Crimson and Cream Founders Day Weekend Kick-Off

As some of you regulars may know, I am a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated.  And I am SOOOO excited about our 100th Founders Day that is fast approaching!  If you’re in the DMV, you may want to make your way to the Park at 14th this Thursday from 6-9 pm to party with the Deltas!  (And don’t worry; you’ll be home in plenty of time to catch the new episode of “Scandal”! :))  Hope to see you all there!

“Crimson & Cream” Founder’s Day Weekend Kickoff

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Washington, D.C. (Jan 7) – Urbane Lifestyle & Entertainment Group, The Park at Fourteenth, NAACP DC Branch, Alpha Omega Alumni Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. (DC), Kappa Psi Alumni Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. (DC), Alexandria-Fairfax (VA) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc, some members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. and Friends are coming together for a special edition of “Park Thursdays” at The Park at Fourteenth in Washington D.C.

The event, fittingly titled Crimson & Cream Founder’s Day Weekend Kickoff, will be held on Thursday, January 10, 2013 from 6pm to 9pm. This happy hour event is in recognition and celebration of the Women of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc Centennial Anniversary. Colleagues, alumni, and friends are welcome to attend and admission is complimentary with a RSVP.

The Host Committee for this premiere event includes:

Aaron Brown

Adrian Jordan

Akosua Tyus

Amber Bond

Cadene Russell

Chastity Threadcraft

Danette Thomas

Deepa Taylor

Dominique Wales

Erica Butler

Garine Dalce

Irene Aihie

Kashif Smiley-Clarke

Ilandus Swinson

LaShala Porter- Goodwin

LaToya Grant

Lynadria Ware

Melodi Pemberton

Mercedes Knight

Natalie Gill

Natasha Reid

Nicole Jackson

Nzinga Smith

Olukemi Are

Phillip Thomas

Shannon McNeal

Shinikequa White

Waikinya Clanton

Wiline Justilien

All attendees are encouraged to RSVP at  Those that RSVP will receive complimentary admission and enjoy $4-$5-$6 food and drinks specials.  Advance dinner reservations for parties of three or more can be made via (e) at

The Park at Fourteenth is located at 920 14th Street NW, Washington D.C. Valet parking and coat check are available.

About The Park at Fourteenth:

The Park at Fourteenth is one of DC’s premiere event venues. With food inspired by classic Americana couple with a chic, contemporary event space, The Park transforms the ideal event experience into reality. Park Thursdays has continued to excel as Washingtonians gather to enjoy life through food, dance and music. Park Thursdays is a place where everyone can enjoy themselves. For more information, visit

About Urbane Lifestyle & Entertainment Group:

Urbane Lifestyle & Entertainment Group (The Urbane Group, LLC) is a lifestyle marketing and entertainment company. It was founded in 2008 and now operates in four US cities: Washington, D.C.; Chicago, IL; St. Louis, MO; and Houston, TX. For more information, visit

*For more information on events in DC during Delta Sigma Theta Founders Day Weekend, go to the “What’s Happening” page.*


Black Girls Hack

My friend, kat calvin, (I call her Kelley) is hosting an awesome, new event in Atlanta this weekend!  If you’re in the tech or non-profit industries and you’re near the A, it would be awesome if you could attend!  You get free food and libations, networking opportunities, and awesome swag!  All sponsor proceeds from the event go to Black Girls Code, which is a non-profit focused on introducing computer science, technology, and the STEM community to young girls of color.  The two great things about this event is that you get 24 hours to come be a part of all of this fabulousness, and it’s FREE!  That’s right, if you are a designer, coder, or you just want to see what this whole tech thing is about, you get all of this great stuff for free!  How often does THAT happen???  So go here to sign up.  And if you can’t make it until midnight on Friday, that’s fine, because they will still be there! 

So, go support my friend, take advantage of meeting new people, and enjoy food, drinks, music, and the opportunity to win free stuff! 🙂  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

* To find out more about Black Girls Code and Black Girls Hack, visit them on the web at and

My Adventures During ALC 2012

Every September, the Congressional Black Congress hosts their Annual Legislative Conference.  For the people that are geeked about all of the receptions with free food and open bar, they refer to it as “CBC”.  The number one question you may hear from your homeboy/girl for the preceding week is, “What are you going to do for CBC?”  These 6-7 days are full of Black people converging around the city hosting various seminars and workshops about how to improve the status of African-Americans.  But once the work is done, they party…in large numbers.

