Southern Girl Fall 2013 TV Guide

To say I love television is an understatement.  If I have free time, meaning I don’t have anywhere I need to be, I can be found chilling on my couch watching television.  Reality, sitcoms, or dramas-it doesn’t make a difference.  And PLEASE do not let USA have a “Law and Order:SVU” marathon; I will never get up.  Suffice it to say, it seems as if networks have stepped their games up this year and are trying to bring us quality television.  So, without further adieu, check out some of my top picks for this upcoming season.

Reality Television

Well, the fifth season of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” has come to an end.  And while the episodes are great, it’s the reunions that we live for!  Honestly, I’m sick of this feud between the Gorgas and Guidices.  Can’t they just make up and move on???  So, I’m happy to say that my top 3 favorite reality shows (at least on Bravo) are coming back in November.  “Shahs of Sunset”, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta”, and the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” are coming back strong!  And let’s not forget “The Voice”!  I LOVE this show!  And Christina Aguilera and Cee-Lo are back!  But can we talk about cutie Adam Levine…with his goatee/mustache combo???  I always thought Adam was super cute, but that facial hair has taken him to another level.  Oh…let me get back on track. Honestly, “The Voice” is probably the best vocal competition show; it’s WAY better than “American Idol”, in my humble opinion.


So Tia Mowry’s new show “Instant Mom” premiered last night, and I totally missed it.  I’ll most likely catch it On Demand.  I’m excited to see this show, because I’ve missed Tia on “The Game” and Sheryl Lee Ralph and Michael Boatman are great actors.  Plus, the premise of the show seems really cute.  And we all need a good laugh!


So, at the prodding of some co-workers, I caught “The Blacklist” and “Hostages” this weekend.  Sad to say, but I’m not that impressed by “The Blacklist”.  While I LOVE Harry Lennix and James Spader, I couldn’t get into it.  And when I realized that I was playing on my phone during commercials AND when the show came back on, I knew something was wrong.  One thing that I knew was unbelievable and totally not true was the fact that Elizabeth (the main character) was able to be an FBI Agent and her daddy was a criminal… That never would have gotten passed the background check in real life, and it was just glossed over on the show… I’m not sure how I feel about that.  The only reason why I might continue to tune in is so I can find out who her husband really is…. “Hostages”…LOVED!!! And maybe it helped that it stars Tate Donovan, who I loved to hate in “Deception”, and my boo from “The Practice” Dylan McDermott.  This show is GREAT!!!! I was on the edge of my seat, wondering what was going to happen next!  Now after just the first episode, you’re wondering who’s good, who’s bad, and who’s working together!

“Law and Order: SVU” and “Grey’s Anatomy” had 2 hour premieres last week!  Unfortunately, I was talking to Southern Dad during the first 30-45 minutes of each show… -_- Anywho, from what I could tell, they both looked pretty good.  I will say that I personally think it’s too soon for this episode that is coming on this Wednesday on L&O:SVU.  Cybil Shepherd, who I love, is guest starring as a woman that killed a teenager; and of course, the tagline used was, “Was is self-defense or racism?”  It’s way too soon, SVU.  But I’ll watch just to see what happens.

Last, but certainly not least, is “Scandal”!!!!!  I’m surprised I didn’t spontaneously combust this summer… October 3 seemed so far away in June…and now it’s (almost) here!  I need to find out about this relationship with Olivia and her daddy, Byron Douglas.  And I need to find out who leaked the relationship between Olivia and Fitz.  And I need to find out how they are going to spin this in Fitz’s favor for the upcoming election.  I will be attending a watch party this week to tune in.  I’m not sure how this is going to go down, because you all know I need to be completely focused when I watch this show.  And I don’t particularly like having other people around because it will encourage discussion…and you guys know I love to talk.

Some honorable mentions include “The Game” and “Being Mary Jane”, which premiere in January.  Oh, and let’s not forget “The Walking Dead”, which premieres October 13!!!  I can’t wait to see how Rick and the others get The Governor!!!  I’m sure I’ve missed some other shows, so feel free to make suggestions.  They say it’s supposed to be a really cold winter in DC, so I’m sure I’ll need some good television to keep me occupied while I’m in hibernation!  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

P.S. I’m still trying to decide if I’m going to watch “Preachers of LA”.  The jury’s still out…

Candice is Better Than Me

The season finale of “Big Brother” was last night.  I was not a fan of any of the three finalists.  But I felt that Andy was probably the best person to win out of who was left. And I’m glad he did win.  When you think about the game of “Big Brother” and how Andy played it, he kinda did deserve to win, especially over GinaMarie.

While Julie Chen was interviewing the jury, Candice made mention that she and Aaryn have become friends.  Amanda is still hateful and probably will never change.  But after the hateful and hurtful things Aaryn said, Candice found it in her heart to try to work on a relationship with her.  Probably because Aaryn may have realized that she did and said some wrong things and was willing to work on them…or at the very least seem remorseful.

When Julie addressed the five evicted houseguests that had been watching the whole season, I LOVED Howard’s response when Julie asked him how he felt watching at home.  His response showed why I totally have a crush on him.  And why he was one of America’s Top 3 Favorite players this season.  Spencer looked like a deer in headlights when Julie asked him to respond to Howard-basically another person who made disparaging and discriminatory comments but wasn’t ready to address them head on.

