Everything’s Coming Up Mellie

Yes, this post is about a week late (don’t judge me).  I was so focused on “The Best Man Holiday”, not to mention the fact that I had already decided that I wasn’t going to post about “Scandal” because I have been less than impressed with the episodes so far this season.  But Shonda & Co. made up for my lackluster interest during last week’s episode!  So let’s dive right in!

First, I kept trying to tell you all I don’t like Quinn, and I think you finally see why.  AND I called it-Charlie and Eli/Rowan/Byron Douglas were trying to turn her into B613.  And because she’s naive and tries too hard, she totally missed the fact that Charlie was playing her and NOW she’s a part of B613.  Huck can’t save you now, girl!!!

Cyrus and Mellie are beyond devious!  So Daniel Douglas, VP Sally Langston’s husband is possibly on the down low.  Ten dollars says that they are going to try to use James to seduce Daniel Douglas.  And they will probably use the angle that James has recently lost his job and his uncovering of this scandal could be the break his journalistic self needs to possibly get his job back.

So Maya Lewis LIVES!!!!!!!!!  I’m not surprised.  I think Omar Dresden is a made up person, Eli/Rowan/Byron Douglas is the federal agent that took “Omar” off the plane, and CLEARLY “Omar” was created so Maya could get off the plane without anyone knowing she survived.  She may very well be a domestic terrorist, the type of person that B613 was created to get rid of.  And maybe Eli/Rowan/Byron Douglas couldn’t allow his wife to be killed, so he saved her instead.  He had to get rid of her (and sent Olivia to boarding school) so he could stay/become a part of B613.

I understand Mellie SO much better now!  Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III will NEVER understand the sacrifices she made for him to get to where he is!  Big Gerry was a BIG BULLY!  And it appears that Liv and Fitz have daddy issues; maybe that’s another reason why they bonded so well.  To anyone that may be questioning, no rape victim EVER “asks for it”, “encourages it”, or “seeks” to be attacked.  Yes, this is fictional television, but to anyone that is insensitve, rape or any kind of attack has nothing to do with the victim; it has to do with the perpetrator.  There are probably women in real life that relate to Mellie more than we will ever know.  One cannot say what they would do if they were in that situation unless they actually lived it.  Mellie kept quiet because she wanted to protect her husband, whom she loved…and still loves.  And their oldest son, Fitzgerald IV, may not be Fitz’s…I wonder if that will ever come out.  I am glad that Fitz stood up for Mellie in the interview; it was about time he started treating her like a human being and like his wife, in spite of the fact he may not be in love with her anymore.

With Episode 7, this entire season has been redeemed.  There are only 2 episodes left until the Winter Finale.   I’m excited to see tomorrow’s episode.  Most importantly Quinn’s foray into the dark side and Maya and Eli/Rowan/Byron Douglas’ relationship.  What are your thoughts from last week’s episode?  What are some of the things you think will come out in the next few episodes?  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

P.S. So I COMPLETELY forgot to mention that Fitz now knows that Eli/Rowan/Byron Douglas is Olivia’s dad!!!!  When Liv mentioned Rowan’s name during her call to Fitz, she didn’t respond when he asked her how she knew about the head of B613.  I can’t wait to see what Fitz does now that he knows about their connection!

No, “Love Jones” Does NOT Need A Sequel

“The Best Man Holiday” far exceeded expectations coming in No. 2 during its opening weekend earning just over $30 million.  This post will NOT be a review of the movie, as I told my Facebook friends that I would give them one week (until November 23) to see the movie before I posted about it.  So if you haven’t seen it, you can keep reading as there are no spoilers. 🙂

TBMH was an excellent movie.  Probably exceptional.   I was happy to see the growth and depth of each character.  And I can’t remember ANY movie causing me to feel every emotion imaginable.  And judging from others’ comments, I don’t think I am the only person that feels that way.  Black moviegoers have been trying to tell Hollywood for YEARS that we would like to see us in much more diverse roles.  We’re more than servants or sidekicks or sex kittens.  We are people who have our own stories of triumph and of fears to share…without being in someone else’s shadow.  And if “The Best Man Holiday” didn’t teach us anything else, it taught us that Black people have more than one story to tell.

Some people may think that with the success of a sequel 14 years in the making that most of our beloved movies from the late 1990s/early 2000s deserve a sequel so that we can see what happened to Darius and Nina from “Love Jones”, Sidney and Andre from “Brown Sugar” or Quincy and Monica from “Love and Basketball”.  Well, let me tell you a secret-we don’t.  We don’t even need a Part 3 to “The Best Man”.  Although “Bad Boys 2” came out almost 10 years after the original and did fairly well in the box office, it really wasn’t necessary.  And even though I thorougly enjoyed “Think Like A Man”, “Think Like a Man Too” is overkill.

