I Don’t Want to Be Here Forever

A few months ago, I found this AMAZING blog.  It was well-written, funny, and engaging.  And I could totally relate to the author.  She was a single woman with no children.  She has a job she loves.  She lives in a major city.  She is enjoying living her life.

But she also has a plethora of friends, some of whom are married.  And at times she hangs out with those friends.  And their married friends.  In one post, she mentioned that she has had friendships come to an end due to the girlfriend/wife not feeling comfortable with her friendship with the boyfriend/husband.  Although nothing ever happened between them and there is no attraction between the two.  (Think TyAnthony and me.) And even with the friends of friends-sometimes the wives think she may want their husbands.  I mean, she IS a single woman, which means she’s probably always looking.  Even if she’s with a group of married people. (I hope you noted my sarcasm.)

But, there are some instances where she and a friend make jokes about “sharing” said friend’s husband, specifically when it comes to home improvement.  She’s like me-she’s not that handy.  And when things need to get done around the house, said friend has no problem offering her husband to come help.  The girls hang out and catch up while the husband fixes whatever needs fixing.  They laugh and joke about sharing the husband. Then the couple leaves, and she does whatever single women in large cities do.

While reading her blog, I was thinking, “OMG!!!  She’s writing my life!” (Of course with a number of exceptions.)  I was totally going to immerse myself in her blog and read every word she had ever written.  But then I realized she’s 50+.  And is not married.  And doesn’t have any children.  While I can totally relate to her now, I don’t want to be her in 20 years.  She apparently has no plans to get married or have children.  And I think that’s amazing that she chose that life.  But that’s not the life I want.  So just know I won’t be in this place forever. And whatever place you’re currently in, it’s just a pit stop on your journey through life.  Stay faithful and true and know your (our) time is coming. 🙂 Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

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