This is Not Real Life

Just so we’re clear, “Scandal” is a fictional television show. And the events of last night’s episode made it painfully obvious that it is a fictional show. There is no way in sam hill that anyone can walk into the Oval Office and have an arguement with the President, especially his mistress. No matter how well she is known and respected by the staff, it’s not gonna happen. And said person will not go into the Oval Office and have a yelling match with the President. But, let’s back up a step. The President will not threaten his mistress with appearing at her job. Or having Secret Service come kidnap her and bring her to him. Actually, let’s back it up even further. The President would not sit at the bedside of his mistress when she is “attacked” and has to stay in the hospital overnight. Ain’t.gonna.happen.

I know you all have probably been wondering why I haven’t blogged about “Scandal” in a while. Well, besides the fact it was off for three weeks, I didn’t feel like last week’s episode really needed my commentary. But, since we’re discussing it, I’ll give you the Cliff’s Notes version of my take aways/questions: A. I totally understand why Huck is the way he is. B. Does Byron Douglas know Huck is still alive since Charlie did not complete his mission? C. Is Charlie still working for those secret operatives? D. I was right, Cyrus is Albatross.

Now, with this craziness that was on my tv last night. While I LOVE Olivia Pope the Fixer, I can’t stand Olivia Pope the Woman. And I’m over her and Fitz. Glad to see Mellie make good on her threat. Maybe the 3rd season will be how Olivia handles her own scandal…

To the title of this post-that was my theme last night. Olivia marching into Fitz’s office and having a screaming match-not real life. Fitz showing up at Olivia’s apartment and sitting with her waiting on the demise of his marriage-not real life. So to all the “other women”, don’t get your hopes up.

On the flip side, people that get all bent out of shape about this show, read the first sentence of this post. And I guess the same can be said for people like me to who are glued to their couch every Thursday night at 10 pm EST. But I love this show for what it is-entertainment. Hate it or love it, Shonda and Co. are doing a bang-up job. Maybe the lesson in all of this is to treat the people in your life with respect, dignity, honor, and trust. Maybe that’s the take-away. Because THAT is real life. Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

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