“Guy Week” Is Coming

Earlier this week, my friend/co-worker, we’ll call her Ms. A, and I were having lunch and catching up.  Because we hadn’t spoken in a while, we were doing a catch-up.  And since we’re both single, the topic of men came up.  The conversation took so many turns that I was inspired to do a few blogs.  So, next week, “Guy Week” will be here on Southern Girl in the City!  Blog posts will range from men/women friendships, having certain types of men handy, re-visiting past relationships, and honesty.  I told Ms. A that I will definitely give her credit (so here it is! :)).

I’m so excited for “Guy Week”.  I have some great ideas to share, and I can’t wait to hit “Publish” so you all can see them!

So, enjoy your Easter holiday, stay safe this weekend, and until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!