For the next 3-5 years, we do not need to see an influx of sequels of movies with Blacks as the main characters for moviegoers to see in the theatres.  We need new and different stories to be told.  For example, former NFL player and current director/writer/producer Matthew Cherry is currently working on his next film “Game Time Decision”, which focuses on the decisions and possible consequences, good and bad, that need to be made when players enter into the NFL.

So, let’s not only challenge ourselves; let’s challenge Hollywood to make new movies that tell our story.  We don’t live our lives in circles, so why should we see our movies that way?  We are constantly changing and evolving and growing.  And it’s up to us to dare Hollywood to the do the same.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.

14 Years in the Making

It’s December of 1999.  A 17 year old high school senior goes to the movies to see “The Best Man”.  She LOVES the movie.  She thinks it’s great.  She laughed. She was shocked!  And she thinks the acting was great.  She has her favorite characters and wonders if she will grow to be a writer like Harper, sharp tongued and no-nonsense like Jordan, or if she’ll stay as sweet and innocent as Mia (appears to be).  As she has done with each event she has attended since August, she saves the ticket stub to commemorate one more thing she has done during her senior year and adds it to her Senior Book.  As she gets older, she will eventually purchase the VHS of “The Best Man”, and during her senior year of college, she and her BFF/roommate watch this movie NO LESS than once a week…and quote each line of said movie.  As more time passes, she does away with the VHS and upgrades to owning a DVD.  And during her BFF’s wedding weekend, “The Best Man” is the movie of choice during mani/pedi time; and yes, they are still quoting lines 5 years later.

Now, it’s the fall of 2011.  It is announced that a sequal to “The Best Man” is being made-and the ENTIRE original cast has signed on.  This 17 year old girl is now a grown woman.  And she is SUPER excited to hear this news.  Now she will get to see if Lance and Mia stayed married, if Harper and Robin get married, and if Jordan ever finds someone she wants to marry.  What becomes of Murch and Candy?  And do Quentin and Shelby become a couple???  A year and a half passes, and a release date is announced for “The Best Man Holiday”.  As the date quickly approaches, the cast is seen everywhere, they are doing radio interviews, and the commercials for the movie put a smile on her face each time she hears Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” and sees the four male stars entertaining their women by pretending to be New Edition.  (A LOT of resources have been put into this movie; so much so that she hopes that people will still spend their money to go see it.)  She has already decided she is going to see this movie opening weekend, even if she has to go by herself.  (She believes in supporting quality black cinema.)  Not to mention the New Potential stated that since he doesn’t share her same enthusiasm for the film, he probably shouldn’t go with her to see it.  -_-  The great thing is that she doesn’t have to go solo, because she and a girlfriend, who is just as hype as she is about seeing this movie, decided to go together and have purchased advance tickets. (She hasn’t known this friend long, but the more she finds out about her she thinks they may just be kindred spirits.)  One thing that does not escape her about this movie is that out of all of the people that have been to an advanced screening, NO ONE has said a negative thing about this film.  From men to women to people who didn’t care for the first one, all bloggers and Facebook sharers have said that there is something for everyone in this movie.  This little tidbit is not lost on her, even though she would probably love it no matter what anyone says.  And before she’s seen the movie, she’s already decided it’s going to be added to her DVD collection to join its predecessor.

Let Me Tell You About Jordan and Michael

In recent weeks, innocent Black people have been killed at the hands of others who had no real provocation to shoot them.  (Think my fellow FAMU Rattler Jonathan Ferrell and Renisha McBride.)  Last November, at a Gate gas station in Jacksonville, FL 17 year-old Jordan Davis was shot by Michael Dunn.

The facts are there were four teenage boys riding in a Dodge Durango and getting gas one Sunday afternoon.  Michael Dunn and his girlfriend pulled up to  the pump next to them.  Dunn asked the boys to turn their music down.  The boys did not oblige.  An argument ensued. Dunn said he saw a gun. Dunn goes to his car, loads his gun, and fires 8 shots into the Durango.  He goes back to his car, drives to his hotel, has dinner, goes to sleep, and drives back to his home in south Florida.  (Dunn was in Jacksonville to attend his son’s wedding.) When he arrives, police are already waiting to arrest him.  Two of those eight shots hit Jordan Davis and killed him.  No one else was hit.

