14 Years in the Making

It’s December of 1999.  A 17 year old high school senior goes to the movies to see “The Best Man”.  She LOVES the movie.  She thinks it’s great.  She laughed. She was shocked!  And she thinks the acting was great.  She has her favorite characters and wonders if she will grow to be a writer like Harper, sharp tongued and no-nonsense like Jordan, or if she’ll stay as sweet and innocent as Mia (appears to be).  As she has done with each event she has attended since August, she saves the ticket stub to commemorate one more thing she has done during her senior year and adds it to her Senior Book.  As she gets older, she will eventually purchase the VHS of “The Best Man”, and during her senior year of college, she and her BFF/roommate watch this movie NO LESS than once a week…and quote each line of said movie.  As more time passes, she does away with the VHS and upgrades to owning a DVD.  And during her BFF’s wedding weekend, “The Best Man” is the movie of choice during mani/pedi time; and yes, they are still quoting lines 5 years later.

Now, it’s the fall of 2011.  It is announced that a sequal to “The Best Man” is being made-and the ENTIRE original cast has signed on.  This 17 year old girl is now a grown woman.  And she is SUPER excited to hear this news.  Now she will get to see if Lance and Mia stayed married, if Harper and Robin get married, and if Jordan ever finds someone she wants to marry.  What becomes of Murch and Candy?  And do Quentin and Shelby become a couple???  A year and a half passes, and a release date is announced for “The Best Man Holiday”.  As the date quickly approaches, the cast is seen everywhere, they are doing radio interviews, and the commercials for the movie put a smile on her face each time she hears Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” and sees the four male stars entertaining their women by pretending to be New Edition.  (A LOT of resources have been put into this movie; so much so that she hopes that people will still spend their money to go see it.)  She has already decided she is going to see this movie opening weekend, even if she has to go by herself.  (She believes in supporting quality black cinema.)  Not to mention the New Potential stated that since he doesn’t share her same enthusiasm for the film, he probably shouldn’t go with her to see it.  -_-  The great thing is that she doesn’t have to go solo, because she and a girlfriend, who is just as hype as she is about seeing this movie, decided to go together and have purchased advance tickets. (She hasn’t known this friend long, but the more she finds out about her she thinks they may just be kindred spirits.)  One thing that does not escape her about this movie is that out of all of the people that have been to an advanced screening, NO ONE has said a negative thing about this film.  From men to women to people who didn’t care for the first one, all bloggers and Facebook sharers have said that there is something for everyone in this movie.  This little tidbit is not lost on her, even though she would probably love it no matter what anyone says.  And before she’s seen the movie, she’s already decided it’s going to be added to her DVD collection to join its predecessor.

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