Two Weeks Until the Rest of My Life


“This isn’t a Gospel play.”  Those words were spoken by Harold Fisher, radio news host and author, when speaking of his novel turned stage play “Two Weeks Until the Rest of My Life”.  “You can probably bring a 16 year old, but definitely not a child younger than that.  This is an adult themed play that deals with adult themed situations.”

This weekend, “Two Weeks Until the Rest of My Life” makes its stage debut in Washington, DC at THEARC Theater.  On Saturday and Sunday, fans of the book will be able to see the love story they only read about play out on the stage.  When asked, Harold stated he never dreamed of turning his first novel into a play.  “I went to Buffalo (New York) to sit in with a book club that had just read the book.  After the meeting, I was contacted by an old colleague (Paulette Harris) that suggested it should be a stage play.  I had never thought of doing that.”  A few months later, Harold was notified a script had been written.  After all of the legalities were worked out, the play was set to debut in Buffalo, NY at the Paul Robeson Theater during Mother’s Day weekend of this year!  The success of the show encouraged producers to bring the play to our nation’s capital.

If you have not read the book, it is primarily set in steamy New Orleans and follows the relationship of older woman Denise and younger man Tyriq.  The story challenges everything we think that love and relationships should be.  Simply put, it addresses the choices that have to sometimes be made between career and real love.  While most of the story is the same as the book, some things had to be cut and the ending is different.  I have to admit, when I read the novel, I thought it was too young to read it! 🙂 There were definitely some intimate moments between the main characters.  Even though, when I first read the book, I was a few years younger than Denise, I could relate to her with a few different aspects.  Honestly, I think every woman can.

When asked what he wants play goers to receive from his story, he stated “Women should explore whatever options they can to find a mate.  I’m not saying they should be careless, but you just don’t know what may be out there.  Sometimes, there may be something that is unexpected.  You will find love in an unusual place.  You’re looking in the places you’ve always looked, and it’s never there.  When you live life, you will walk right into it.  You’ll find love or companionship in an unexpected place.  You just have to be ready in your heart and your head or you’ll miss it.  Love is where you find it, but not always where you’re looking for it.”  Harold stated the entire story is made up, so nothing was based on his life.  He dreamed the entire story, including characters, places, and events.  He “filled in the blanks, enchanced the story, and added texture and color.”

For those of you that have not read the book, copies will be on sale after each performance on Saturday and Sunday.  Guests will be able to meet the cast (and Harold) as well.  Harold even stated the casting that was done was great, and the original cast from Buffalo will be performing the play this weekend!

“Two Weeks Until the Rest of My Life” performances will be Saturday, July 20 at 2 pm and 7 pm (this show is sold out!) and Sunday, July 21 at 1 pm at THEARC Theater, located at 1901 Mississippi Ave SE in Washington, DC.   Tickets can be purchased online here and at THEARC’s box office.

I am so glad my friend let me switch the tables on him and conduct the interview for a change. 🙂  I hope those of you in the DC area will be able to make it out this weekend!  And make sure to look for Elle in the crowd!   Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!