Candice is Better Than Me

The season finale of “Big Brother” was last night.  I was not a fan of any of the three finalists.  But I felt that Andy was probably the best person to win out of who was left. And I’m glad he did win.  When you think about the game of “Big Brother” and how Andy played it, he kinda did deserve to win, especially over GinaMarie.

While Julie Chen was interviewing the jury, Candice made mention that she and Aaryn have become friends.  Amanda is still hateful and probably will never change.  But after the hateful and hurtful things Aaryn said, Candice found it in her heart to try to work on a relationship with her.  Probably because Aaryn may have realized that she did and said some wrong things and was willing to work on them…or at the very least seem remorseful.

When Julie addressed the five evicted houseguests that had been watching the whole season, I LOVED Howard’s response when Julie asked him how he felt watching at home.  His response showed why I totally have a crush on him.  And why he was one of America’s Top 3 Favorite players this season.  Spencer looked like a deer in headlights when Julie asked him to respond to Howard-basically another person who made disparaging and discriminatory comments but wasn’t ready to address them head on.

I wonder what the houseguests (read Aaryn, GinaMarie, Spencer, and yes, even Amanda) thought when they went home or talked to family and found out exactly what America has been saying about them over the last 90 days.

I guess if Candice can find it in her heart to befriend someone that made SO many rude, disrespectful, and unnecessary remarks about her I guess I can learn not to hold any animosity towards her.  But I’m only human and God is not through with me yet.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

PS  Can I tell you guys that Howard was in my dreams last night???  Yeah, I need to travel to Alabama so I can meet him in person…

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