Everything’s Coming Up Mellie

Yes, this post is about a week late (don’t judge me).  I was so focused on “The Best Man Holiday”, not to mention the fact that I had already decided that I wasn’t going to post about “Scandal” because I have been less than impressed with the episodes so far this season.  But Shonda & Co. made up for my lackluster interest during last week’s episode!  So let’s dive right in!

First, I kept trying to tell you all I don’t like Quinn, and I think you finally see why.  AND I called it-Charlie and Eli/Rowan/Byron Douglas were trying to turn her into B613.  And because she’s naive and tries too hard, she totally missed the fact that Charlie was playing her and NOW she’s a part of B613.  Huck can’t save you now, girl!!!

Cyrus and Mellie are beyond devious!  So Daniel Douglas, VP Sally Langston’s husband is possibly on the down low.  Ten dollars says that they are going to try to use James to seduce Daniel Douglas.  And they will probably use the angle that James has recently lost his job and his uncovering of this scandal could be the break his journalistic self needs to possibly get his job back.

So Maya Lewis LIVES!!!!!!!!!  I’m not surprised.  I think Omar Dresden is a made up person, Eli/Rowan/Byron Douglas is the federal agent that took “Omar” off the plane, and CLEARLY “Omar” was created so Maya could get off the plane without anyone knowing she survived.  She may very well be a domestic terrorist, the type of person that B613 was created to get rid of.  And maybe Eli/Rowan/Byron Douglas couldn’t allow his wife to be killed, so he saved her instead.  He had to get rid of her (and sent Olivia to boarding school) so he could stay/become a part of B613.

I understand Mellie SO much better now!  Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III will NEVER understand the sacrifices she made for him to get to where he is!  Big Gerry was a BIG BULLY!  And it appears that Liv and Fitz have daddy issues; maybe that’s another reason why they bonded so well.  To anyone that may be questioning, no rape victim EVER “asks for it”, “encourages it”, or “seeks” to be attacked.  Yes, this is fictional television, but to anyone that is insensitve, rape or any kind of attack has nothing to do with the victim; it has to do with the perpetrator.  There are probably women in real life that relate to Mellie more than we will ever know.  One cannot say what they would do if they were in that situation unless they actually lived it.  Mellie kept quiet because she wanted to protect her husband, whom she loved…and still loves.  And their oldest son, Fitzgerald IV, may not be Fitz’s…I wonder if that will ever come out.  I am glad that Fitz stood up for Mellie in the interview; it was about time he started treating her like a human being and like his wife, in spite of the fact he may not be in love with her anymore.

With Episode 7, this entire season has been redeemed.  There are only 2 episodes left until the Winter Finale.   I’m excited to see tomorrow’s episode.  Most importantly Quinn’s foray into the dark side and Maya and Eli/Rowan/Byron Douglas’ relationship.  What are your thoughts from last week’s episode?  What are some of the things you think will come out in the next few episodes?  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

P.S. So I COMPLETELY forgot to mention that Fitz now knows that Eli/Rowan/Byron Douglas is Olivia’s dad!!!!  When Liv mentioned Rowan’s name during her call to Fitz, she didn’t respond when he asked her how she knew about the head of B613.  I can’t wait to see what Fitz does now that he knows about their connection!

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