If you know me personally, you know I hate crowds.  (Which is why I was too through when I went to the H Street Festival two weekends ago.) That, along with the fact I’ve either had a part time job or no idea where to go, I’ve never attended any CBC week events.  But I did receive an invitation to attend a reception hosted by Uptown Magazine on Thursday night.  I was happy when I walked up and saw a fellow FAMUan.  So we talked, drank, ate, chatted, and were merry.  I was even more ecstatic when I saw more people that I knew, including from work and school.  Turned out coming to kick wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

Once that reception died down, I travelled with my fellow FAMUans to a party hosted on New York Ave, also complete with free food, open bar, and more FAMUans.  Needless to say, I had a blast, but was sad because I knew I had to get up and go to work the next day.

Friday, after trying to recover my late night out, saw me going out to Ozio to hang out with my girls, some I hadn’t seen in forever.  A great time was had by all, despite the fact the waitress jipped me for my calamari and I GROSSLY overpaid.  But whatever, I had fun and didn’t leave until 3 in the morning.

All in all, I wondered why I had never gone out for CBC before; I’ve been missing out.  But I did realize that I can’t make a habit of going out and kicking it til the wee hours of the morning.  I’m not 22 anymore.  That’s why I was home on Saturday night, knocked out at 6:30.

I’m sure CBC will see me next year.  Maybe one of these days, I’ll be able to attend something during the day.  But if I continue to work 30 miles outside of the city, that’s not too likely to happen.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

It’s Complicated

If you follow Paul Carrick Brunson, you know the title of today’s post is the title of his new book AND his live tour, which is coming to a city near you!

Last Thursday, Paul brought “It’s Complicated LIVE!” to our nation’s capital, and yours truly was able to attend.  The first hour consisted of mixing and mingling with other attendees.  You were able catch up with old friends and possibly make some new ones.  The discussion portion of the evening was hosted by J.J. Smith, and music was provided by Rob Murat.  Paul hosted an evening of laughs, surprises, and astonishing moments.  He also touched on various themes in his book, which included knowing your non-starters, the laws of attraction, and don’t be afraid to love again.  As in true Paul fashion, he had two gentlemen present that were single and looking for relationships.  In an attempt to narrow down the women, Paul showed the audience a list of non-starters and a list of priorities and asked each of us to pick 3-5 from each list.  Through the process of elimination, “Joe” was introduced to LaTonya, a woman that he shared his values, non-starters, and attraction.   Next up, three women were selected to meet Sterling.  These women were chosen because they believed their flirt game to be a 10.  It was very interesting to see the confidence and poise these women possessed.  Each one had a different method and were defintely brave to have their best game on display for a roomful of people.

My main take-aways from the event were to always be confident, being open to love again, and to expand your circle.  It’s ok for a woman to approach a man.  While I’ve heard that numerous times in the past, that’s not something I suscribe to on a regular basis.  Am I confident?  Absolutely.  But will I be the aggressor and approach a man?  Not often.  But kudos to the ladies that do.  One thing that I think resonated with the crowd was Paul stating you will love again.  We shouldn’t let past break-ups and heartaches affect our ability to not be interested in relationships anymore.   And while every man or woman you meet may not be the love of your life, they may know the person who is.  IMHO, we shouldn’t always be on the prowl when we go out.  Set out to have a great time.  That’s what people are attracted to-whether they want to date you or just be your friend.

The great thing about Paul is that he’s warm and personable, even when he’s on stage talking to over 150 people.  And he never forgets a face.  After first meeting almost two years ago (and having that be the last time we saw one another), we were able to have great dialogue after the main event as if we talked on a regular basis.  I honestly believe that anyone who attends “It’s Complicated LIVE!” can get a lot out of the discussion.

To see when Paul will be in your city, visit his site here.  And another great thing about attending the event, is that with your ticket purchase, you get a copy of his book, which will be released on October 11!  And to my DMV folks that weren’t able to attend last week, don’t worry.  “It’s Complicated LIVE!” will be in Baltimore on September 25.  Yes, it’s a little hike from the District, but you will be so glad that you went.  And to my Chicago and Atlanta readers, Paul is hitting your cities this week!

Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl… in the city!

