Racism Still Exists

I don’t expect today’s post to be long, but I saw something last night that didn’t sit well with me.  Anyone that knows me know I LOVE “Big Brother”!  My favorite summer guilty pleasure premiered about two weeks ago, and what I missed during its regular airing, I caught up on On Demand.  During last night’s episode, I saw something that didn’t sit well with me.

The current Head of Household (for those of you that don’t watch, this person won this week’s competition and nominates two houseguests for eviction, along with getting their own private room with personalized items), Aaryn, is a 22 year old college student from Texas.  I’m not sure who mentioned it first, but numerous houseguests commented on Aaryn’s derogatory comments and behavior.  Next, clips were shown where Aaryn made disbaraging comments regarding Asians and Asian-Americans.  (Let it be noted that one of the houseguests, Helen, is Asian-American.)  And clips were shown were she and another houseguest, GinaMarie referred to another houseguest, Candice-an African-American woman-as a “darkie”.  Various houseguests, including Howard (an African-American man) and Amanda (a Caucasian woman) stated that they noticed and overheard Aaryn making comments they deemed as racist. I’m not sure why Amanda did not approach her, but Howard stated he didn’t say anything because: 1) the comments were not directed towards him and 2) he felt himself getting upset and wasn’t sure he could contain his anger.

I applaud CBS for showing these clips of Aaryn making her comments.  As one houseguest was overheard saying-“Doesn’t she realize she’s on national television???”  Maybe she didn’t care.  But her comments show that racism is alive and well in this country.  And she obviously learned this from somewhere, since she’s only 22 years old.

So the next time someone tells you racism is a thing of the past in America, kindly correct them.  Because Aaryn proved last night that it is not.  Until next time I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.