I Have Some Questions

For the past few weeks, I have had some things go through my mind.  I decided to share a few of them with you, my faithful, devoted, and opinionated audience.  If you have the answers, please share.  And if you have questions of your own, share those, too.  I may be able to answer yours!

-Why am I starting to like “Whip My Hair” by Willow Smith?

– Why didn’t T.I. hire Lindsay Lohan‘s attorney?

– Speaking of T.I., does he like it in prison?  Is that why he does stupid stuff so he can keep going back?

– Why are we salty about Alicia Keys giving birth…or is that just me?

– Why can’t I find a line of natural hair care products I like, especially a deep conditioner?

– Is Adrian Fenty going to be re-elected as mayor of DC in 2 more weeks-and bring back Michelle Rhee?

– Why do we love Twitter but loathe Facebook?

– Where is the 2nd CD in Maxwell’s trilogy BlackSUMMERS‘Night?

– And where is Jill Scott‘s The Light of the Sun?

– What’s the point of having an album for sale if you’re going to release all of the tracks as singles? (Think of Usher and Trey Songz)

– Dare I admit I’m beginning to like Nicki Minaj?

– And the most important question, what new updates are there regarding the death of Mitrice Richardson?

These are just some things that have been on my mind.  Are there any questions that you ask yourselves on a regular basis?  Maybe there’s that point in the day when you dare to let your mind drift off to this nice quiet place and you think of the most random stuff.   I hope I’ve put a smile on your face or at least got you to thinking, too.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

This Week in the News

Hello, world!  This has been a CRAZY week!  Reggie Bush gave back his Heisman, Ines Sainz got sexually harassed, Vince Gray won the democratic nomination for DC Mayor, and the trailer for “For Colored Girls” was released.  So, maybe crazy is not an accurate word; let’s just say it’s busy…

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that there are TONS of events going on this weekend in DC.  And I’m missing all of them.  Most important, my alma mater, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) will be playing Howard University this weekend.   For FAMUans, there is a hosptilaty suite tonight and the game and an after-party are happening tomorrow.   It’s also Congressional Black Caucus week.  There have been tons of events going on this week, everything from sessions to luncheons to parties.  I won’t be disappointed because I know I can attend all of the CBC events next year, and I know the Rattlers will beat up on the Bison on the football field!

On Wednesday, I was able to catch a sneak peek of the new Ben Affleck movie, “The Town”.   I must say I was thoroughly impressed.  The movie, also directed by Affleck, was very authentic and real.  Accents were so thick I could barely understand the actors.   Some people might get me, but I think this was better than “Takers”….But I urge you all to go see it when it’s released and see for yourself.

The DC/Baltimore area has seen so much tragedy over the last few weeks.  The man who held hostages and then was killed at the Discovery Channel headquarters in Silver Spring, MD, the three men who were killed early Thursday morning in a Forestville, MD crash, and the unfortunate shooting that occured at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.  A man shot and injured a doctor and killed his mother before turning the gun on himself.   For those of you that pray, please keep these families and all those affected in your prayers. 

Lastly, I can say that I believe the city of Washington, DC may be shook up after Council Chairman Vince Gray beat current mayor Adrian Fenty.  With talks to Michelle Rhee, DC Public Schools Chancellor, leaving, I’m interested to find out what things will occur in my city once, and if, Vince Gray is officially voted in as mayor in November.

I can say I think it was whack that Reggie gave back the Heisman, I’m tired of hearing about Ines whatever her name is, and I’m wondering who takes a gun into a hospital…What’s on your mind folks?  What’s going on your worlds?  Please believe I will share some highlights from my reunion weekend with you guys next week.  Enjoy yourselves and if you’re in DC, party it up for me and cheer for FAMU!  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.

This Week in the News

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!?!?  I know I am.  And it looks like the New Orleans Saints are, too, after their win last night against the Minnesota Vikings.  This Sunday, I will be travelling to Capital City Brewing Company to watch my Jacksonville Jaguars take on the Denver Broncos.  And one of my favorite guys is coming to watch the game with me!   Hopefully, the Jags can pull a W this week and have a great season.

