This Week in the News

Who knew Common was a thug rapper???  I certainly missed that memo!  Now, I must admit I don’t own any Common albums (I hear what’s on the radio and what plays on my Common Slacker station), but I believe I’m familiar enough with him to know he’s NOT a thug or anything demeaning that Karl Rove wants the American people to believe that he is.  I think there was enough backlash on Twitter to get the point that America wasn’t falling for it. 

And now Jill Scott is a racist…just because of some remarks she made in an article she wrote last year for Essence regarding interracial dating.  Jill states she grew up to believe that everyone is equal, but she felt “her soul wince” when she found out a friend of hers was dating a Caucasian woman.   I applaud Ms. Scott for her honesty; I’m sure we all feel some type of way when we see a friend that we feel has “made it” dating someone outside of their race, no matter or skin color or ethnicity.  Both cases are just classic examples of right wing extremists going overboard.

I’m no watcher of “Two and a Half Men”, but I’m sure someone is as it’s the #1 comedy in America.  And in the wake of Charlie Sheen going off the deep end, Ashton Kutcher will be replacing the star next season.  Apparently a deal was finalized last night.  Maybe I’ll watch the season premiere, just because…

And it appears Eddie Long is going to trial.  If you’re like me, the Bishop fell off your radar a time or two, but it appears he’s always been under the watchful eye of somebody.  Like the Bishop stated, I believe we are all ready for the truth to come out, so I support this case being settled in court. 

And lest we not forget the comments that Clifton Powell made about Spike Lee.  You can listen to them here.  He admits he shouldn’t do it, but he continues talk about Spike and threaten to kick his tail…Why can’t we all just get along???  It’s one thing if you don’t like someone and/or their politics, but it isn’t always necessary to put stuff out there.  This is just an opportunity to keep stuff going in Black Hollywood, which is small anyway.

Lastly, my condolences to the families of Mia Davis and Daryl Hawks, who both passed unexpectedly this week.

What news is going on in your world?  I hope you all have a great weekend, and until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

This Week in the News-The Ridiculousness…

Happy Friday!  Yes, it’s late in the day, but there are some things that need to be discussed, so I’m going to talk about them.  As you guessed, topics in this week’s post will highlight the ridiculous things that people do.

First, let’s talk about Charlie Sheen.  In the span of less than a week, this man has turned himself into some type of iconic figure.  People are using his quotes on Facebook and Twitter, people are calling him a genius, and despite the fact he was living with two porn stars, women are developing crushes on this bad boy.  (I heard one say it with my own ears.)  Let’s call a spade a spade folks.  Charlie is an Attention Whore.  Nothing’s wrong with that, but let’s be honest with ourselves.  Nobody was stuntin’ (yes, I used Ebonics) ol’ Charlie until his show he was sent to rehab, and he publicly put down his boss.  Instead of giving credence and attention this overpaid actor, let’s start focusing on things that matter…

…like this.  What in the H*LL would make this man (or anyone for that matter) rape a 2 year old????  This guy, Michael Grzybowicz, is accused of possessing child pornography after pictures of his co-worker’s two year old daughter being violated were found on his phone.  Apparently, this man took pictures of himself raping this baby.  I don’t know what is wrong with people, but I will be praying for this little girl and hoping this man gets put under the jail…

So, who heard about John Galliano making racist and anti-Semitic remarks in a Paris cafe’??? *raises hand*  The former head designer for Christian Dior was FIRED for his comments.  Apparently, it’s illegal in France to make anti-Semitic remarks.  I know we all are entitled to free speech, but I sometimes wish racist remarks were made illegal in the US.  But that’s another story for another day.  While Nicole Kidman looked gorgeous in her Christian Dior gown on Oscar night, she was the only celeb to sport the designer that evening. 

Have you ever had to been assigned to a “slave” group in school?  Have you ever had your classmates who were in the other group, “master”, come and feel your legs, arms, or any other body part to feel how “strong” you are?  No.  Well, neither have I.  Unfortunately Nikko Burton has to say “yes”.  This 10 year old was forced to play a slave in his social studies class.  This “lesson”, if you can really call it that, is inappropriate on SO many levels.  Apparently, his teacher created the lesson so students could empathize with slaves.  Uh, wrong way to go about it, lady!!!  And who is the principal or department head that approved this lesson?!?!?  All of them should be fired and forced to take some type of sensitivity class. 

*Just a note, if you want people to empathize and get a better understanding of what is was like to be a slave, show them the slave quarters at a plantation, show them some auction blocks, or show them a sign announcing a slave auction. #thatisall*

I think I’m done.  Is there any other ridiculous news that went on this week that I missed?  If so, please share.  Enjoy your weekend.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!