I Finally Had My Olivia Pope Moment

It’s a few hours after Fitz is shot.  Olivia returns to the White House to “handle it”.  After she talks Mellie into addressing the public, she goes to the closet of the First Couple to get a suit for her.  Once she enters, she’s sidetracked when she sees Fitz’s clothing-his suits, his jeans, his sweatshirts.  She grabs a sweatshirt, sits down, and inhales his scent.  Then…she cries.  Not too hard and not too long.  But she cries.  Then all of a sudden, she stops.  She gets up, replaces the sweatshirt, grabs Mellie’s suit, straightens her jacket, wipes her eyes, and leaves.

I cried yesterday.  Not hard.  Not long.  But I cried.  And then I wiped my eyes, washed my face, and kept it moving.

It’s hard being a woman.  Sure we look pretty, are friendly, and have things together, but it’s hard.  We have to deal with crazy things at work, possibly at home, and with our family.  It’s not easy keeping things together.  Or appearing to keep things together.  You may see us in our suit or our heels with a smile on our face, but you have no clue what’s occurring beneath the surface.

Now don’t misunderstand, it’s not a complaint or a feeling of being ungrateful.  But it’s not always easy when the life you currently have is not the life you envisioned for yourself.  Or when people don’t do right, you have to be the fixer.  Or if things start to fall apart and go awry, you have to put them together again.

It would be great if you had that support system that you could go to when things got rough or a little complicated.  And sometimes you do.  But you don’t want to be a burden or you don’t want them to worry. It would be better if things never got rough or complicated.  But that’s not realistic.  Life is experiencing the good with the bad and the easy with the difficult.  Sometimes you wonder how long this not so great season will last.

It’s hard being a woman.  It’s even harder being Superwoman.  To have the appearance that nothing phases you, that all your ducks are in a row, that you have everything together is not easy.  But some days you need to cry.  You could be sad or angry or frustrated and you don’t know what to do.  So you cry.  Not hard and not long.  Just enough to get the frustration out. Then you get up, wipe your eyes, put on your big girl panties, and keep it moving.  I’m sure Superwoman cried sometimes, too.

Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.

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Interview with Lamman Rucker

Lamman Rucker - 1

This past weekend, actor Lamman Rucker, star of the new romantic comedy “Black Coffee”, was in his hometown of Washington, DC helping promote the new release.  I had the immense pleasure of spending a few hours with Mr. Rucker after a showing of the fim.  I was able to see Mr. Rucker interact with fans, from joking around to giving autographs to posing for pictures.  He even took the time to speak with a young movie theater employee.  But he did more than speak.  Lamman took the time to share words of wisdom with and mentor this young man, who was only 19 years old.   While most stars would probably just speak to a few fans, pose for a couple of pictures, and keep it moving, Lamman took the time to spend a few moments with every.single.person. that was in line that came to see the movie.  He even spoke to a group of young people from JobCorps that saw him from across the theater.  And yes, they promised to come back the next day to see “Black Coffee”.

In the film, Rucker plays Hillman “Hill” Grant, a successful, domineering man who is intent on winning back the affections of his ex-wife.  When asked what attracted him to this project, the star stated, “It was the positive message that spoke to me.  And it was kind of fun not to play the “Nice Guy”.  It was an opportunity to create beautiful things with beautiful black people and beautiful minds with great spirits.”  Lamman was excited to work with One Village Entertainment again, having done four films with the company in the past, and Tri-Destined Studios for the first time; he has since completed another film with the company.  “I believe this (‘Black Coffee’) had the potential to be a great thing, and I’m happy with the work that everyone did.  And it seems as if the audience is pleased with the film as well.”  And he could not be more accurate.   The level of admiration and praise he received after the film was not lost on me.  Everyone that spoke to Rucker after the film had positive things to say, even some young ladies that talked to me before and after the movie.  They enjoyed the film immensely and were sort of shy about approaching Mr. Rucker.  I assured them they should just go and talk to him and that he would not turn them away, which he did not.

Seeing the “hometown love” at the theaters was not lost on me.  Nor was it lost on Lamman.  “It’s encouraging, it’s affirming.  It’s interesting what people recall and what people bring up” is what Lamman stated when asked how does it feel when coming back home.  When people recall stories, it’s interesting to see what people say about who he is and what he has done.  “So you’re not surprised to see me do what I’m doing or the way or the level that I’m doing it.  As long as people aren’t saying I’m disappointed in you and what you’re doing now…thank God that I’m not hearing that.  There are many sincere and meaningful things that people are saying.  That’s really encouraging.  It makes me very happy to hear that.”

