A Year Older, A Year Wiser

While I was getting ready to go celebrate my birthday on Monday afternoon, I got a phone call to turn on my tv to see what had happened in Boston.  Even when I arrived at the piano bar, before it got too crowded, my early bird friends and I continued to watch the news to stay in the know of exactly what was going on.  In the midst of tragedy, we still have to be grateful.  I was (and still am) very thankful that God allowed me to live to see another year of life.  Besides Monday’s unfortuante events, 31 has started off on a high note.  Although I have finally made a decision (for real this time) to leave an old beau alone for good, I’m ok with that.  There are some possibilities that are on the horizon, so we’ll see how those work out.

I also set a new goal for my 31st year of life.  To make sure I stick with it, I’m strategically telling certain people so they can keep me honest and make sure that I’m doing what needs to be done to get it accomplished.

I know it’s only been 2 days, but I feel like I have a little more clarity at 31.  I’ve really understood that I need to let some things (and people) go.  I see things from a whole new perspective.  I finally feel like I’m becoming a woman and that I’m no longer a girl.

I’m excited to see what God brings into my life in my 31st year.  I still miss not being the baby, though.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

Way Back Wednesday- Past Birthday Celebrations

Yes, it HAS been awhile since I’ve done a WBW post.  And I figured since my 30th is coming and I’m celebrating all weekend, I should share with you guys some memorable parties from birthdays past.

My 6th (or maybe 7th) birthday is the first birthday party I remember.  It was at McDonald’s (didn’t every kid born in the 80’s have at least one birthday party at Mickey D’s?!?!).   I had tons of fun, and only one boy (my homey George) was present.  He and I continued to be friends all through school. 

My Sweet 16 Birthday Party was at a community center.  There were purple and white streamers and balloons everywhere, and my cake was decorated with purple flowers (yes, you all know I love the color purple).  All of my friends were present, along with some of the cool upper classmen boys.  And they didn’t cause a ruckus, as my older cousin was afraid they would when they left and came back.  And Southern Mom made me invite my former best friend, who happened to be all over my on-again/off-again-everybody thought we would end up together-we’ll always have a crush on each other until we hit 25- boyfriend.  Needless to say, my girls weren’t too happy about that and, until I told them we need to have fun, were giving them both the side-eye of death.

My 19th birthday, which was on Easter Sunday (the 2nd time in my life besides my 11th birthday), was tons of fun.  My friends took me to Olive Garden for a birthday dinner.  Unfortunately, I ate something that didn’t agree with me and ended up being sick ALL the next day and missed my classes.  This incident caused me to avoid going to this restaurant for almost 7 years.

My 21st birthday was a trip.  My BFF and roommate kidnapped me, complete with blindfold, and took me on a drive (So unoriginal-that’s what I did for her 21st birthday!).  We went into an establishment where I was promptly placed on a stool and, after being told of the occasion, a guy said, “If it’s her birthday, I’ll spank her!” (O_O) After my blindfold was promptly removed, I saw we ended up at the Ale House (which was practically empty) with 2 of my really good friends present.  We stayed long enough to have a drink then travelled to BW3’s, where even more of my friends were (and the real party was happening)!  (I miss those 25 cent wing Tuesdays…)

When I turned 25, I celebrated all month.  Celebrations included going to a historic theater in Jacksonville for an Apollo-like performance, Movie Night on Friday the 13th (can’t remember what we saw, though), Sunday dinner at a well known restaurant-complete with my Sunday hat, and going to my first Tyler Perry play, which was great. 

There have definitely been more birthday celebrations, but I just wanted to highlight a few.  How do you like celebrating your birthday?  What’s your favorite birthday memory?  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

30 in 30

Well, it’s almost here… the time in my life that has been dubbed the “Flirty 30’s” (thanks to a conversation I had with a friend that will be coming to the District next month to help me celebrate)!!  I mean, who wants to be dirty??? (As in “Dirty 30’s…)  I must admit I am excited about this birthday, a birthday that this time last year I was semi-dreading.  I had decided I wasn’t going to do anything for my 30th birthday, which is weird because I’ve celebrated my birthday every year since turning 21.  So once I got outside of my own head and decided every birthday is a celebration of another year of life, I decided to plan accordingly. 

The beginning of 2012 has brought a number of ups and downs in my life so far.  Professionally, I could not ask for a better job, team to work with, and company to work for.  Last weekend, I attended the wedding of a soror that I was (indirectly) responsible for (I mean, I did invite the bride to the party where she met the groom!).  Sadly, I lost one of my favorite uncles earlier this week.  While he’s no longer here on Earth, I am happy he is in heaven and is no longer suffering.  The amazing thing about being alive is experiencing LIFE, the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, the pretty and the ugly. 

And I’m beginning to think Southern Mom and my “Auntie” Madeline have been chit-chatting.  Within the last 24 hours, they’ve both mentioned marriage and/or babies.  -___-  Yeah, whatever.  I don’t need all this pressure and all this worrying; I think they just want some little Elle’s running around. 

So, I will enjoy this last month in my 20’s.  I refuse to worry.  I’m just going to live my life and have fun.  I will continue to enjoy the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, the pretty and the ugly.  Until the next time, I’m just a Southern girl… in the city!

Happy Birthday, Elle! The Year of Possibilities

Well, it’s here… my 29th birthday! (Go, Elle, it’s your birthday!!!)  All of my previous birthdays, I have used as a time of celebration and been excited knowing that at least one day out of the year I can let things be all about me and people wouldn’t give me the side eye.   Today is no different :), but I’ve asked my friend’s to donate to a local DC non-profit instead of giving me gifts.  I’m exctited about my celebration tonight and have people coming from near and far to help me celebrate.

The gift that I am giving myself is possibilities.  I’ve decided that for the next year, I will go on at least one date each week.  Any reasonable request I get (thanks to my homie “TyAnthony” for that clarification) to go out with a nice male, I’m going to take him up on it.  Of course I’ll share some of the stories with you guys, but I have something even bigger planned to share my dating adventures (or misadventures-but I’m staying positive!). 

I’m also working hard to change careers and do this writing thing full time.  All of my extra energy is going to be spent honing my craft and looking for opportunities to make a career for myself.

I’m happy and blessed to see another year of life.  I may not be where I thought I would be, but I’m where God wants me to be, and that’s what matters most.  What are you happy about in your life?  What will you be giving yourself for your next birthday?  And how will you be celebrating your next year of life?

To all of my friends, I can’t wait to see you guys tonight and party hard as we celebrate the “End of a Decade”!!!! Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!