Her Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard

Yes, super long title for today’s post (which I didn’t realize how long until I typed it out), but those are the words that ran through my head during the last few minutes of “Scandal”.  Once again, Shonda and Company outdid themselves with a great episode last night.  So, let’s re-cap.

  • I totally called it last week that Fitz was having Jake follow Olivia.  Fitz is OBSESSED with Olivia.  There’s no way else to explain why he first was having her followed and had photographs taken and has now graduated to installing cameras in her apartment.  And Jake isn’t stupid.  He knows Fitz’s obsession with her is not normal and IS personal.  I’m interested to see how this plays out.  I totally think Liv likes Jake-I just wished she would stop crying all the time.  That’s not healthy…or cute.  I’m also wondering what Fitz’s end game is to having Olivia watched.  He should be careful, because Jake could easily find out that they rigged the election.
  • And I called it that the brother (Young Caldwell) was sleeping with his sister-in-law.  But who knew that the older Caldwell brother knew??? The S-I-L was acting sneaky the whole time.  Just goes to show that not everything is as it seems.
  • Looks like Mellie totally got what was coming to her.  EVERYBODY knows that you don’t cross Cyrus Bean-point blank and the period.  I’m surprised that Mellie thought she could get away with getting back in Fitz’s good graces while throwing Cyrus under the bus and not getting found out.  The look on her face was PRICELESS when Fitz found out that a reporter was on her call.  This just shows that Mellie needs to stay in her lane as the first lady and quit trying to run stuff.  She should just follow in the steps of HRC and wait until her husband is out of office…
  • The Mole-it will be interesting to see how this plays out.  Goes to show you never know who’s lurking around the corner.  But I also want them to rescue the Americans.
  • And lastly, Huck needs to take a shower.

So, what else happened last night that I missed?  Or what was your favorite part from last night’s episode?  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

Scandal Re-Cap

This is about to be quick and dirty because I don’t have a lot of time…

I am in “Scandal” OVERLOAD!!!!  Last night’s episode was definitely a game changer!  And after last week’s lackluster episode where I was completely underwhelmed, this episode MORE than made up for it.  I’ll just share some quick highlights from last night.

– Cyrus Bean is a MONSTER!  He is crazy and deranged.  I knew he would have Charlie get James if need be, just so he could have his power.  Dude, politics ain’t no joke… It’s crystal clear that Cyrus will do whatever it takes to keep himself comfortable and living the life he feels he deserves.

– That darn Verna.  I totally didn’t see that one coming.  It still doesn’t make sense to me why she would want Fitz to be dead.  Having him killed does nothing.  But maybe it’s as she told Olivia-she doesn’t have a conscience.  And she was going to tell David Rosen EVERYTHING and leave their lives in shambles.  Welp, I guess Fitz took care of that… (More on that in a minute.)

– I think Edison gets it now.  Olivia does not want to be with him.  It appears that I am in the minority about not wanting Edison and Olivia together, because a lot of people are upset that they are officially over.  Now she is free and clear to open up and offer her heart to another, which is what I’ve wanted all along.

– What in all of the heck did Quinn think $5,000 was going to do???  (Do I really need to say more?)  I am glad to see that Huck is developing a heart and convinced Quinn to do the right-especially when we ALL saw his eyes light up like a Christmas tree when Quinn said the word “kill”.

– Oh, Harrison, the loyal, dependable, ask-no-questions, gets-it-done Harrision.  Shonda, girl, friend, homey, can Harrison PLEASE get a girl, a life, SOMETHING besides being at Pope & Associates all the time?  Point blank-Columbus Short needs more screen time.  I wasn’t sure how this was going to work, but I am thoroughly impressed with the actor he is becoming.

-Well, the President has become the Fixer… I thought something fishy was going on when Fitz opened the door and screamed, “She’s not breathing!”  I was thinking, “What the heck happened in that room?”  I guess Verna decided she was going to go out telling EVERYBODY’S business and leave them all to clean up a mess.  Fitz did not let that happen.  So, I’m not sure how I feel about him being a murderer, even though Verna tried to have him killed. Maybe it was revenge?  I’m not sure, but Fitz has cemented his place in history and will not let his image be tarnished.  Some people are wondering why he’s PISSED at Liv but is all Team Mellie now.  It’s pretty simple-His marriage to Mellie was one of convenience and political gain.  With Olivia, there was a relationship.  He trusted her.  And the fact that she agreed to rigging the election let him know that she did not have faith in him.  That she didn’t trust that he could actually win the election.  Most importantly, even though I’m sure it’s been said ad nauseum since last night, the husband does NOT leave his wife for his mistress.

I have to admit, I sat on my couch about 10 minutes after the show was over trying to digest everything I saw.  Now that this series of unfortunate events has been wrapped up, it will be interesting to see what happens 10 months later on Thursday’s show.  What do you guys think: Great show last night?  Too much going on?  So-so?  Feel free to share!  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

Why Huck?

* SPOILER ALERT * : If you are an avid watcher of “Scandal” and did not see last night’s episode, you might want to skip this post.

The title of today’s post can mean multiple things- 1. Why did Huck shoot Fitz? 2.  Why was Huck wearing a bright red hoodie KNOWING he would be recognizable? 3. Why was this set up to appear that Huck shot Fitz? (I’ll get to that in a minute.)

In true Elle fashion, I had a “Scandal” watch party last night.  My neighbor, Ms. V, and my friend Bri came by so we could watch the show together.   I stated earlier in the day that this episode better be EPIC…and it was.  A lot of questions were answered.  We found out when Mellie found out about Fitz and Olivia’s affair, we found out who was behind the explosion at Cytron, we see when Cyrus and James got engaged, we found out when and how VP Langston got hoodwinked by Cyrus and Olivia, AND we found out when and why Olivia quit working at the White House .  In most shows, I would loathe all of these flashbacks, but it works for “Scandal”.  You get an understanding of the characters’ motives and why they behave the way they do.

