Tell Us Why You Mad, Son-The Conclusion

This has been a week full of ups and downs.  Some things have happened that have made me smile while some things have pissed me off.  Some highlights of my week were that I finally sent in my dues for my 10 year reunion, I was able to connect with some old friends, and the creation of this series.  My last official assignment with the 31 Day Blogging for Branding challenge was creating a series.  I hope you all found the “Tell Us Why You Mad, Son” posts to be interesting and informative.  I did enjoy writing it.  And with it’s success, along with my “Relationship Week” series, I’m sure this won’t be the last one you see on this here blog!  So, to end out the week with some things that have made me mad.

First, who has the #1 movie in the country and gets arrested on drug possession charges??? Clifford Harris, aka T.I.  Can I just say that I am SO disappointed with him and his wife, Tameka Cottle, aka Tiny? And they have children to think about.  And what adds insult to injury is the fact that T.I. has been going to schools and speaking to children about how he’s changed his ways and from now on he’ll make better decisions.  The rumor is that Tiny is going to take the rap for her man.  Please believe I’ll be keeping my eye on this story.

Next, I’m not on Foursquare, but this week they launched an STD badge in connection with MTV and the Kaiser Family Foundation.  For the new Get Yourself Tested campaign, this badge is to encourage sexual health responsibility with young people.  Now, I appreciate the awareness that is being put on getting tested.  I just really feel some type of way about an STD badge on Foursquare.  If I were to become involved with a dude, I’m not gonna say, “What does your Foursquare badge say?”  I’m going to ask him to see his papers.  But to each his own.  I’m hoping this has the predicted outcome that these organizations want.

I think we are all sick and tired of hearing about oil spills and explosions and the like.  But within the last 48 hours, an oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico approximately 80 miles off the coast of Louisiana.  I just hope this oil nonsense comes to an end…quickly.

Lastly, I’m still pissed about Mitrice Richardson.  A few weeks ago, I wrote a post regarding her disappearance and the subsequent search that led to her remains.  One week after the disovery of her body, Rev. Al Sharpton asked for a federal investigation into her death.  The sad thing is that her story has fallen off of the radar.  After last week’s article, I haven’t seen or heard anything new about Mitrice; there hasn’t even been an official report on the cause of death, if there are any suspects, or what may have happened.  But we’re still talking about Casey Anthony and Elizabeth Smart.  I truly hope that Mitrice gets justice.

What made you mad this week?  What are your thoughts on the things I’ve shared today?  I hope you all have a safe, happy holiday weekend, and we’ll chat again next week! Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.

Tell Us Why You Mad, Son-The Real Review

I promise this will be the last mention of “Takers” on this blog!  But after I was able to watch the movie again (I went with my play “auntie” Madeline; read more about her here), I was able to see the movie for it was.  While I didn’t share too much about the movie in my post earlier this week, I’m ready to give you guys my true feelings about what I saw on the big screen and tell you why I’m mad. 

SPOILER ALERT!!!! SPOILER ALERT!!!!  (If you haven’t seen the movie, you definitely don’t want to read what I have to say because I’m going to give away some of the story.)

First, let’s talk about T.I.  It’s his fault, messing with those Russians, that Welles (Matt Dillon) and Hatcher (Jay Hernandez) got hot on their tail.  Leaving that daggone bracelet at their home was stupid, but I guess that could really happen to any of us.  And I’m mad he set them up and he was out for self, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  Now, let’s talk about Chris Brown.  I thought he was extra cocky doing that “salute” to the camera after they robbed the bank; that’s why he got chased (although I think his chase scene was phenomenal)!  A follower on Twitter suggested he may have had a stunt double, which I hope wasn’t the case.  He was able to catch up with his boys and survive the shoot-out with the Russians.  And speaking of the shoot-out, was Michael Ealy not FINE when he saved the day?!?!? And then…the end for the brothers… Can I just say the way they died was WHACK?!?!?!  After all the shooting and running and scaling buildings and perservering, they went out without a bang.  That was one of the worst scenes I’ve seen in a movie.  The next thing that made me mad was Naomi.  I’ve never had to deal with a family member on drugs, but if she had kept her hind parts in rehab Gordon (Idris Elba) would have been ok.  She stole his money, got high, got arrested, then ran off.  Then when his life was in danger she was laying down in the back seat of the car.  But I fault G a little bit because I would not have put her in a hotel…that’s just me, because I would would be worried they would go out and do something stupid…

So, for every one person that didn’t like the movie, there’s about 5 people who did.  If you didn’t like the movie, tell me why?  Maybe you liked the movie, but something pissed you off or you thought something wasn’t realistic.  If so, what were they?  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

P.S. I just have to say Paul Walker was HOT when he commandeered that truck!

Tell Us Why You Mad, Son-Take Two

Brian White, you know the cutie from the feature film “Stomp the Yard” and TNT drama “Men of a Certain Age“, got married this weekend!  But everything wasn’t blissful for the groom.  Apparently, some people are hating on Brian and his new bride, Paula Da Silva, because she is not black.  Brian, who is a very vocal celebrity on Twitter, even retweeted comments that his friends made stating that people (i.e. black women) are hating on him because his wife isn’t black. 