During the course of our conversation, Lamman shared stories of how he checked a well-known rap artist on his attire- saggin pants in a corporate office-and how he approached some young men that were being blatantly loud and disrespectful to one another in a grocery store.  Lamman took a few moments to approach these young men and let them know they did not need to behave or dress in that manner.  When asked why he took that time when most people would walk away, he stated, “Because I mean it.  Because I’m sincere. And because I know it (speaking with them) works.  I use them as teachable moments that most people would shy away from.”  Lamman continued, “There are always times when we know what we should do, but instead we come up with all of these excuses why we shouldn’t, and then we don’t do it.”  Lamman has “the courage to open my mouth and my ears and my mind and my heart to take the time out to do what is right and to take advantage of the moment.  But you can’t be self-serving.  You have to be genuine.  As long as you know what you’re doing is from a pure place, then nothing but good can come from it.”

When asked where we can find him in 2014, Lamman stated he has a few movies in the can, including another romantic comedy “First Impressions”, “Love Won’t Let Me Wait” and “The Man in 3B”, based on Carl Webber’s novel, and we can find him in a television series in the fall. “I don’t know the title or who’s in it or what channel.  I haven’t gotten the job yet, but I know it’s coming!” Lamman stated with a hearty laugh.  I know I believe in speaking things into existence, and it seems as if Lamman does, too.  He is also re-launching his all natural body care line, Forplai by Lamman Rucker.  He has also re-structured his leadership for his non-profit, The Black Gents, which is working on solidifying its board during the first quarter of 2014.  “We want to do the best we can to be models of manhood, brotherhood, and fatherhood.  We want to do the best we can to educate and entertain through the arts.”   In order to make a significant impact, Lamman believes in serving as leaders for our families and communities.

As we’re wrapping up, a couple walks up to us to attend the midnight showing.  Lamman rises, greets the couple, thanks them for coming, and provides them with a signed movie poster.  The gentleman is surprised to see Lamman and thinks it’s an added bonus to see him outside of the theater.  We joke and laugh for a few minutes, and Lamman tells them he hopes they enjoy the movie.

It is so refreshing to see someone that is so well-rounded and has his hands in a lot of things to not only better himself, but, more importantly, to better our communities and those generations coming up after him.  When it comes to the things that he has planned for 2014, Lamman says, “I’m nervous as heck, but I’m excited about the possibilities.”  So are we, Lamman.

Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

Black Coffee

Last night, I had the awesome opportunity to attend an open mic sponsored by the movie “Black Coffee”, which begins its limited run in AMC theatres in Washington, DC, Baltimore, Atlanta, and Chicago.  The event was hosted by Panama Jackson from “Very Smart Brothas” and featured poets, singers, and musicians.

My girls and I went out and enjoyed ourselves.  Attendees received free cocktails and awesome gift bags with “Black Coffee” swag.  But the highlight of the evening for me was seeing (and speaking to) Lamman Rucker, who is one of the stars of the movie.  (Yes, he is tall and fine and personable! :)) Plus, he will be at AMC Hoffman tonight to greet moviegoers!

And if you don’t know what the film is about, let me tell you.  Robert, played by Darrin Henson, is fired from his dad’s company AND his girlfriend breaks up with him, all in the same day.  But, he meets the gorgeous Morgan, played by Gabrielle Dennis, and it seems as if things are going great for them.  But when you insert Robert’s ex-girlfriend and Morgan’s ex-husband who wants to reconcile, problems are sure to arise.

As someone who supports Black Cinema, I implore all of you to go see this movie.  Unfortunately, it’s only in theaters for a limited run, so make sure you go see it this weekend!  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!


The other title for this post was going to be “I Want Beyonce’s Body”.   That’s what I told a friend a while back.  I actually think I said, “I’m going to get Beyonce’s body”, to which she gave me a major side-eye. (You know who you are, and I still love you! :))  But I can understand her giving me the side-eye of life.  I have a LOT of pounds on Beyonce and attaining a body that can even compare to hers may be unreachable for the regular girl that’s already a size 8.  But for someone who is bigger than a size 8??? You know what?  This post is not about my weight-moving on…

If you’ve read my “About Elle” page, you know I love Beyonce.  I have every album she has released, including her latest “Beyonce”.  I am not ashamed to admit that the visual is currently in my DVD player and the audio has been in HEAVY rotation since I bought it Christmas weekend.  I definitely have my favorites, including “Superpower”, “Mine”, “Flawless”, and the bonus video “Grown Woman”.  But the video that keeps me the most mesmerized is “Yonce/Partition”.

We all know that Beyonce has sex appeal.  And I don’t know what it is about that darn video-the wadrobe, the movements, or just the song itself-but I can never turn away.  I’ve thought of the scenario in my head.  The woman has rented out this club, got some costumes, and gathered up a few of her girls to put on a show for her man.  Then, when the show’s over, they (the woman and her man) go home.  And I want to do that.  Well, minus asking my friends-I wouldn’t want my man to fantasize about them every time we did couple stuff.  But when I do get into a relationship, I want to put on a burlesque show for my dude, complete with costumes, make-up, lighting, the works!  And I want to do it to “Partition”.  Really, I could come up with a couple of dances to a couple of Beyonce songs.  And have my man swooning.  I want to be his fantasy come to life.  But I need to get her body.  And a man.

Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.