Nothing is Getting Resolved

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. And it’s been an even longer while since I’ve posted on a consistent basis. I guess that’s what happens when you get older, things that you did on a regular basis change.  I do have a ton of things to share my own little commentary on, like Jordan Davis and Michael Dunn, these people who think dressing up as murder victims and painting their face to look like other races is a great idea for a Halloween costume, and even what’s going on politically.  But today’s post is going to be about “Scandal”.  I mean, it’s Friday; what else did you expect?

All of my friends, IRL and on Facebook, even you guys, know I am a “Scandal” fanatic.  (I’m sure I’ve posted that a time or two as well.)  Anywho, I have been totally underwhelmed this season.  Except with Episode 2 “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”.  (I actually might re-watch that this weekend.)  One of my co-workers thinks my expectations are too hight; I told him it was Shonda’s fault.  She should not have set it up that way.  My take-aways from “Scandal” have been minimal this season.  After each episode, when at least ONE thing should be tied up and resolved, I have more questions.

We can start with Quinn.  When she called out Liv for her affair with Fitz, I wanted somebody to kick her in her throat; she’s becoming SO disrespectful!  And the fact that Charlie, the man who taught Huck everything he knows, has sunk his claws into her will only lead to some mess.  And I should not have been surprised that Eli/Rowan/Byron Douglas was involved.  But the main question is WHY is he trying to turn Quinn into B613?  To replace girl Kate???

Speaking of Eli/Rowan/Byron Douglas, he seemed genuinely upset and sad when Maya died.  And if he didn’t make the call to take down the plane that killed her, then who did?  And, some people seem to think that Maya knew about the call to shoot the plane down, didn’t board it, and is alive somewhere.

Also, let’s talk about Harrison and this Salif business.  Yes, Liv saved him from his insider trading case, but I also think Harrison was a whistleblower and turned in old Salif.  We all did this moaning and groaning and complaining about wanting to know about Harrison’s background; well it’s about to come full force in a mighty way!  But I don’t want Harrison to get hurt…

In short, I need to know about Operation Remington, I need Fitz and Cy to figure out that Eli/Rowan/Byron Douglas is Olivia’s daddy, I need Quinn to sit down somewhere, and I need Cy and ‘nem to figure out that Sally is setting them up for failure and is about to go rogue on the White House.

Thank goodness my friend KK came over last night to watch “Scandal” with me, because I was SURELY about to be knocked out around 9:30; but this time I was going to set my alarm to go off so I wouldn’t miss my show.  I tried to get Southern Dad to watch “Scandal” (like Southern Mom), but he could just not get into it.  And I kept wondering why.  Now I think I know.  If my very first introduction to “Scandal” was this season, I would probably be psuedo-bored and not interested, too.  I mean, the show has great moments, but I remember being on the edge of my seat for 60 minutes, 70-75 if you include the minutes I had to slow my heart rate down and get my life together after it went off.  Hopefully the remaining 4 episodes before the Winter Finale will take us back to the “Scandal” of old.  Because now, it’s not the same.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.

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