3rd Annual Midsummer Night’s Dream


Date: June 24, 2012

DC’s Premiere Artist Publicist

Contact: Sandro & Tati | T: 202-841-6441 |


SUNDAY, AUGUST 12th  2012 | 7PM-12AM

Midsummer Night’s celebration of Washington Harbour’s new fountain with fantasy body art show and theatrical performances.

Washington, DC—This August Art Soiree, Nick’s Riverside Grill, Tony & Joe’s Restaurant, Roche Salon, MRP Realty at Washington Harbour, and a group of talented local artists use the magic of art to transform the heart of Georgetown into an enchanted wonderland of Midsummer Night’s Dream. Locals and guests of town are invited to celebrate the summer and immerse into a fantastic, fairy-laden setting of color, art, music and performance Sunday, August 12th at Washington Harbour, Georgetown Waterfront, Nick’s Riverside Grill 3050 K Street NW, Washington DC.

This will be a follow up show to the infamous Art Metamoprhosis Gala that took place June 14, 2012 at the Washington Harbour attracting over 3,500 people including DC Mayor Vincent C. Gray. This time, the Harbour complex will highlight in all its beauty with the Bellagio-style dancing fountain in action and painted canvases coming to life. Thirty different model creations painted by some of the best local artists, with whimsical hair pieces created by Roche Salon, will walk in a fantasy runway show. The night will include a musical program featuring live performance by DJ FoTiFo accompanied by live cello, saxophone and trumpet improvisations and graphic video installations of Riki Kim. The highlight of the evening will be live performance by DC’s premier physical theater–SYNETIC THEATER, with pieces from the upcoming season’s program and favorites from the past.


Kim Reyes, Katya Krupko, Vian Shamounki, Shanna Lim, Mounir Afrangi, Abramowitz Jeremy, Margret Kroyer, Jamie Delawder, Nancy Flores, Seb Lorenzo, Natalie Cartner, Nena Nicoli, Tania Kabir, David Camero.

Date: August 12th 2012 7pm – 12am Location: 3050 K Street NW, Washington DC

7:15PM– DJ FoTiFo feat live cello, saxophone and trumpet improvisations atop the fountain tower

7:45PM– Synetic Theater performance in the courtyard

8:30PM– Live drums performance by KAMAJIAN and whimsical show by TRIFECTA group

9:00PM– Model Fantasy Runway Show in the courtyard 10:00PM – Yvetter Rivers Jazz Quartet at

 10:00PM Yvetter Rivers Jazz Quartet at Tony & Joe’s and DJ with video projections at Nick’s Riverside Grill

Nick’s Riverside Grill and Tony & Joe’s Seafood Restaurants will be open for food and beverage service.

Tickets: $10 – 20 available at

Parking: Free street parking; Garage parking available at Washington Harbour’s Colonial Garage at 3000 K Street

Portion of the proceeds benefiting SYNETIC THEATER

Synetic is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization, founded in 2001 by the husband and wife team of Paata and Irina Tsikurishvili. It is DC’s Premier Physical Theater, whose mission is to be the premier American physical theater, fusing dynamic art forms—such as text, drama, movement, acrobatics, dance, and music, by producing world-class physical theater for all ages. Synetic has received a total of 92 Helen Hayes Award nominations and 24 Awards.

Midsummer Night’s Dream event is part of the Art Soiree’s greater artistic events program with mission of enriching lives with art, while promoting local talents.



Founded in September 2009 by two ambitious art lovers, Art Soiree’s goal has been to showcase emerging talent in the visual arts, short film, music, literature and performance art. With a mission to cultivate a greater awareness, understanding and appreciation of art in its many forms through production of multiple art events Art Soiree has become DC’s premier artist publicist. Offering its services to artists on a fee and commission free basis, Art Soiree is a limited liability company that uses its for-profit efficiencies to achieve socially beneficial goals and support local arts and charitable organizations.

Benevole Hosts Walk-A-Mile 2 in Atlanta

So, I’m a HORRIBLE person for not sharing this with you guys earlier!  Benevole, an organization near and dear to my heart for multiple reasons, is hosting its 2nd fundraiser in Atlanta this weekend.  Your favorite Southerner girl will be back in the “real” South this weekend! 🙂  And Southern Mom is coming down!  For those of you in the “A”, I truly hope you all will purchase a ticket and support Families First, one of Atlanta’s oldest non-profits.  All proceeds (yes, 100% of ticket sales) go straight to Families First!  How many non-profits do you know of can say that?!?!  Anywho, read the press release, and go to the website and buy your ticket!  I look forward to seeing ALL of you on Saturday!