When Dunn was shooting at the teenagers, the driver of the Durango drove away to escape the shots.  He then turned back into the gas station to get help for his friend.  Police searched the area surrounding the station.  No gun, or any type of weapon that resembled a gun, was found around the scene of the crime.  Thanks to the quick thinking of witnesses, one wrote down Michael Dunn’s license plate number; that’s why police were waiting on him when he got home.

Dunn said he was scared and afraid that more “thugs” were coming after him in a second car, and that’s why he fled the scene.  My thinking is, if he was REALLY and TRULY scared, why didn’t he call the police?  He could have easily left the scene, called police, and agreed to meet them somewhere away from the gas station to report what happened.  I just find it hard to believe that if he felt as if he was really defending himself, why did he run?  In my experience, people who run and hide are usually guilty of something.

Michael Dunn’s trial date has been set to start on February 3, 2014.  I truly hope that justice is served for the young Mr. Davis.  I’m writing this because a wrong has been done.  A young life was senselessly and violently taken.  And I’m writing this to make sure you all are aware.  Don’t think for one moment that this does not affect you because you did not know Jordan or you don’t know Michael or you don’t live in Jacksonville.  This affects all of us, because what we don’t realize is that if we do not stand up when wrongs occur, it could give someone else in our own backyard the idea to do the same thing.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.

P.S. This is a wonderfully written article regarding this crime.  I hope you all will read it.

Nothing is Getting Resolved

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. And it’s been an even longer while since I’ve posted on a consistent basis. I guess that’s what happens when you get older, things that you did on a regular basis change.  I do have a ton of things to share my own little commentary on, like Jordan Davis and Michael Dunn, these people who think dressing up as murder victims and painting their face to look like other races is a great idea for a Halloween costume, and even what’s going on politically.  But today’s post is going to be about “Scandal”.  I mean, it’s Friday; what else did you expect?

All of my friends, IRL and on Facebook, even you guys, know I am a “Scandal” fanatic.  (I’m sure I’ve posted that a time or two as well.)  Anywho, I have been totally underwhelmed this season.  Except with Episode 2 “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”.  (I actually might re-watch that this weekend.)  One of my co-workers thinks my expectations are too hight; I told him it was Shonda’s fault.  She should not have set it up that way.  My take-aways from “Scandal” have been minimal this season.  After each episode, when at least ONE thing should be tied up and resolved, I have more questions.

We can start with Quinn.  When she called out Liv for her affair with Fitz, I wanted somebody to kick her in her throat; she’s becoming SO disrespectful!  And the fact that Charlie, the man who taught Huck everything he knows, has sunk his claws into her will only lead to some mess.  And I should not have been surprised that Eli/Rowan/Byron Douglas was involved.  But the main question is WHY is he trying to turn Quinn into B613?  To replace girl Kate???

Speaking of Eli/Rowan/Byron Douglas, he seemed genuinely upset and sad when Maya died.  And if he didn’t make the call to take down the plane that killed her, then who did?  And, some people seem to think that Maya knew about the call to shoot the plane down, didn’t board it, and is alive somewhere.

Also, let’s talk about Harrison and this Salif business.  Yes, Liv saved him from his insider trading case, but I also think Harrison was a whistleblower and turned in old Salif.  We all did this moaning and groaning and complaining about wanting to know about Harrison’s background; well it’s about to come full force in a mighty way!  But I don’t want Harrison to get hurt…

In short, I need to know about Operation Remington, I need Fitz and Cy to figure out that Eli/Rowan/Byron Douglas is Olivia’s daddy, I need Quinn to sit down somewhere, and I need Cy and ‘nem to figure out that Sally is setting them up for failure and is about to go rogue on the White House.

Thank goodness my friend KK came over last night to watch “Scandal” with me, because I was SURELY about to be knocked out around 9:30; but this time I was going to set my alarm to go off so I wouldn’t miss my show.  I tried to get Southern Dad to watch “Scandal” (like Southern Mom), but he could just not get into it.  And I kept wondering why.  Now I think I know.  If my very first introduction to “Scandal” was this season, I would probably be psuedo-bored and not interested, too.  I mean, the show has great moments, but I remember being on the edge of my seat for 60 minutes, 70-75 if you include the minutes I had to slow my heart rate down and get my life together after it went off.  Hopefully the remaining 4 episodes before the Winter Finale will take us back to the “Scandal” of old.  Because now, it’s not the same.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.