“Mom, it’s snowing!”

“Oh, I wish I was there with you!  Take a picture so I can see it!”

That was how a conversation typically went whenever I would call my mom and let her know that it was snowing in DC.  That woman loved snow.  When I was younger, I remember when my mom would make ice cream from snow.  But never the first snow of the season.

“You don’t use the first snow of the season; you have to wait until the 2nd or the 3rd.  And you have to make sure that it’s pure white and doesn’t have ice mixed with it.”

Then she would make it.  I’m not sure what ingredients were used, maybe some vanilla extract, but that’s about it.  And it didn’t snow that much in South Carolina when I was growing up, at least not often enough to have multiple snow days each year.  But I distinctly remember my 9th or 10th winter when my best friend lived around the corner, we made snow angels in my front yard, and my mom made us ice cream.  And it was delicious.

I’m not sure what difference it made whether it was the 1st snow or the 10th snow, but it was embedded in my head to not use the first snow of the season if I wanted ice cream.

Every time it’s snowed since October, I’ve thought about my mom, even if it snowed less than an inch.  Even today as I was cleaning off my car, I thought about her.  The snow was so pure and white and, without any ice mixed in-the perfect batch with which to make ice cream.  My first thought was, “I should scoop some of this in a bowl and make some ice cream.”

When I purchase my first home, I’m getting an ice cream maker.

Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.

Way Back Wednesday- Past Birthday Celebrations

Yes, it HAS been awhile since I’ve done a WBW post.  And I figured since my 30th is coming and I’m celebrating all weekend, I should share with you guys some memorable parties from birthdays past.

My 6th (or maybe 7th) birthday is the first birthday party I remember.  It was at McDonald’s (didn’t every kid born in the 80’s have at least one birthday party at Mickey D’s?!?!).   I had tons of fun, and only one boy (my homey George) was present.  He and I continued to be friends all through school. 

My Sweet 16 Birthday Party was at a community center.  There were purple and white streamers and balloons everywhere, and my cake was decorated with purple flowers (yes, you all know I love the color purple).  All of my friends were present, along with some of the cool upper classmen boys.  And they didn’t cause a ruckus, as my older cousin was afraid they would when they left and came back.  And Southern Mom made me invite my former best friend, who happened to be all over my on-again/off-again-everybody thought we would end up together-we’ll always have a crush on each other until we hit 25- boyfriend.  Needless to say, my girls weren’t too happy about that and, until I told them we need to have fun, were giving them both the side-eye of death.

My 19th birthday, which was on Easter Sunday (the 2nd time in my life besides my 11th birthday), was tons of fun.  My friends took me to Olive Garden for a birthday dinner.  Unfortunately, I ate something that didn’t agree with me and ended up being sick ALL the next day and missed my classes.  This incident caused me to avoid going to this restaurant for almost 7 years.

My 21st birthday was a trip.  My BFF and roommate kidnapped me, complete with blindfold, and took me on a drive (So unoriginal-that’s what I did for her 21st birthday!).  We went into an establishment where I was promptly placed on a stool and, after being told of the occasion, a guy said, “If it’s her birthday, I’ll spank her!” (O_O) After my blindfold was promptly removed, I saw we ended up at the Ale House (which was practically empty) with 2 of my really good friends present.  We stayed long enough to have a drink then travelled to BW3’s, where even more of my friends were (and the real party was happening)!  (I miss those 25 cent wing Tuesdays…)

When I turned 25, I celebrated all month.  Celebrations included going to a historic theater in Jacksonville for an Apollo-like performance, Movie Night on Friday the 13th (can’t remember what we saw, though), Sunday dinner at a well known restaurant-complete with my Sunday hat, and going to my first Tyler Perry play, which was great. 

There have definitely been more birthday celebrations, but I just wanted to highlight a few.  How do you like celebrating your birthday?  What’s your favorite birthday memory?  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!