She has a great relationship with her mother and has two daughters of her own.  Makya, her mother, and her younger sister have 3-way conference calls each morning.  They discuss everything from work to social to relationship issues.   Like me, Makya thought her mom was out to get her when she was a teenager, but now she is one of her best friends.  Now that she has two daughters Makya hopes to have the same close relationship with them that she has with her mom when they get older.  Even as infants, the girls, along with their older brother, have been taught to bring comfort and take care of each other.

To all of the daughters and mothers of the world, how do you show support to each other?  How is your relationship with your mom or daughter?  For the new mothers of daughters, what things do you hope to teach your little girl?  Share your stories of your mom, mom figure, or daughter who made an impact on your life.  And if you’re in the DC area, the Happy Black Girl Day Happy Hour will be tonight at Lounge of Three, located at 1013 U St. NW, from 5-9 pm, so come out, enjoy the Happy Hour specials, and say hi to Elle! 😉  Until next time, I’m just a Southern Girl…in the city.