Is The Ring Enough?

Today, we have a guest post from one of my oldest friends from Florida, Cristin Jordan.  She’s a reality tv buff, like me.  We message each other ALL the time on Facebook about various shows to share our thoughts on these crazy people we watch on television.  And it seems as if she has a little inside scoop and some thoughts about “Love and Hip-Hop” veterans Chrissy and Jim Jones. 

From what I could sniff out on various social media channels, it looks pretty good that the reality show “Chrissy and Mr. Jones” is coming back for another season. Being an old married chick myself, I love watching the dynamics of other people’s relationships play out.

For most of us ladies, it’s all about getting the ring, right? And when it comes to Chrissy, my gosh what a ring it was! Did you see it? I’m tempted to say it’s hard to describe it with just mere words. I doubt the Queen of England has anything that nice. I don’t believe you should ever stare, but the ring is worth a second, heck even a third look if you happen to pass Chrissy at the grocery store.  My inside scoop tells me that the ring is from Avianne & Co., a popular New York City jeweler that works with many celebrities, including Lil’ Wayne and Ciara. (If you haven’t checked out their jewelry before it is a must-see as their pieces are exquisite.) 

Chrissy must be a rabbit because her ring has carats for days! It’s nearly 10 carats set in 18K white solid gold. The center diamond was specially cut and imported from Israel. It took almost two weeks to make.

 So she did it. She got the ring, and it looks like she got the man.

I really wish them the best. I’m a big proponent of marriage. It’s not easy, and I hope the two of them can make it work, especially when the cameras stop rolling.

That exquisite piece of jewelry on her left hand isn’t attainable for most of us. At $140,000, it cost more than the average home in a lot of cities. But I do believe a good solid relationship is within everyone’s reach.

For starters keep the communication going and don’t ever take anything for granted, especially each other.
So Chrissy, I lift my glass and say cheers. Here’s to a life as magnificent and blinged out as those perfectly cut diamonds on your left hand.

Cristin Jordan is a freelance writer from Jacksonville, FL.  A mom, she loves rachett, or shall we say reality, tv even though even she will admit the drama goes too far. Cristin loves to travel, and when her bags aren’t packed, she’s trying to figure out how she’s going to take her next trip.


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