And People Wonder Why…

Most of my Facebook friends have already commented on this, but I’ll go ahead and piggy back off of them (If you are one of my linesisters, you know how much we detest that phrase.)  Rachel Jeantel is a 19 year old girl.  Yet, people have been tearing her down.  Some have taken it upon themselves to think “Today’s youth are a mess” and “Why does she sound like that?” and “Why doesnt’ she speak up” and “What’s with the attitude?”.  She may not be the brightest student or the most articulate person or whatever else mean thing you may think about her.  But at the end of the day, she’s a human being.  She’s a young girl that has to deal with the loss of a really good friend.  And she has to deal with a defense attorney that was annoying (to her).  She may not understand the gravity of the situation she’s in.  She may not understand how important her testimony is.  Is that her fault?  Maybe, maybe not.  But if the WORLD is treating her with such disdain and talking about her, no wonder she didn’t want to come forward or want anyone to know her identity.  You people are vicious.  And without a heart.  It’s no wonder our young women have self-esteem issues.  Because instead of offering to help her or find someone to help her, you ridicule and joke and make fun of her.

Focus on the facts.  She stated that when she was on the phone with Trayvon, he stated someone was following him and that he was going to try to lose him.  THAT’S what’s important about what she said on that stand.

I don’t think I need to say much else.  But I felt compelled to write this after seeing a photo posted of Ms. Jeantel comparing her to a not-so-nice and not-so-attractive movie character.  You may get a chuckle and your friends may find it hilarious that you’re making jokes about this person.  But at the end of the day, is it worth this young girl’s (or a young girl that looks like her or sounds like her) self-esteem and self-worth???  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.

Elle’s Lemon Squeeze

A lot of things have been occurring, in my life and in the world in general.   Some good, some bad, some ok…So, I’ll share with you guys my thoughts on some things that have been going on.  Feel free to share your comments as well!

North West… Congrats to Kim and Kanye, but I am SO upset they named this baby North…like really.  I know I’m not a parent and they can name their baby anything they want but sheesh!  We can just add this to the list of weird baby names like Apple, CoCo, and Blue Ivy.

Not to excuse her behavior, but Paula Deen is a woman of a certain age that is from the South.  Kudos to her for being honest, but boo to her for all of the nonsense that she wanted her employees to engage in.  This is a prime example of people that have lost their minds.  And don’t be confused-just because I understand the era in which she grew up does not mean I condone her behavior.  Let this be a lesson to EVERYONE that racist behavior is not cool, not appreciated, and not right.  And Black people must realize that we must take some responsibility as well.  We need to stop referring to each other as the “n” word, stop referring to women as b*thces and h*es, and just have respect for each other in general.  It’s amazing that we don’t get upset when we disrespect each other but get up in arms when a non-Black does us wrong.

And speaking of the South, let’s discuss the SCOTUS’ decision regarding Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  So they justices decided to put the decision back on the hands of Congress to update the language, which apparently they stated they would do in 2006.  This is just another reason that shows be careful of who you elect as your Senator and Representative in state elections.  Most times, the decisions they make are more important and more impactful than the ones made by the President.

George Zimmerman’s trial started this week.  The only thing I’ll say (at least until the trial is over) is that you have an unarmed teenager that was pursued by an armed grown man.  Even if Trayvon Martin was the aggressor, I understand why.  I would be too, if someone were chasing me.  At the end of the day, Zimmerman decided to ignore the instructions from the 911 operator and chased this kid down.  And not only did he continue to follow him in his car, he got out of his car and ran him down on foot, with his gun in his waistband.  To me, this just means he (Zimmerman) was looking to pick a fight that night.

In recent months, the men that I have encountered/dated have left a LOT to be desired.  At first, I thought something was wrong with me, since I am the common denominator.  I have since changed my thinking and realized it just happens to be the duds that I meet.  So, I toyed around with the idea of asking select friends to play matchmaker…AND even bringing the matchmaking idea to my blog.  But the more I think about it, the more I’m going to be a little more patient.  I may bring it here-I may not.  I may take it to my friends-I may not.  But as of right now, I’ll wait it out.

I just came back from my summer vacation, and I’m kinda sad to go back to work today. 😦  But at least next week is a short work week as well!

That’s all I’ve got for now.  Feel free to comment on anything I haven’t shared.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

I Guess This IS Real Life

If you weren’t aware, I’m originally from South Carolina, born and raised, on the playground is where I spent most of days… (Sorry, I got a little carried away.)  I loved growing up in South Carolina.  Even though it’s not the Deep South, it’s still the South, and you encounter a few folks that remind you it’s still the South, but for the most part, I had no issues growing up.  Unfortunately, just like there are people from EVERY state that do crazy things, I’m not too happy of some of the activities from people in my home state.  I love SC fiercely, but sometimes things happen that I just don’t understand and make me lower my Palmetto Flag just a little.  I’ve already discussed the representative that shouted at President Obama during his first State of the Union address, yet I’ve never mentioned former governor Mark Sanford.

