From “Bow Down” to “Flawless”

Almost a year ago, I penned an open letter to Beyonce stating I didn’t appreciate her song “Bow Down”.  At that particular stage in her career, she didn’t really need to address her haters.  And I was not the only person to think that way.

Nine months later, with the release of her album “Beyonce”, “Bow Down” became “Flawless”, an empowering girls’ anthem featuring the TED talk of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.  The song encouraged feminism and challenged women to fight for their equality.  And it was catchy, as evidenced by women posting selfies on Instagram with the hashtags #flawless and #iwokeuplikethis, and everyone seemed to have forgotten the uproar the first verse caused just months earlier.

As I was driving home last night and belting out the lyrics to “Flawless”, it dawned on me that I was singing lyrics to a song I didn’t care for and words I don’t like to use.  And I began to wonder what happened.  What happened to make me forget the disdain I felt last March when I heard “Bow Down”?  What happened to make me sing along with a woman who called other women b*tches and told them to bow down, like she was a queen?  What happened to make me just…forget EVERYTHING I didn’t like about the song?  Hearing the song in its entirety may have changed my perspective.  Hearing “Flawless”, with the nostalgia of Gyrls’ Tyme (which later became Destiny’s Child), the empowering words of Ms. Adichie, and the tight beat, made me develop convenient amnesia.

Beyonce changed the entire meaning of a song with an extra verse, a hook, and a TED talk from a renowned author and feminist.  And now we want to give Beyonce a crown, no pun intended, because she MUST be about the equality of women and wants us to be empowered and assertive and go-getters.  But would a real feminist tell another woman to bow down?

Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.


The other title for this post was going to be “I Want Beyonce’s Body”.   That’s what I told a friend a while back.  I actually think I said, “I’m going to get Beyonce’s body”, to which she gave me a major side-eye. (You know who you are, and I still love you! :))  But I can understand her giving me the side-eye of life.  I have a LOT of pounds on Beyonce and attaining a body that can even compare to hers may be unreachable for the regular girl that’s already a size 8.  But for someone who is bigger than a size 8??? You know what?  This post is not about my weight-moving on…

If you’ve read my “About Elle” page, you know I love Beyonce.  I have every album she has released, including her latest “Beyonce”.  I am not ashamed to admit that the visual is currently in my DVD player and the audio has been in HEAVY rotation since I bought it Christmas weekend.  I definitely have my favorites, including “Superpower”, “Mine”, “Flawless”, and the bonus video “Grown Woman”.  But the video that keeps me the most mesmerized is “Yonce/Partition”.

We all know that Beyonce has sex appeal.  And I don’t know what it is about that darn video-the wadrobe, the movements, or just the song itself-but I can never turn away.  I’ve thought of the scenario in my head.  The woman has rented out this club, got some costumes, and gathered up a few of her girls to put on a show for her man.  Then, when the show’s over, they (the woman and her man) go home.  And I want to do that.  Well, minus asking my friends-I wouldn’t want my man to fantasize about them every time we did couple stuff.  But when I do get into a relationship, I want to put on a burlesque show for my dude, complete with costumes, make-up, lighting, the works!  And I want to do it to “Partition”.  Really, I could come up with a couple of dances to a couple of Beyonce songs.  And have my man swooning.  I want to be his fantasy come to life.  But I need to get her body.  And a man.

Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.

Last Week in the News

I first must make a retraction and an apology.  It appears that Will and Jada are NOT separating!  Can I mention that I am extremely happy that the break-up rumors were false.  So, I officially take back the news from last week when I mentioned that the Smiths were breaking up and apologize to them and their families.  Pressing on…

Well, it’s officially! Beyonce is PREGGERS!!!! I’m SO excited!  No, I’m not a big fan (yet) of “4”, but it is growing on me, just like her belly is about grow over the next few months! 🙂 (I know, corny joke.)  I am truly happy for Beyonce and Hov, but I wonder why she decided to make the big “announcement” on the VMAs.  Thank goodness I’m on Twitter; that’s how I heard the big news. 

Well, I survived TWO natural disasters in one week.  Hurricane Irene didn’t do that much damage in the DC area, thank God, but I was without power for almost 24 hours.  Millions of people are without power in the NE, so we must pray for them and hope their lives are restored quickly!

People are buzzing about Lil Wayne’s video for “How to Love”.  Yes, Weezy made a poignant and touching video to show what happens when we abuse our children, especially our daughters, and expose them to unhealthy relationships and situations, then he showed the flip side of what happens when you take care of your children and show them true love.  But a lot of people are up in arms because does one video negate all of the bad things that Wayne has done in the past?  I have to say no. 

So, that’s all I’ve got for you today.  Oh, on the job front, I had a great interview last week; just waiting for the follow-up call or e-mail.  🙂 So keep me in your prayers!  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

*If you missed Beyonce’s performance on the VMAs, check it out at!