I was so hyped about being able to vote early in DC, and procrastinator that I am, I have still not voted.  So I will be out with the masses on Tuesday casting my vote in the DC primaries.  And to add insult to injury, I STILL don’t know who’s getting my vote.  I can say that Vincent Gray is calling for an FBI and Metro Police Investigation into claims that a “Re-Elect Fenty” worker promised 4 district residents jobs if they voted for the Mayor.  Mayor Fenty denies these claims and  is asking that the focus be on the issues.  It’s going to be interesting to see how this turns out. 

Willow Smith being grown

If you didn’t know, Willow Smith, the 9 year old daughter of Will and Jada, has been signed to Roc Nation, the record label owned by Jay-Z.  While I admit her song “Whip My Hair” is catchy, I feel that it’s a little too grown for someone so young.  And her look is too much.  I feel like she’s a little outrageous for a child.  And Jay-Z had the nerve to call her the “next Michael Jackson“. Ummm, we’ll see, but I doubt it.  There’s only one MJ.

I hope the movie is as good as the book

There is a release date for Tyler Perry‘s new film “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Isn’t Enuf”.  The film is set to be released November 5 and has some heavy Hollywood hitters-Phylicia Rashad, Loretta Divine, Janet Jackson, Thandie Newton, Kimberly Elise, Anika Noni Rose, my personal fave Kerry Washington, Tessa Thompson, Michael Ealy, Khalil Kain, and Richard Lawson.  While I wasn’t so geeked about Tyler doing the movie I hope these stars are able to create a masterpiece on the big screen.  I’ll probably read the book before the movie comes out…

So what’s going on in your world?  Who are you pulling for during Week 1?  And even though Governor Schwarzenegger signed “Chelsea’s Law”, I still haven’t heard anything new about Mitrice Richardson; yes, I will continue to bring her name up so we don’t forget about her or other African-Americans who go missing and no one seems to be doing anything to find them. (I purposefully did not discuss the pastor-I use that term loosely-in Gainesville, FL who has expressed an interest in burning the Qu’ran tomorrow to “commemorate” the 9/11 attacks.   If he wants to recognize that day burning someone’s Holy book is NOT the way to do it.) Have a great weekend, and until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

This Week in the News- DC Edition

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It’s FRIDAY!!! I hope you all had a great week!  Another work week is under our belts.  This is going to be a busy weekend for your girl. On Saturday, I have a barbecue and a birthday party to attend, and on Sunday, I have brunch (unlimited mimosas!), a meeting, AND a conference call! Whew, I’m tired just thinking about it!  In any event, let’s get this show on the road.  I decided to do a DC highlight of the news this week as a lot has happened, and I’ve had a chance to attend some great events and there has been some tragedies. 

First, sadly, another one of our young men has been murdered.  Sixteen year old Anthony Barnes was struck by a single bullet early Wednesday morning in Southeast DC.  The Maryland teen was visiting his brother, and the two decided to go to a local gas station to get a snack.  An older man approached the teen, and as he tried to flee, he was shot.  The reason for the attack is still unknown, and no arrests have been made.  Anthony was your typical teenager-he liked sports, music, and girls.  This death is a mystery to his family, and I’m sure the rest of the community.  I hope justice is served swiftly, and I wish his family peace while dealing with this tragedy.

On Tuesday, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the DC Mayoral Forum at the NCNW (National Council of Negro Women) Building.  As I was heavily involved with the political process when I lived in Florida, I was very happy to have this opportunity to attend this forum.   This will be my first time voting in the Nation’s capital, and I want to make sure I vote for the man who I think will do the best job.  First, Mayor Adrian Fenty.  He spoke about what he has done in his current administration, which is a lot, but I wish he would have spoken more on what he plans to do if re-elected.  Next, Council Chairman Vince Gray.  He had an answer for everything.  He had some great ideas as they pertained to Education and HIV/AIDS, but the thing that concerned me was he didn’t stand behind his vote for current DC Attorney General Peter Nickles.  Even if someone made a “bad” decision, you should stand behind it, because if you make “bad” decisions, are you going to apologize for them in the future???  Lastly, we have former newscaster Leo Alexander.  This man should be a comedian, seriously.  He made the audience laugh, and of course made shots at his two opponents.  He had some wonderful ideas; my only concern is are they realistic?  When I left on Tuesday, I said that I had made a decision-now I’m not sure.  I will definitely continue to do my research on all three candidates.

