Southern Girl Movie Review- Black Swan

Before I start talking about this movie, can I just gloat for a minute??? I KNEW the Packers and Steelers would be victorious this weekend.  Sorry to all of you Bears and Jets fan, but this just wasn’t your season, though you all did a great job!  (And Mark Boo, don’t worry, I’ll be to the NY soon to make you feel better!)  Ok, now that football is out of the way…

I saw “Black Swan” for the second time this weekend.  The first time I saw it, it was passed my bedtime, and I started to doze a little, not to mention it wasn’t quite what I expected.  But I liked it and wanted to review it; I knew to do so I would have to see it again.  So I was SUPER-excited that my friend V. Gray J. wanted to see it with me!   In a word-GREAT!!! I love this movie.  The cinematography was great, the special effects were great…just about everything was great!  I wouldn’t mind seeing it again, not to mention it will be added to my DVD collection.  Some things I could do without-Nina’s overbearing mother; she reminded me of a ballet version of Piper Laurie in “Carrie”-crazy.  And I kept trying to figure out if Nina was supposed to be a child or an adult.  Maybe that was part of my problem with her overbearing mother.  Also, the scene with Lily and Nina…I’m sure guys like it and maybe it was a sign of Nina’s independence, but it was just a bit much for me, but whatever…pressing on.  Of course Thomas was the perfect leery predator who was trying to prey on the weak.  I LOVED that Natalie Portman (and Mila) did her own dancing.  I took ballet and jazz as a child, and watching this movie kinda made me miss it.  But after I see what real ballerinas have to deal with (no thanks to bulimia), I’ll pass.   I had a great discussion with some co-workers today about trying to figure out what really happened and what occurred in Nina’s mind.   I highly recommend you all go see it…like right now…

A movie that not only leaves me wondering afterwards but also makes me want to see it a third time is really something.  That doesn’t happen to me…ever.  If you saw the movie, what did you think?  If you didn’t, do you want to?  Now, I know some guys will be turned off because they’re macho and don’t want to see people dancing ballet.  But this is so much more than that.  This movie is a psychological thriller…keyword being “psychological”.   It really makes you ask yourself, “What would you do to be perfect?”  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

Way Back Wednesday-My Fave 80’s Movies

Happy Hump Day!  It’s time again to go back…back in time!   We all have our favorite movies, especially those from back in the day.  Today’s post will remind you of some great (IMHO) movies that I can watch everyday.

First, the movie that is partly responsible for my attending an HBCU, “School Daze“.  When I tell you guys I LOVE this movie!!!  This film featured some future heavy hitters like Laurence Fishburne, Giancarlo Esposito, Tisha Campbell, and even a cameo by Samuel L. Jackson.  Spike Lee’s depiction of life on a historically black college campus has not been captured on film until 20 years after the movie was made with “Stomp the Yard”.  But even that is such a small portion of what life is like.  I don’t always believe in sequels, but it would be interesting to see a current look of what college students are experiencing now-politics, friends, relationships, money issues, etc.  Of course “Good and Bad Hair” is my favorite song from the movie.  And some of classmates said I was a Gamma Ray my freshman year at FAMU.  I don’t know how I feel about that…

Next up, “Breaking 2: Electric Boogaloo”.  This movie highlighted the popular dance craze from the 80’s break dancing.  Now, I’m no break dancer, but I enjoyed watching the performances.  Now, I’m sure this movie had a plot, but does it matter??? I think not.

“Heathers” is the perfect 80’s movie.  It has all the characteristics of a real life high school-the bullies, the popular clique, the jocks, and a fad.  Sadly, the fad turns out to be suicide.  But it’s amazing how this was turned into a satire.  While this is a work of fiction, it shows just how vicious kids can be.  And it’s amazing to see Winona Ryer, bad boy Christian Slater, and Shannen Doherty in their early days. 

There are tons more movies I could have named, like “Lean of Me” (Free Mr. Clark!), “Coming to America” (I am very happy to be here!), “The Princess Bride” (“Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”), and one of my favorite fairy tales, “Willow”.  What are some of your favorite movies from the 80’s (or from your childhood if you’re not an 80’s baby)?  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!