Commentary on “America’s Most Wanted”

My post on Tuesday seems to have sparked some discussion among some people, so I want to address the issue.  I will use this as the Day 18 assignment for the “Blogging for Branding” challenge, even though no one left a comment on the blog, but rather approached me with some concerns.

Apparently, people (really just two guys since they are the only ones that talked to me about it) didn’t know how to take the post.  One couldn’t tell if I was kidding or trying to be satirical.  He even suggested I re-name the title of the post.  The other didn’t think I had finished the post; he was looking for a solution.  In actuality, they are both right.  It was meant to be satirical.  I was poking fun at a few issues that are real problems to people in this world.  Black women looking for black men to marry, white and non-black women being attracted to and dating black men (which some people have a problem with), black men in the streets and not taking care of their families, and black men being locked up for crimes they have committed.  All of those situations are somebody’s reality.  I was trying to invoke some ideas that you (my readers) may have never thought about before.  And the second guy was right (sort of)- I could go on and on and on about either one of those topics.  But I try to keep you all engaged with non-lengthy posts but they get the point across.

Was my mission accomplished-did some things cross your mind that you’ve never considered?  Or am I so off the mark that you think I’m crazy?  Maybe you think I could have elaborated on one or more points.  If so, please share what I missed.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.

Reaction to Mitrice Richardson

On my post last week during “This Week in the News“, I lightly touched on the Mitrice Richardson situation.  I posted a link to the CNN story that confirmed the skull and bones found in Malibu did belong to the 25 year old graduate student.  In keeping strong with the 31 Day Blogging for Branding challenge, today’s post will be my response to the situation revolving around her disappearance.  I could talk about Alvin Greene getting arrested, Philip Markoff committing suicide, the disappearance of overdraft fees, or the arrest of alleged serial killer Elias Abuelazam, but I will discuss the facts and share my opinion of the untimely death of this former beauty queen.

Mitrice had been arrested on September 16 of last year after not paying an $89 dinner bill at a Malibu restaurant.  The manager had her arrested and police took her into custody and had her car towed.  I won’t get into too many details, but a little after midnight, the police decided to release her from custody, even after her mother, Latice Sutton, told authorities that if they released her daughter, she would come pick her up.  Ms. Sutton also let authorities know that her daughter suffered from mental issues and that she may not be in her right mind.  Ms. Sutton did not learn of her daughter’s release until 5:30 am, at which time she filed a missing person’s report.  It took almost a year to find this girl, even though just a few weeks ago a former classmate claimed he saw her in Las Vegas.  Micheal Richardson, Mitrice’s father, is claiming negligence on behalf of police personnel, saying he heard about his daughter’s death via the press conference.  (Coroner officials did call him and left a message, which is standard procedure.)  Mitrice’s body was found approximately 2.5 miles from her last known credible sighting. 

So many questions pop into my head.  First, if her body was less than 3 miles from the police station, why did it take 11 months to locate her body?  I’m no forensics expert, but it seems to me the area surrounding her last known whereabouts should have been searched thoroughly.  Second, why wasn’t her mother notified of her release immediately as she requested?  Yes, it is illegal to hold someone against their will if they are not being arrested, but her mother asked she be called if her daughter were released, and she would come pick Mitrice up.  Her car had been impounded and her phone was in her car, so how was she going to get home?   Third, why did the national public JUST hear about this last month?  Whenever “certain” people go missing, the national media is notified almost immediately.  Lastly, isn’t it a little tacky that the press conference went on as scheduled even though not everyone in her immediate family may not have known about her death?  If foul play was involved, I hope her murderer is found quickly.  The ending to this story was very bittersweet, and I hope that she gets the justice she deserves.  

Have any of you heard about Mitrice Richardson before this post?  If so, how did you get the information?  For those of you well versed in the law, what am I missing?  Should her mother have been notified, or did she have a right to go about as she pleased?  I personally feel like this story has a lot of holes.  And I hope someone can fill these holes quickly.  Do you know of any other stories of people who have gone missing but the national media has paid little attention?  If so, I ask that you use this platform to share.  It’s about time we start speaking up for those who are done wrong.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.

Keeping the Lines Open

It’s funny that the assignment for today was to respond to comments on your blog.  I was planning on commenting on a few replies today anyway, so I’m glad I am on the right track.  Maybe it’s a little bit of narcissism, but I like it when people come read what I have to say, and I like it even more when they feel compelled to comment on what I have to say.  I really want to just thank all of you for coming to read my blog and sharing your thoughts!  I actually enjoy commenting; it allows me the opportunity to see what my readers think and contemplate things I’ve never considered.  I’ve even gotten a good laugh a time or two!