I wonder what the houseguests (read Aaryn, GinaMarie, Spencer, and yes, even Amanda) thought when they went home or talked to family and found out exactly what America has been saying about them over the last 90 days.

I guess if Candice can find it in her heart to befriend someone that made SO many rude, disrespectful, and unnecessary remarks about her I guess I can learn not to hold any animosity towards her.  But I’m only human and God is not through with me yet.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

PS  Can I tell you guys that Howard was in my dreams last night???  Yeah, I need to travel to Alabama so I can meet him in person…

Interview with An Author – R. Bryant

I went to the best university in the world.  My classmates are some of the most awesomely talented people I know.  And I am so happy to introduce to you R. Bryant, a new author who published her first novel, Yesterday Mourning, earlier this year.  Read below to find out more about Ms. Bryant, her work, and her future plans.

Provide a synopsis of your book:

Yesterday Mourning delves into the reality of what happens to individuals and families when their expectations of one another are rarely spoken and subsequently not met. It deals with love, loss, and the fears surrounding both.

“Yvette is a forty-one year old woman devastated from losing both parents during her twenties—one to terminal disease and the other to life’s complications. Vera is the stepsister she never imagined nor wanted. When their father’s health takes a turn for the worse, both must decide if they have the strength to release yesterday’s burdens or will a childhood secret damage an already broken family.”

How long had you written it before it was published? 

There wasn’t a lot of time that passed between writing the final words and the soft launch in May. I would say about two months at the most.

Where did you get the idea of your story?

The novel is actually inspired by my life, my loss, and my regrets. Back in 2006 my mother, Vanessa, lost her short but painful battle with metastatic melanoma. The cancer is extremely rare in Blacks (lifetime risk of 0.1%) and quite fatal usually due to late detection.  Losing her was devastating for my entire family and we all went through a bit of soul searching.  Yesterday Mourning was a way for me to pay homage to my mother as well as acknowledge some of the unrealistic expectations I had for myself and others during that time in my life.

Do you have plans to write another novel?

Yes. I’m currently working on the second book in the Mourning series and I’ve already started outlines for a few more.

What has been your biggest challenge thus far?

Making sure I make the time. It’s not that I don’t have time to write or to do a lot of the activities that help build a writer’s platform, it’s being committed to it and being okay with sacrificing other things in order to see my dream materialize.

What is your favorite book?

The Alchemist. The themes in that book have had a tremendous impact to how I see the world and my life. Understanding how easy it is to go in search of treasure and become jaded, disheartened, lost, lazy, tricked, etc., only to find the treasure has been right under your nose the entire time. 

Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years regarding your writing?

Several novels, short stories, and poetry collections published along with a very popular blog. I’d also like to start a nonprofit in my hometown that provides writing workshops for young girls.

Where can your book be purchased?

Currently it’s in eBook only and available on Amazon,, B&, and iTunes. However, the printed version will be available in October! That information is hot off the press!

Where can you be found on social media?, Twitter: @Atiner, Goodreads,


Is there anything else you’d like to share with readers?

I’d like them to know how much I sincerely appreciate their time, their feedback, and their support. It humbles me to hear them tell me how much my novel moved them to tears or made them reconcile relationships that had been non-existent for decades. My readers inspire me and for that, I thank them.

Big “Thank you!” to Ms. Bryant!  And exclusively for Southern Girl in the City readers, you can purchase Yesterday Mourning for only $0.99!  But hurry, this special ends next Monday, September 23.  Visit this site and use coupon code “NT38Z”.  As an avid book reader and self-proclaimed bookworm, this is a read you do not want to miss!  And I can not wait to read future works from Ms. Bryant!  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

Are You Doing What You Love?

Today’s post- yes, it’s a tad late in the day- is another guest post by my friend Cristin Jordan. I almost feel like this post is for me. Hmmmmm….


There’s something to be said for actually doing something you enjoy. There was a time I had a mini anxiety attack every time my phone rang. I hated my job, but here’s the problem. This wasn’t my Plan B this was exactly what I went to school for and prayed about. This was what I said I wanted to do… until I actually started doing it. Tight deadlines and one murder after another started to wear on me. TV news sucks. My family got a kick out of seeing me on tv, but it’s not nearly as fun as it looks. Oh, and did I mention I had to work weekends??? And some mornings my clock went off at 3am!

But what I’ve come to realize is that it’s ok to change your mind. To transition. To walk away.  To try something different.  And why the heck would not want to grow. My friend Nadia Jones helped me to see that. She went to school a heck of a lot longer than I did, and I’m sure put in more time at the library to get her JD before deciding she wanted to change directions. As a mom blogger, and the founder of a successful conference for parent bloggers of color, she completely flipped the script, yet she’s doing something she enjoys. Can you say the same?

Think about it this way.  In Nadia’s case, or mine even, those original careers will be there in some capacity. If you take a step off your chosen path who’s to say you can’t come back to it later, if you so choose? And guess what-you may never re-visit what you thought was your first love. So was it a waste? Of course not. No matter where you are you can use the sum of your life experiences to help push you further. As a blogger, Nadia gets sponsored to write about different brands. AND I bet she doesn’t have to get a lawyer to look over those contracts. And the chick is a heck of a negotiator. As for me? Well… I can apply my make- up better than most, and on a more substantial level I have an un-paralleled understanding of how the media works, which is something that has helped me as I’ve transitioned into public relations. So go for it, figure out what you like to do, and do it. Don’t let your job get in the way!