Happy Blog-O-Versary to Me!!!

Well, I’ve been at this thing for 3 years.  Thanks to my loyal readers that have been around since the beginning.  And thank you to the new readers that continue to find me each and every day.  I hope I’ve made you laugh and think and cry and do a little self-reflection.  I appreciate your sticking around and thinking what I have to say is important.  That means a lot.  I’m just a girl from South Carolina who is a chatterbox, so I decided to start  this blog to get my thoughts out. 🙂  This week, I’m preparing an awesome post that I hope you will enjoy, based on a conversation I had with TyAnthony this weekend.  I can’t wait to see what you guys have to say.  And yes, it has to deal with dating and relationships. 🙂  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

My Life Is Crazy…

But not in a “the people around me are crazy” or “how did I get involved with this/him” way, but moreso an “everything is happening at once” crazy.  I was crowned as Ms. DC Exquisite 2013 on Sunday (YAY me!), and to say my life has not slowed down in the past 5 days would be an understatement.

So first, forgive me for not posting all week.  Hey, we’ve been through this before.  Just give me some time to re-learn my juggling act, then we’ll be back on track!  In addition to getting myself together with my new title, I’ve been helping Southern Dad with his book (more on that later), and I was presented with an AWESOME, actually three awesome, opportunity to get some experience that is going to help me in my business one day!  So that has taken up a lot of time.

After next week/first of June, we should be back to our regular schedule.  Just pray for me, ok?  I’m writing this during my short lunch break because I’m in the midst of a fire (not literally, of course).  The awesome thing is we leave early AND get a three day weekend.  I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, thank a veteran (give a hug, buy someone’s lunch, etc.), and I look forward to catching you guys up on what’s been happening in Elle’s world very soon!  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

That’s All Folks

Last night was the season finale to “Scandal”, a show that millions of people have been waiting on.  While numerous questions were answered and surprises occurred, I was underwhelmed by this episode.  One Facebook friend said my expectations were too high.  I disagree.  Two of my favorite episodes aired in December.  I can’t say that this finale was better than those episodes.

I can say the most shocking revelation is that Byron Douglas has a name.  And it’s Mr. Pope.  So not only is Byron Douglas Olivia’s daddy, he’s one evil dude.  And a rulebreaker.  He broke a major rule of B-613; he has a child.  And he must have NO conscience because he attempted to kill said child.  AND he has completely set her up for failure by outing her affair.   I do have some questions for and about Byron-were he and Olivia ever close?  Has he been “missing”?  Does Olivia know he lives in Washington?  How long has he been involved with B-613?  And is he going to try to get Huck next season? And most importantly, was he REALLY going to kill Olivia???

Thanks to Jake for saving Liv’s life and sacrificing his own.  That, to me, shows that he really cared about her.  But I still don’t believe that his only job was to sleep with her.  I wonder if we will ever find out what his true intentions were.

David Rosen- I was right; he totally was working with Billy, but he played Billy and advanced his own career.  So kudos to David for wearing the white hat and bringing Billy to justice!  I have to admit, I thought Fitz was going to announce David was going to be his running mate.  Turns out he just wanted his job back.

Quinn is slowly turning into a mini-Huck, which we all knew was going to happen.  But when she delighted in torturing Billy???  She definitely is losing herself while Huch is regaining some of his humanity back.  I wonder what Shonda & Co. are going to do with her next season…

Fitz went back to Mellie (again), Olivia decided to stay with her gladiators, and all was righted with the world.

Until Byron outed Olivia.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how this scandal plays out in season 3.  I guess I’ll have to watch re-runs until September.  Tonight, I will be on WHUR’s “The Daily Drum” discussing last night’s season finale.  Tune in to 96.3 FM or http://www.whur.com to check it out!  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

Create a Match.com Summer Singles Event and Win!!!

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To find out more information about Stir, view the video below.  And don’t delay in submitting your idea for an amazing singles event.  Your love life depends on it!  And if you’re in the DMV and you win, don’t forget to add your girl Elle to the guestlist! 😉 Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

I Think I’ve Found It!