Now, regarding how Mellie found out about the affair-I don’t trust that Secret Service agent.  He could have EASILY given that pin back to Fitz.  But not only did he give it to Mellie, he told her where he found it.  He’s not protecting the President.  (Ms. V and Bri seem to think he may be the father of Mellie’s baby…because we ALL have doubts that it’s really Fitz’s, but I think that may be a stretch.)  I have to say I’m not surprised that Hollis was behind the explosion at his own company.  It definitely explains why Olivia felt the need to save Lindsay Dwyer (aka Quinn Perkins).

It’s really ironic we were discussing VP Langston before the show came on, noting we hadn’t seen her at all this season.  But she definitely showed up with a vengeance last night.  So, she’s now the acting President.  And, unwittingly, Cyrus gave her the information she needed to get it done.

The relationship between Fitz and Olivia is SO WRONG!!!  But there’s a little bit of something in all of us that wishes they could work it out.  Honestly, I’m glad she has Edison, because I was hoping that she could finally move on, but with Fitz being shot and in the hospital, I don’t think that’s going to happen, especially now that she’s back at the White House.

Now, with Huck.  Ms. V called it; she’s been saying since last week that Huck was the shooter.  I still think Hollis set it up (remember his conversation with Cyrus last week when he said, “I’ll bring down this whole house of cards”???  But, is Huck really the shooter???  Huck is a trained killer who could have killed Fitz with one shot.  Also, what killer wears a bright red hoodie?  That’s a sure fire way to get noticed.  In our post-“Scandal” discussion, we think someone else did the shooting, and Huck is the scapegoat.  We’ll see what happens.

Now, the main thing that didn’t really get mentioned last night was James’ discovery of the tampering of the voting machines last week.  It’ll be interesting to see how this is handled; hopefully it’ll be done during next week’s mid-season finale.

I could be here forever sharing my thoughts on this show.  I will say if you are just now getting into “Scandal”, you need to catch up.  Don’t ask your friends who this person is or why they’re significant.  Maybe you can catch up on HULU or Netflix during the Winter Break.  I highly recommend it.  Enjoy your weekend, and until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

P.S. Fitz can’t die…like he just can’t…

Why I LOVE Scandal

“Scandal” is currently the best scripted show on television.  Point blank AND the period.  If you’re a regular, you know how much I enjoy this show.  Is some of the plot a little predictable?  Meh, maybe.  Do the characters talk too fast sometimes?  That’s a possibility.  But are you on the edge of your seat during each episode?  Absolutely.

Now, my co-workers recently turned on me on “The Walking Dead”.  And as much as I jump during each episode when a walker gets shot at or get his head chopped, it doesn’t compare to this latest show by Shonda Rhimes.  “Scandal” is entertaining, fast-paced, and engaging.  Just about every major character on this show has some intrinsic thing about them that is bad-Olivia, Cyrus, Huck, Mellie, and now Harrison-but you LIKE them.  You cheer for them.  You even want them to get away with whatever misdeed it was that they did.  I have talked about how the Other Woman can basically kick rocks and make herself scarce when her boo is still married, but I almost cried with Olivia when Fitz called it off for good.  From last night’s episode, I was mad that David passed along the voting machine info to James (he’s like a dog with a bone!), I was pissed when James found the last voting machine with the memory card, and I was shocked (though not entirely surprised) when Fitz got shot.

When I normally watch shows, I’ll turn the channel during commercials, play on my phone, or just in general find something else to do. But I don’t do that with “Scandal”. I can’t afford to do that with “Scandal”. Even if something seems really minor, you need to pay attention because it’s bound to make a huge difference later.

Honestly, I’ve never seen so many of friends fall in love with a show and continually talk about it.  Even the people I follow on Twitter are tuned in every Thursday to watch.  This show has transcended race, gender, social class, and geography.  It’s a phenomenon.  I will talk to ANYONE about this show.  If for some crazy reason I have to miss it, I make sure to catch up on On Demand.  Even if I’ve watch the episode on Thursday, I’ve been known to watch it again, which is most likely going to happen with last night’s episode.

“Scandal” gives you great storylines, excellent acting, and suspense.  What more could you ask for a in a television show???  Now, when “Luther” comes back for its third and final season, it’ll definitely be a competition between the two to see which is my favorite.  If you don’t currently watch “Scandal”, you’re losing in life.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

PS I’m sure Mellie (the First Lady) new about the shooting AND I’m going out on a limb to say that Hollis Doyle was probably behind it.  (Don’t ya’ll remember him threatening Cyrus???) Remember what I said, the little stuff that seems insignificant…

The Return of “The Game”

LOVE them! 🙂

Everyone is anxiously awaiting the return of “The Game” to BET, which premieres next Tuesday.  BET even had a marathon of the show this weekend, complete with an overload of commercials announcing the return of the show, behind-the-scenes clips, and interviews with the cast.  I just hope BET isn’t setting us up for failure.

Now, if you’re like me and watch “The Game” every time it comes on BET, I’m sure you’ve noticed how they delete words like “B!tch”, “Ho”, and words such as that.  This little tidbit makes me think that maybe I shouldn’t be so excited about the return of this show.  I mean, if they edit words such as that, which aren’t my favorite, but seem to be a staple on television, is BET going to have the writers water down other things from the show, too?

I must say I am proud of BET for picking up “The Game” and giving it a new home, but I hope that we are not getting our hopes up for nothing.  What do you guys think?  Are my worries unwarranted?  Are you happy about the return of “The Game”, even with it being on BET?  And are you happy that it appears BET is stepping up their game on programming?  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!