Mark Sanford was governor from 2003-2011.  He was married and has 4 boys.  In June 2009, after telling his staff he was going camping, the governor disappeared.  Like he wasn’t answering phone calls from staff and didn’t call his boys on Father’s Day disappeared.  NO ONE could get in touch with him.  He was missing for a total of 6 days.  I distinctly remember telling my co-workers, former military men, that he was with a woman.  They looked at me like I was crazy.  A few days later, it came out the governor was in Argentina with his mistress.  It also came out that Sanford used state funds to visit the other woman.  The fallout included the governor stepping down from his presidential role of the Republican Governors Association, but he had no desire to step down from his gubernatorial post.  His wife left him and their divorce was final the next year.  He is currently engaged to his former mistress.  And he was just (re-)elected to the US House of Representatives in a special election earlier this week.

I say all of this to say I might be wrong.  If you remember my post from last week, I stated that the latest episode of “Scandal” was not real life.  Apparently you can have an affair for years, lie about your whereabouts for a week, admit to using state funds to pay for your adulteress excursions, divorce your wife, run for re-election, and win.  So maybe mistresses and adulterers stay winning after all.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.

Don’t Forget the Girls

Thanks to the homey Pretty Brown Girl for allowing me to see the bigger picture and for inspiring this post.

I’m sure most of you have heard the name Charles Ramsey.  He’s done countless interviews for being a hero.  And I know you’ve heard of Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight, and Gina DeJesus.  Oh, you haven’t??? Well, those are the three women that Mr. Ramsey saved, and they have been held captive for 10 years.  These women endured such horrors that I could never imagine.  And all have lived to be reunited with their families.  I do feel for Amanda Berry.  Her mother died in 2006, believing her daughter was dead.

Yesterday morning, a co-worker came up to me and asked if I had seen the interview with Mr. Ramsey.  When I had no clue to what he was referring, he gave me a brief update of the story and strongly suggested I see the video with this man.  Not because he was so eloquent or poised or looked nice.  Or because he felt that I should know about the three women that were rescued.  But because Mr. Ramsey could be viewed as a non-desirable.  Most people having been talking about Mr. Ramsey, from his appearance to his speech to his being a hero.  And while most of us have been focused on him, who is focusing on the victims? Has anyone offered to give them counseling?  Or an education?  Or a home?  Or any resources that they will need after being held captive and being abused for so long?

In short, we need to do better.  Sure, Mr. Ramsey was in the right place at the right time and risked his life to save others.  But let’s not forget these women who completely lost their innocence.  Let’s not forget these women who have been traumatized and victimized and abused for 10+ years.  Let’s not forget that they will need help in order to function as loving, healthy adults.  Don’t forget the girls.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.

Links of the Week

Today’s post is similar to “This Week in the News” but slightly different.  This may not necessarily be “news” moreso than just interesting information that I wanted to share.

First, Michelle in Training, a non-profit started by my friend kat calvin and where yours truly serves as the Public Relations and Marketing Chair, was featured in the Washington Post after we participated in Defining Young Black Philanthropy.  I plan on writing a post in the near future on how we (young professionals) can give back, even if we don’t have 6 zeros in the bank.

I’ve alluded to the fact that I’m a natural girl on this blog a time or two (for those of you that do not know me IRL).  I came across this article on Curly Nikki and thought it was worthy of sharing with my readers.  I’m glad Stephanie received the support from her job to transition to being natural; this story can assist women that are struggling with making the decision to stop getting relaxers rest a little easier and feel comfortable making that decision.  I think I inspired a few of my cousins to go natural after I made the transition as a number of them stopped getting perms.  (I could be totally wrong, but I think I may be right. :))

To ensure that you know what’s going in your backyard, you should be well aware of the fact that the Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments on Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  You should also know the facts surrounding the impending sequester.  As someone that knows people that will be affected, I hope there is a resolution SOON!  Never fret-not all news from DC is bad news.  Yesterday, the statue of civil rights icon Rosa Parks was unveiled at the U.S. Capitol.

Some new websites/apps that you should check out include “Around the Way“, an app that will assist you in locating a local black business.  You should also check out Blerdology, a site made especially for the black tech community filled with news, events, and feature stories.

That’s all I’ve got for today.  Feel free to share a story that I missed.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

Today’s Black History Month Fact: In 1879, Southern Blacks left economic and political exploitation in what is known as the Exodus of 1879.  This was the first migration of Blacks following the Civil War, and Exodusters settled in Kansas, Colorado, and Oklahoma.

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