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Last night was the season finale to “Scandal”, a show that millions of people have been waiting on.  While numerous questions were answered and surprises occurred, I was underwhelmed by this episode.  One Facebook friend said my expectations were too high.  I disagree.  Two of my favorite episodes aired in December.  I can’t say that this finale was better than those episodes.

I can say the most shocking revelation is that Byron Douglas has a name.  And it’s Mr. Pope.  So not only is Byron Douglas Olivia’s daddy, he’s one evil dude.  And a rulebreaker.  He broke a major rule of B-613; he has a child.  And he must have NO conscience because he attempted to kill said child.  AND he has completely set her up for failure by outing her affair.   I do have some questions for and about Byron-were he and Olivia ever close?  Has he been “missing”?  Does Olivia know he lives in Washington?  How long has he been involved with B-613?  And is he going to try to get Huck next season? And most importantly, was he REALLY going to kill Olivia???

Thanks to Jake for saving Liv’s life and sacrificing his own.  That, to me, shows that he really cared about her.  But I still don’t believe that his only job was to sleep with her.  I wonder if we will ever find out what his true intentions were.

David Rosen- I was right; he totally was working with Billy, but he played Billy and advanced his own career.  So kudos to David for wearing the white hat and bringing Billy to justice!  I have to admit, I thought Fitz was going to announce David was going to be his running mate.  Turns out he just wanted his job back.

Quinn is slowly turning into a mini-Huck, which we all knew was going to happen.  But when she delighted in torturing Billy???  She definitely is losing herself while Huch is regaining some of his humanity back.  I wonder what Shonda & Co. are going to do with her next season…

Fitz went back to Mellie (again), Olivia decided to stay with her gladiators, and all was righted with the world.

Until Byron outed Olivia.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how this scandal plays out in season 3.  I guess I’ll have to watch re-runs until September.  Tonight, I will be on WHUR’s “The Daily Drum” discussing last night’s season finale.  Tune in to 96.3 FM or to check it out!  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

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