I Think I’ve Found It!

When I first moved to DC, I was comparing everything to Jacksonville-friends/acquiantances, churches, my sorority chapters, things to do, places to go, EVERYTHING!  But I was especially hard on churches.  My home in church in Jacksonville spoiled me.  Not only was I involved with the Step Ministry, the Youth Mininstry, and the Young Adult Ministry, I knew people.  We hung out.  They were my friends.  I even had close relationships with some of the parents of the youth.  I have to admit I was a little intimidated when I moved to DC.  With everything being spread out and having so many options, I didn’t know what to do.

When I decided to stop being a baby and comparing everything to Jacksonville, I began to really consider my options and my desires for the things I needed to make this place home.  I was very specific with my desires for a church home.  I wanted to attend a Baptist church, I wanted a church IN DC-not Virginia or Maryland, I wanted to attend a church that had a weekly Bible study, and I wanted a church that had a number of ministries with which I could get involved.  I thought I found a church.  I enjoyed the message.  The people seemed nice.  It honestly reminded me of my church in Jacksonville.  And I decided to join.  But something happened.  After being told certain people would contact me to schedule my new member classes, I heard nothing.  No one called me, no one e-mailed me. And I admit, I could have easily reached out, but I didn’t want to.  It also dawned on me that eventually, this church was going to move to its permanent location in Maryland.  And yes, while I admit it may be a STUPID reason to not want to go to a church, I feel justified in my decision.  I haven’t been back to that church since.

I found another church I absolutely LOVE.  The pastor is young, there a lot of young people that attend, and they have numerous activities geared towards the young, Christian professional.  Ding ding ding!!!  But, the church has some undesirables.  First, I felt like I was in the club.  Not by the way people dressed or behaved, but because everybody and their momma attends this church.  You had to get there early to get a seat in the sanctuary.  And the parking was ridiculous.  I always had to park a number of blocks from the church, and I jacked up two pairs of heels walking the sidewalk on Sunday mornings.

Since I couldn’t find what I wanted on my own, I decided to reach out to my friends on Facebook.  I was very specific with what I requested-a Baptist church located in DC that preferably had a parking lot.  While I am FOREVER grateful for their suggestions and recommendations, nothing really stuck out to me.  So I was back to my own devices.  I especially wanted a church in DC because I work so far from home, I want to be able to worship close to my house-which means I wont’ be driving 40+ minutes 6 days out of the week.  This weekend, I did my own “research” and found a church.  It was Baptist. It was located in DC.  They had a number of ministries.  And it wasn’t far from my house.  When I got there, I didn’t have to park far from the front doors, and when I walked in, everyone was super nice.  The older ladies talked to me like they knew me.  The message was great, I enjoyed service, and I even saw a face that I recognized.  All in all, it was a great Sunday morning.  The church isn’t super big, but I do get the feeling that most everyone knows everyone.  And it was slightly diverse. I noticed a few non-Blacks in the pews.

So, this may be a bit premature, but I think I’ve found a church home.  Of course I have to attend a few more services to be sure, but I will definitely be going back.  For those of you that pray, please say a prayer on my behalf.  Please pray that if this is the church for me, that God will show me in due time.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

3rd Annual Midsummer Night’s Dream


Date: June 24, 2012

DC’s Premiere Artist Publicist

Contact: Sandro & Tati | T: 202-841-6441

press@theartsoiree.com | http://www.theartsoiree.com


SUNDAY, AUGUST 12th  2012 | 7PM-12AM

Midsummer Night’s celebration of Washington Harbour’s new fountain with fantasy body art show and theatrical performances.

Washington, DC—This August Art Soiree, Nick’s Riverside Grill, Tony & Joe’s Restaurant, Roche Salon, MRP Realty at Washington Harbour, and a group of talented local artists use the magic of art to transform the heart of Georgetown into an enchanted wonderland of Midsummer Night’s Dream. Locals and guests of town are invited to celebrate the summer and immerse into a fantastic, fairy-laden setting of color, art, music and performance Sunday, August 12th at Washington Harbour, Georgetown Waterfront, Nick’s Riverside Grill 3050 K Street NW, Washington DC.

This will be a follow up show to the infamous Art Metamoprhosis Gala that took place June 14, 2012 at the Washington Harbour attracting over 3,500 people including DC Mayor Vincent C. Gray. This time, the Harbour complex will highlight in all its beauty with the Bellagio-style dancing fountain in action and painted canvases coming to life. Thirty different model creations painted by some of the best local artists, with whimsical hair pieces created by Roche Salon, will walk in a fantasy runway show. The night will include a musical program featuring live performance by DJ FoTiFo accompanied by live cello, saxophone and trumpet improvisations and graphic video installations of Riki Kim. The highlight of the evening will be live performance by DC’s premier physical theater–SYNETIC THEATER, with pieces from the upcoming season’s program and favorites from the past.