Last night, Anthony David came back to DC.  The opening act was a band called Ndelible.  They were really good, and the lead singer sounds very much like John Legend, whom I absolutely LOVE!  After about an hour, Anthony FINALLY made his way to the stage.  (You may have seen my tweets of aggravation.) Needless to say, my linesister and I, and probably everyone else, were tired and slightly agitated.  Turns out the drummer was late. (My linesister found out after talking to someone at the bar.)  I almost left, but I really wanted to see him, so we persevered and stayed.  And I’m glad we did.  The show was great, even though I didn’t get the opportunity to talk to him afterwards.  It was almost midnight, and I do have a job…The one thing I didn’t like is that there was no official announcement made regarding the delay of the show-the host didn’t say anything, nor the club personnel.  So if anyone from Liv comes across this post, or you know someone from Liv, please pass the message along-If there is an unforeseen delay in a performance, it’s customary practice to let the audience know what’s going on.  Thanks!)

So, that’s this week in news, DC edition!  What are your plans for the weekend? If you’re in the DMV, I’m sure you’ll be at FedEx Field for the Beltway Battle (Redskins vs. Ravens).  What are some things that happened in your city this week?  And feel free to comment on any topic that I’ve discussed.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

This Week in the News

Thank God it’s Friday!!!! This has been such a long week, and I am so glad it’s a long weekend.  No surprise, so much has happened this week.  I could comment on so much, but for the sake of time , I’ll just pick 3 or 4.

First, my condolences to the family of Sen. Robert Byrd.  The longest-serving Senator passed this Monday at age 92.  His burial will be Tuesday after a ceremony in Arlington, VA. 

This is just tragic.  Two brothers, Danny and Thomas Arnold, were arrested for molesting and impregnating a 10 year old girl…yep, unfortunately you didn’t read incorrectly.  Apparently this abuse has been going on for years, and thanks to an investigation by the Department of Family and Children Services, these men were arrested.  But that’s not the end of this sick story.  During the investigation, it was discovered that the two men were also having an incestous relationship with their 28 year-old aunt, Lisa Arnold.  This whole story is just REALLY disturbing.   Thankfully all 3 adults have been arrested, but I feel so bad for this little girl.  I believe her pregnancy was terminated, but it will take a long time for her to get over this, if she ever does.  There are some sick people in this world.  I just pray for this little girl and her family, and hope she seeks the solace she needs and can go back to being a child.  (Click here to read the story.)

Taking a page out of Jeremy London’s book, if you don’t want your family to talk about you in public, just file a restraining order against them.  That’s right, to stop his family from commenting on his recent abduction, Jeremy London filed a restraining order against his mother Deborah Nielson and his twin brother Jason.  It’s so sad when family members don’t get along, but it’s another thing when the law gets involved.  Hopefully, Jeremy will get the “alleged” help he needs and the family can recover from this turmoil, especially since Jeremy is requesting his mom and bro cover his attorney fees…

I must have been living under a rock in 2006, because I had NO idea that former VP Al Gore was under investigation for sexual assault.  Or this was kept very hush hush…In any event, Portland, OR authorities have reopened a case against Mr. Gore where a massage therapist alleges that he groped her in 2006.  When the allegations were first made, the therapist’s attorney set up interviews with authorities, but each one was cancelled by the lawyer.  Last January, police were able to sit down with the plaintiff, and based on the interview, decided to reopen the case.  I truly hope that this isn’t something that has any validity to it.  This would be just awful for Mr. Gore, especially as he proceeds with his divorce.  I’m not a conspiracy theorist or anything, but how coincidental is it that just last month the Gores decided to divorce, and now this comes up?  Could Tipper have known this was going to come out in the media and wanted to begin distancing herself from her husband??? Things that make you go, “Hmmmm…”

Apparently, DC Public School Chancellor Michelle Rhee is a fan of DC Mayor Adrian Fenty…so much so that Rhee stated if Fenty is not re-elected this Fall, she may not stay on as Chancellor. Saying that DC Council Chairman Vincent Gray does not support education reform like the current mayor, and if he is elected, Gray may not be able to make the difficult decisions that need to be made.  Well, tell us how you really feel Chancellor Rhee.  While some people are happy with the changes that Rhee has made since she has been in office, she is said not to have that many supporters east of the Anacostia River, where students seem to be suffering.   This election gets more interesting by the day.

So I know today’s news seems a little dreary, but this is all I got.  I know you guys have some more, especially happy news-someone got married, someone won the lotto, someone got a promotion…something!   Please share!  Enjoy your holiday weekend!  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!