It’s Just Me…K.B.

So today we have a guest blogger….well writer.  She’s one of my FAVORITE people and will be sharing periodic posts with you all!  So, without further adieu, let me introduce K.B.!!!

Please think of me as Elle’s arch nemesis. No, I’m just kidding. I’m actually Elle’s “Half” and no, we are not twins. You will see where the “half/double” language comes in at a later time. Elle blessed me to be able to embark upon a new season in my life and using her blog to do so. I’ve been instructed, with love, to introduce myself. Here goes…

Much like Elle, I also hale from the South, and now living in the City of Brotherly Love (aka Kiladelphia but that’s another story). I ended up in the city by picking it on the map with the desire for 4 seasons, no family or friends there, and saying “Hey, you only live once!” (Side Bar: I have a little problem with being 33 years old and saying YOLO but maybe I will conform one day). I attended one of the greatest universities in the world, Florida A&M University, located in Tallahassee, FL as a 2nd generation Rattler, where I had the pleasure of meeting Elle well over 10 years ago. I am a clinical pharmacist, and I specialize in the area of psychiatry but I promise not to talk medications as I try to keep that to my day life only…unless you have a dying question you need more clarification on. I must give the standard “no suing” talk and say the views and thoughts I express via this channel are not the thoughts of my employer, before we go any further. It’s all love.

I essentially came from a home of educators and grew up with a passion for reading and following behind my older sister, all of whom I love so much. I’ve always been an avid reader and a member of the coolest book club in my city where we cook or eat at restaurants that are themed around the book we are reading, and wine is a must at every gathering! So I love wine, vegetarian dishes (I’m not a full time vegetarian), stopped eating pork once I moved to the city, and have a very large depiction of a slave ship and the map of the triangular trade tattooed on my back but we will get into those interesting discussions at a later date as well. I wrote my first published medical article in February 2015, which I am completely excited about.

While our stories in life may be different, I’m sure we will all have some commonalities to share. Life gives us lessons in different ways. I believe in voicing those opinions while remaining respectful. I think healthy dialogue brings about change and growth. If you stay in one space, you can cut your blessings that may be waiting for you. I hope you take this journey as I guest write for Elle, as I may challenge some of the things she says and use the platform to say what is on my mind about a host of other topics affecting the world today. I hope to bring you some discussion on the current happenings and drop a little history lesson here and there on the things I find the most interesting. A great example would be how people told you at some point you would sound like your mother or father and sure enough, you start to see their little ways creep up on you like reciting the famous “Don’t rush growing up. Enjoy it while you can”, as you speak to your young child who is 4 years old and “can’t wait to turn 5!” We gain all of these experiences and share them amongst our circles but being able to share to the masses has to be empowering and also a blessing for someone. I welcome you to take this journey with me as I may stumble along the way, but I’m sure I will jump back in the game. Until next time…it’s just K.B. Peace.


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