Kim Reyes, Katya Krupko, Vian Shamounki, Shanna Lim, Mounir Afrangi, Abramowitz Jeremy, Margret Kroyer, Jamie Delawder, Nancy Flores, Seb Lorenzo, Natalie Cartner, Nena Nicoli, Tania Kabir, David Camero.

Date: August 12th 2012 7pm – 12am Location: 3050 K Street NW, Washington DC

7:15PM– DJ FoTiFo feat live cello, saxophone and trumpet improvisations atop the fountain tower

7:45PM– Synetic Theater performance in the courtyard

8:30PM– Live drums performance by KAMAJIAN and whimsical show by TRIFECTA group

9:00PM– Model Fantasy Runway Show in the courtyard 10:00PM – Yvetter Rivers Jazz Quartet at

 10:00PM Yvetter Rivers Jazz Quartet at Tony & Joe’s and DJ with video projections at Nick’s Riverside Grill

Nick’s Riverside Grill and Tony & Joe’s Seafood Restaurants will be open for food and beverage service.

Tickets: $10 – 20 available at http://artsoiree-midsummernight2012.eventbrite.com/

Parking: Free street parking; Garage parking available at Washington Harbour’s Colonial Garage at 3000 K Street

Portion of the proceeds benefiting SYNETIC THEATER


Synetic is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization, founded in 2001 by the husband and wife team of Paata and Irina Tsikurishvili. It is DC’s Premier Physical Theater, whose mission is to be the premier American physical theater, fusing dynamic art forms—such as text, drama, movement, acrobatics, dance, and music, by producing world-class physical theater for all ages. Synetic has received a total of 92 Helen Hayes Award nominations and 24 Awards.

Midsummer Night’s Dream event is part of the Art Soiree’s greater artistic events program with mission of enriching lives with art, while promoting local talents.



Founded in September 2009 by two ambitious art lovers, Art Soiree’s goal has been to showcase emerging talent in the visual arts, short film, music, literature and performance art. With a mission to cultivate a greater awareness, understanding and appreciation of art in its many forms through production of multiple art events Art Soiree has become DC’s premier artist publicist. Offering its services to artists on a fee and commission free basis, Art Soiree is a limited liability company that uses its for-profit efficiencies to achieve socially beneficial goals and support local arts and charitable organizations. http://www.theartsoiree.com

A Night of Royalty

Have you ever been uncomfortable?  Have you ever been in the hot seat?  Have you done something you felt awkward doing, but you knew it needed to be done?  Have you ever volunteered yourself to stand up for something greater than you?  Well, that’s what the Co-Founder and President of Benevole, Inc. George L. Slaughter wants attendees to take away from the upcoming event “A Night of Royalty”.  The event will benefit N Street Village, a non-profit organization in DC, which assists women with overcoming homelessness, addiction, and mental illness, among offering other services.  All attendees, even the men, must wear women’s shoes.  Why?  Well, it’s very simple.  The women who are clients of N Street Village have to be uncomfortable.  They have to do things that they may not want to do.  But in order to provide a better life for themselves and their families, they make necessary sacrifices.  And while wearing women’s shoes for 3 hours can’t hold a candle to the things these women have experienced in their lives, we can sacrifice ourselves for just a small amount of time to remember the women of N Street Village.  If you want to attend, which I hope you will, please see the details below.  (And if any bloggers in the DMV would like to serve as official press for the event, please e-mail latoya.grant@benevoleinc.org.) 

Contact: LaToya Grant                                                                   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

E-mail: latoya.grant@benevoleinc.org


Washington, DC (December 15, 2011) – Join Washington, DC based Benevole, Inc. as it hosts A Night of Royalty, an event to benefit the women of N Street Village, on Saturday, January 28, 2012 from 7:00 until 10:00 pm at The Dunes, 1402 Meridian Place NW, Washington, DC.  The donation per person is $25, and the evening includes heavy hors d’ouvre.  High heel shoes are mandatory for men and women, and no photography will be allowed.

A Night of Royalty was originally conceived to pay tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  According to Benevole President and Co-Founder, George L. Slaughter, the event is now “a celebration of women and assisting them as they reclaim their highest quality of life.  The evening will pay homage to the queens of N Street Village who are being empowered, in an atmosphere of dignity and respect.” 

