Oh, (Big) Brother…

I am a HUGE “Big Brother” fan.  So much so, I try to schedule my Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday evening outings around the times that it comes on. And if, by chance, I miss it, I either catch up online or watch it on On Demand. (Don’t judge me.)  I’ve written about the current season before, regarding the racist rants of Aaryn and GinaMarie.  (I SO was waiting on Julie to go IN on them when they got evicted.)  But, with seven houseguests left, these chicks are STILL in the house.  And just last week, we can add catty/nutty/rude/mean Amanda to the list of mean girls that made racist remarks to Candice.  And it’s SO funny for two reasons- 1. Just weeks earlier, she approached Aaryn about her remarks and saying how houseguests were perceiving her to be racist.  2.  After she rolled her neck and antagonized Candice, she said something akin to “Oh, I guess I’m a racist now?!?!”  Seriously, where did CBS find these people???

Helen, who is an Asian-American woman made a deal with Aaryn to keep her in the house when she should have been evicted WEEKS ago.  And last night, Aaryn won the Head of Household for the fourth time this season, the third after she made a deal with Helen.  I understand that playing “Big Brother” is a game and everyone is out to get the big prize at the end.  But is your dignity and your pride in your heritage worth $500,000?  The one thing that makes me happy is that Candice gets an opportunity to compete to win her way back into the house next Thursday.  Now, I can admit my girl Candice is not the best competitor. But I truly hope she can fight her way back into the house and get rid of one of the mean girls.

Although CBS has started showing a disclaimer after the July 7 episode that touches on how these people are filmed 24/7 and have no privacy and sometimes they make derogatory remarks and CBS does not condone such behavior, it doesn’t negate the comments and the hurt feelings that I’m sure were not only felt by Howard, Helen, and Candice.  Showing this disclaimer may be fine, well, and good, but itdoesn’t erase what people have seen.  I remember a few seasons back, one houseguest was evicted by the producers for showing violent behavior and being confrontational.  Maybe they didn’t think racists needed to be evicted.  Or as someone suggested to me, maybe they’ve kept these girls in to get ratings.  I hope that’s not true.  But I guess the dehumazing and belittling of someone is worth a few dollars and some points on the Neilsen scale… *shrugs*

What also completely boggles my mind is how Helen and Aaryn are somewhat buddy/buddy now.  Just last month, Aaryn was going in on her.  And Aaryn has proved she’s a competitor, and this chick just might make it to the Final 2…but I pray she doesn’t, because she doesn’t deserve to win.  Being mean and being a bully do not make a winner.

I know the saying “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” is real, but I could only fake the funk for so long in a situation like this.  I can honestly say I am SO disappointed with this season.  And I can truthfully say that if Aaryn does win “Big Brother”, this will most likely be the last season I watch it.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.

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