Contact: LaToya Grant                                                       FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE



Atlanta, GA (May 1, 2012)

Join Washington, DC based  Benevole, Inc. as it host its 2nd Walk-a-Mile in  Someone’s Shoes (Walk-A-Mile 2) Fundraiser and Cocktail Social on Saturday, June 16, 2012 at the AtlantaPerimeter Hotel & Suites from 7-11 pm with a preceding VIP reception for sponsors. The donation per person is $25, and the evening includes heavy hors d’oeuvre and an open bar. In keeping true with the organization’s mission of supporting existing non-profits, proceeds from this event will go to Families First, a non-profit in the Metro Atlanta area that has been in existence for over 120 years. Families First, originally an orphanage for homeless girls, has continued to evolve with each decade to respond to the changing needs of family. Today, Families First provides solutions to over 40,000 Georgia residents; these children and families face some of life’s greatest challenges. Benevole CEO and co-founder, George L. Slaughter, stated that he hopes “to raise both awareness and funds for this great non-profit” and “desires to become the bridge between the benefactor and the beneficiary”. Slaughter and co-founder Jason Smith* created Benevole to advance human rights by meeting immediate needs and building lasting partnerships with community organizations operating on the front-lines. Benevole has three pillars on which it focuses – education, health, and hunger. Tickets can be purchased online at and must be secured no later than June 9, 2012. High heel shoes are mandatory for men and women. No photography will be allowed. Those seeking to make donations may to do so by visiting the website above and clicking on the donation link.

For free food and an open bar, you can’t beat $25… #IJS  And you’ll feel good on the inside.  Not just because you have a full belly and you’re relaxed-but because you were selfless, looked outside of yourself, and gave back to those who have a little less than you.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

*Name has been changed.

A Night of Royalty

Have you ever been uncomfortable?  Have you ever been in the hot seat?  Have you done something you felt awkward doing, but you knew it needed to be done?  Have you ever volunteered yourself to stand up for something greater than you?  Well, that’s what the Co-Founder and President of Benevole, Inc. George L. Slaughter wants attendees to take away from the upcoming event “A Night of Royalty”.  The event will benefit N Street Village, a non-profit organization in DC, which assists women with overcoming homelessness, addiction, and mental illness, among offering other services.  All attendees, even the men, must wear women’s shoes.  Why?  Well, it’s very simple.  The women who are clients of N Street Village have to be uncomfortable.  They have to do things that they may not want to do.  But in order to provide a better life for themselves and their families, they make necessary sacrifices.  And while wearing women’s shoes for 3 hours can’t hold a candle to the things these women have experienced in their lives, we can sacrifice ourselves for just a small amount of time to remember the women of N Street Village.  If you want to attend, which I hope you will, please see the details below.  (And if any bloggers in the DMV would like to serve as official press for the event, please e-mail 

Contact: LaToya Grant                                                                   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE



Washington, DC (December 15, 2011) – Join Washington, DC based Benevole, Inc. as it hosts A Night of Royalty, an event to benefit the women of N Street Village, on Saturday, January 28, 2012 from 7:00 until 10:00 pm at The Dunes, 1402 Meridian Place NW, Washington, DC.  The donation per person is $25, and the evening includes heavy hors d’ouvre.  High heel shoes are mandatory for men and women, and no photography will be allowed.

A Night of Royalty was originally conceived to pay tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  According to Benevole President and Co-Founder, George L. Slaughter, the event is now “a celebration of women and assisting them as they reclaim their highest quality of life.  The evening will pay homage to the queens of N Street Village who are being empowered, in an atmosphere of dignity and respect.” 

Benevole, along with the District’s very own queen, Miss Black DC USA 2012 Amina L. Gilyard, will bring awareness to N Street Village for its outstanding contributions to the women of the Washington Metro Area.  The Benevole team is happy to announce The Dunes as the Platinum Sponsor for the event.  For sponsorship opportunities and ticketing information, please visit Benevole on the web at

# # #

Benevole, Inc.’s mission is to advance human rights by meeting immediate needs and building lasting partnerships with community organizations operating on the front-lines.   The vision is enacted with an understanding of the inter-relationships between the various issues Benevole addresses and by a commitment to working in partnership with organizations at the local and regional levels who share the organization’s goals.