Benevole, along with the District’s very own queen, Miss Black DC USA 2012 Amina L. Gilyard, will bring awareness to N Street Village for its outstanding contributions to the women of the Washington Metro Area.  The Benevole team is happy to announce The Dunes as the Platinum Sponsor for the event.  For sponsorship opportunities and ticketing information, please visit Benevole on the web at www.benevoleinc.org.

# # #

Benevole, Inc.’s mission is to advance human rights by meeting immediate needs and building lasting partnerships with community organizations operating on the front-lines.   The vision is enacted with an understanding of the inter-relationships between the various issues Benevole addresses and by a commitment to working in partnership with organizations at the local and regional levels who share the organization’s goals.

Newsworthy Updates from the Southern Girl

So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  And it’s been even longer since I’ve done a “This Week in the News” post.  I got a request to post one (thanks, Southern Cousin!), so this is what we have.  Some things are not that new, but they’re new to you ! 🙂

First, 24 year old Howard University sophomore Alonzo Guyton was shot and killed on October 26 in apparent robbery attempt.  Applause to Prince George’s County officers for identifying a suspect.  DC resident William Knight, who is only 20 years old, has been arrested for his murder.  Also, Alexis Simpson,  a 19 year Bowie State University student, was indicted last month for the stabbing death of her roommate, 18 year old Dominique Frazier.  The trial is set for March 26, 2012.  Reportedly, the roommates were having issues from the beginning, and room change requests were submitted to the Housing Department.  It will be interesting to see what comes out during the trial.  It is just unfortunate that the lives of two young women will never be the same.

Second, I haven’t mentioned Mitrice Richardson lately on the blog.  But she and her family are still in my thoughts and prayers.  This article, written by Mike Kessler, takes an amazing look at her case.  Just know it’s not over, and I hope the truth surrounding her death comes out soon.

Next, this Penn State sex abuse scandal.  Here’s what I’ll say:  Sandusky, if guilty of child abuse, needs to rot under the jail.  And if his phone interview with Bob Costas is indicative of anything, I think he’s guilty. And if anyone, parent, teacher, coach, whomever, knew of the abuse, they deserve to rot, too.  Listening to a portion of his interview, I don’t know what would make him think horseplaying with a child in a shower (let alone being in the shower with a student in the first place) would be ok.  Should the football team go on to finish their season?  Absolutely.  I agree with Elizabeth Hasselbeck (surprise, surpise)-the students should not have to suffer for the actions of their coaches.

Herman Cain, Herman Cain.  I really wanted to (attempt to) like you and think you would be a formidable GOP candidate and opponent to Obama.  But alas, you disappoint me.  First, the allegations of sexual harassment, now you have no knowledge of the President’s stance on Libya.  And for that matter, you probaby don’t even have a grasp on the facts.  I’m done with you, sir; good day!

And on the girl I love to watch on tv, Kim Kardashian.  All I can say is, “Shame on you!”  First of all, correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t there a potential for the NBA lockout this summer?  So she knew Kris didn’t have any income coming in.  Next, I don’t care what she says, she got married for publicity and to try to one up her sisters.  Khloe’s wedding wasn’t half as elaborate and over the top as Kim’s.  (Not that that has any bearing on the length of her marriage.) 

On the upside, I have been named the Outreach Co-Chair for First Book-DC, which provides books to students in the city and to lower the illiteracy rates.  Our official launch event is November 30, so be on the lookout for the event info!  Yes, I’m still job hunting.  Oh, and there’s some other good news, but I won’t go into details because I don’t want to jinx it. 😉  Enjoy your day, and until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

Benevole Celebrates One Year of Service


Contact: LaToya Grant                                                                                                   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

E-mail: latoya.grant@benevoleinc.org



Washington, DC (September 9, 2011) – Join Washington, DC based Benevole, Inc. as it celebrates one year of service on Saturday, October 1, 2011 at Ping Pong Dim Sum, located at One Dupont Circle, from 7:01 pm until 10:31 pm.  Attendees will be able to meet the Benevole team, learn more about the organization, and discover how to become involved.  Event goers can anticipate a fun and eventful evening, complete with mingling with other professionals in the DC area who are concerned about the issues important to the Benevole family, including hunger, homelessness, and health, and discussing various means of addressing these issues, and finding out about Benevole’s upcoming events in early 2012 .   The event is free, but donations will be accepted.  For more information about Benevole, Inc., visit them on the web at www.benevoleinc.org or e-mail latoya.grant@benevoleinc.org.

# # #

Benevole, Inc.’s mission is to advance human rights by meeting immediate needs and building lasting partnerships with community organizations operating on the front-lines.   The vision is enacted with an understanding of the inter-relationships between the various issues Benevole addresses and by a commitment to working in partnership with organizations at the local and regional levels who share the organization’s goals.