Apparently, Brian spent some time on his honeymoon giving energy and credence to the people who were not excited about his interracial marriage.  Some people seem to think that his getting married nullifies the rumor that he was suspect, others claim they never wanted him in the first place, and more people could probably care even less.  It appears to me that instead of his giving credence to these people who mean him no good and whom he’ll probably never meet in life anyway, Brian should enjoy himself with his new bride and the life they are going to spend together.  But he really must have been hot under the collar to pay attention to all these people.

So what say you Southern Girl audience?  Was Brian right in giving these people his attention during what should be one of the happiest moments in his life?  Or should he just ignore them?  And is interracial dating even an issue in 2010?  (Oh, it is according to Dr. Laura; we “blacks” have become much more sensitive about race since President Obama has been elected…#please)  Do black women even want Brian White?  Or is this just an example of an arrogant actor getting his rocks off thinking everyone wants him?  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.

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Tell Us Why You Mad, Son-Take One

Over the weekend, really pretty much last week, people have been up in arms about some things.  This week I will highlight (in three separate posts) why people are upset.  They will come from all genres, but today’s will be related to music. 

Last year I had the pleasure of attending Rock the Bells, a concert featuring some of the greatest Hip Hop MCs.  Based on this year’s line-up, my sorority sister, who is my running mate when it comes to live music, and I decided to skip it.  From being on Twitter yesterday, I discovered that concert goers were told Lauryn Hill, who was featured as a special guest and has been in hiding for the past few years, was not going to perform.  As to be expected, some people boo’ed.  (I probably would have, too.)  In her place, A Tribe Called Quest came out.  Questlove, from The Roots, and Talib Kweli, thought it was disrespectful for the audience to boo.  They pointed out that it was more than just the “Lauryn Hill Show” and that there were many other performers.  I explained to them that it wasn’t disrespectful to the artists.   The audience was told someone was going to be there and that person didn’t show.  I also let them know I would have been pissed if they didn’t show last year.  They didn’t respond, so I don’t know if they appreciated my response or not.  *shrugs*  From speaking with my co-worker, we’ll call him Adam, who is a 5 time RTB attendee, Ms. Hill did come out, with special guest Nas, after A Tribe Called Quest performed. 

In this situation, this is why people are mad.  One, Adam and his friends arrived (to the mainstage) around 4 pm.  The next act did not get onstage until 6:30 pm.  That’s 2.5 hours of no music, no DJ, no nothing.  The host, whose name Adam could not remember, would come out periodically, but I’m not sure what that accomplished.  Two, the show was running late.  Snoop Dogg, the last act, was supposed to come on stage at 10:15.  He didn’t come on until almost 11, which by this time Adam, and I’m sure other people, had left.  Three, the venue ran out of food (right before Snoop came on stage).  Due to the lateness of the show, that may not be a big deal, but it is noteworthy.  Lastly, who leaves CONCERT goers with no music???  Adam stated that they lost money, at least in the DC area, and I am inclined to agree.  I’m not going to be in a big hurry to attend next year’s show, and I plan on telling my sorority sister.  Adam stated he may not be going back, either.

What do you guys think?  Do people have a right to be mad?  And if you attended Rock the Bells at the Merriweather Post Pavilion, how was your experience?  Stay tuned for Take 2.  I’m tempted to talk about this Twitter deal with Drake saying you can call Nicki Minaj “Mrs. Aubrey Drake Graham” from now on…but I won’t.  (#icantbebothered) Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

My Top 3 Fave Posts (at the moment!)

We’re at Day 24 of the Blogging for Branding Challenge, and I must say I am very excited about the changes I’ve made.  And I was excited to see that I already incorporated some of the tips into “Southern Girl…”  This post will highlight 3 of my favorite posts (at the moment) that I feel encompass what I enjoy and some things I find interesting.  Who can go wrong with relationships, fashion, and pop culture???

First, I have to go to my fave blogger and fellow Southerner OneChele at “Black ‘N Bougie”. She has so many posts that I love that it’s very hard for me to pick just one, but pick one I did.  Every now and then she will share stories of events that have been happening with her and her new beau.  This story (The Soap Opera Continues, Part I) is one of her latest tales of the goings-on with some drama she’s had to deal with regarding the crazy people tied to her new man.  What happens when the boo’s ex-wife and best friend show up unannounced???  You’ll be surprised to find out…(and don’t forget to read Part II.)

My friend, Erin, I believe you’ve read some of her posts a time or two, has started “Fashion Friday” on her own blog.  The latest post (Color Me Bad-Nail Colors for Fall) is full of great colors that we ladies can use to express ourselves this upcoming season without having to spend a whole lot of money.  I’m your typical girly-girl, but I’ve recently started painting my fingernails on a halfway regular basis.  I’m always looking for eclectic colors to use when I want to add a spark to my look!

Lastly, Hell in a Hanbag, created by OriginalNajeema, is the blog I think is most close to Southern Girl, in the sense that we write about various topics.  The great thing is that we rarely discuss the same thing.  And on the rare event that we do, our takes and writing styles are completely different.  “Race, Class, and the Dollar” discusses the issues regarding Antoine Dodson and the attention he’s received due to a tragedy in the home.   As only she can do, Najeema provides her witty commentary to what has become a pop culture phenom.

I know you guys have favorite posts, so please share them.  We all need some things to read to make us laugh, help us with our style, and to make us think.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!