I will do a better job of replying to you all, so that you know how much I appreciate you!  Keep your comments coming! And if there’s a topic on which you want me to write, a question you want me to answer, or if you just to say “Hi!”, feel free to e-mail me at  We are a Blog Family, and as such, we must stay in touch with each other!  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

My Favorite Blog

I was never big on blogging.  Actually, I’m probably the most technologically unsound blogger you’ll ever come across, even though I started a natural hair blog earlier this year.  I actually came across Black n’ Bougie on accident.  A member of a listserv of which I’m a part sent a link to one of OneChele’s posts, and I thought it was extremely hilarious.  So much so that I would check her blog every now and then to see what she had to say.  I thought the girl (well really lady) was a genius!   She had me cracking up!  She was witty, funny, told a great story, and even forced me to do some self-reflection.  She speaks on so many different topics and always has a poignant point to make.  (And I, of course, check out this blog on a daily basis, the only blog that gets that much attention from me-besides my own!)

When I started Southern Girl, I wanted to emulate BnB.  Then of course I came to realize that I can only be me.  I don’t ever want to be a carbon copy of someone.  But I must say that OneChele is my Blog Inspiration, if there is such a thing!  I follow her on Twitter and have commented on a post or five!  I highly encourage all of you to check out her blog, even some of her older stuff.   She covers everything from pop culture to sports to politics, all with a bougie twist!  So thank you, OneChele, for being my inspiration and making me challenge myself. 

So, do you guys have a favorite blog? If so, what is it?  And why is it your favorite?  Until next time, I’m just a Southern the city!

P.S. OneChele, I hope you don’t mind my borrowing your heading! 😉

Five Things I’ve Learned as a Single Woman

I promise I am NOT trying to write a relationship blog, but it seems as if I get the most traffic/feedback when I talk about relationships, so here I is!!!   (As I have joined the “31 Day Branding Your Blog Challenge,” I’ve decided to try this thing out.)   Now, guys, I’m not saying that all women are this way, this is just the thoughts of a 20-something year old woman who has evolved in the past year.  So here goes:

1. Women don’t really know what they want– We make these lists, conjure up this fantastic man with all these qualities, and when he’s staring us right in the face, we don’t want him.  “Something’s just not right” we may say or “He’s too nice” or “He’s too much of a mama’s boy” or something!   I’ve realized I need to be open to all possibilities (within reason) and just be happy doing me.  I’m sure when the right guy comes along, I’ll know, and I bet he won’t have any qualities I’ve put on my list, except being a Christian; that’s non-negotiable.

2. All of your attached friends will try to hook you up– As the saying goes, “Misery loves company”, I think the same is true for love.  Within the past month, two friends, one a newlywed and the other in a new relationship, have made suggestions on how to meet a guy or hinted that they know someone who’s a great catch.  I know their hearts are in the right place, and as my “play” auntie said, “Most women who are in relationships want their friends to be happy and in relationships, too.”  So, I’ll enjoy the attention, and if it’s meant to be, hopefully a nice young lad will come my way.

3.  The grass is not always greener on the other side- A few years back, I stated to a friend that had been married for a few years and had one child that, “I want what you guys have.  You seem to have everything together.”  As she kindly pointed out to me, things are not always as they appear to be.  It’s so easy to be on the outside looking in because you only see what people want you to see.  You don’t know the work, time, hours, frustrations, etc. that go into making a relationship work.  And as she told me a few weeks ago, “Enjoy your being single, because before you know it, you will have a husband and some children, and your time won’t be your own.” Yeah, I never really thought about that.  I enjoy coming and going as I please and not having to tell anyone my plans-I just go.  That will ALL change once I get a man.

4. Guys appreciate the little things, too– On a date a few weeks ago, the guy opened the door for me as we were leaving the movies.  As he walked around the car, I opened the door for him.  He was genuinely surprised and stated that NONE of the girls he dated had done that before.  Needless to say, I think I made a favorable impression on him.  Guys like it when we do nice things for them, ladies, so I strongly suggest just as your man does nice little things for you that you do the little things for him; he will be greatly appreciative!

5. Sometimes, I’m a little backwards– So, let me explain.  When I see a guy that I think is attractive, I won’t approach him, I won’t talk to him, and I won’t let on that I think he’s cute.  I may try to catch his eye and smile, but that’s the extent of it.  If I meet a man that I’m not remotely attracted to, I become this cute, bubbly, friendly, flirty girl.  I know-backwards.  But I think subconsciously, I become this girl because I feel like I have nothing to lose; I’m not trying to impress him, so it’s easy for me to be open and friendly.  As my friends have pointed out to me, I can approach a guy I think is cute.  Even if he’s not feeling me, no love lost as I will probably never see him again.  Not sure if I totally believe that as DC is hella small, and I’ve seen a couple of men a time or two around the city.  But we’ll see if I can grow in this sense…

So, ladies, what have you learned being single and navigating in this crazy dating world?  There are more things I’ve learned, but I had to keep this list to a minimum.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.

P.S. This Cameo video may not exactly go with the post, but I like it and it’s about being single, so there!