When I first moved to DC, I was comparing everything to Jacksonville-friends/acquiantances, churches, my sorority chapters, things to do, places to go, EVERYTHING!  But I was especially hard on churches.  My home in church in Jacksonville spoiled me.  Not only was I involved with the Step Ministry, the Youth Mininstry, and the Young Adult Ministry, I knew people.  We hung out.  They were my friends.  I even had close relationships with some of the parents of the youth.  I have to admit I was a little intimidated when I moved to DC.  With everything being spread out and having so many options, I didn’t know what to do.

When I decided to stop being a baby and comparing everything to Jacksonville, I began to really consider my options and my desires for the things I needed to make this place home.  I was very specific with my desires for a church home.  I wanted to attend a Baptist church, I wanted a church IN DC-not Virginia or Maryland, I wanted to attend a church that had a weekly Bible study, and I wanted a church that had a number of ministries with which I could get involved.  I thought I found a church.  I enjoyed the message.  The people seemed nice.  It honestly reminded me of my church in Jacksonville.  And I decided to join.  But something happened.  After being told certain people would contact me to schedule my new member classes, I heard nothing.  No one called me, no one e-mailed me. And I admit, I could have easily reached out, but I didn’t want to.  It also dawned on me that eventually, this church was going to move to its permanent location in Maryland.  And yes, while I admit it may be a STUPID reason to not want to go to a church, I feel justified in my decision.  I haven’t been back to that church since.

I found another church I absolutely LOVE.  The pastor is young, there a lot of young people that attend, and they have numerous activities geared towards the young, Christian professional.  Ding ding ding!!!  But, the church has some undesirables.  First, I felt like I was in the club.  Not by the way people dressed or behaved, but because everybody and their momma attends this church.  You had to get there early to get a seat in the sanctuary.  And the parking was ridiculous.  I always had to park a number of blocks from the church, and I jacked up two pairs of heels walking the sidewalk on Sunday mornings.

Since I couldn’t find what I wanted on my own, I decided to reach out to my friends on Facebook.  I was very specific with what I requested-a Baptist church located in DC that preferably had a parking lot.  While I am FOREVER grateful for their suggestions and recommendations, nothing really stuck out to me.  So I was back to my own devices.  I especially wanted a church in DC because I work so far from home, I want to be able to worship close to my house-which means I wont’ be driving 40+ minutes 6 days out of the week.  This weekend, I did my own “research” and found a church.  It was Baptist. It was located in DC.  They had a number of ministries.  And it wasn’t far from my house.  When I got there, I didn’t have to park far from the front doors, and when I walked in, everyone was super nice.  The older ladies talked to me like they knew me.  The message was great, I enjoyed service, and I even saw a face that I recognized.  All in all, it was a great Sunday morning.  The church isn’t super big, but I do get the feeling that most everyone knows everyone.  And it was slightly diverse. I noticed a few non-Blacks in the pews.

So, this may be a bit premature, but I think I’ve found a church home.  Of course I have to attend a few more services to be sure, but I will definitely be going back.  For those of you that pray, please say a prayer on my behalf.  Please pray that if this is the church for me, that God will show me in due time.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

Who is Billy Chambers?

If you were asking yourself that question last night, you are not a true Gladiator.  Just when I begin to get disilluisioned and disappointed with “Scandal”, Shonda & Co. reel me back in.  Kudos to my neighbor, Ms. V., for saying months ago that Billy Chambers was still alive.  I have to admit, I speculated that the mole/Albatross was either Cyrus or the Governor of Maryland.  This show proves that just because someone isn’t on your tv screen anymore means that they’ve disappeared never to return again.

So, for those of you that need a re-cap of Billy, here you go.  No thanks are required.  Billy Chambers was Sally Langston’s Chief of Staff (her Cyrus).  During the primary, Billy was hell bent on taking down Fitz; so much so, he planted a recording device in his hotel room while Fitz was on the campaign trail.  Turned out, that was the first night Olivia and Fitz were together.  While the woman on the tape never speaks, Billy thinks he’s hit gold.  When he goes to present said tape to Sally, she’s all too happy to announce that she has decided to run as Fitz’s VP, which crushes Billy.  So he holds on to the tape.  Fast forward two years, Billy talks his “girlfriend”, Amanda Tanner, into having an affair with the president.  Amanda goes public with her story, although her identity is not revealed at first.  Cyrus, in an effort to make Amanda Tanner disappear, hires Charlie to take care of her. A copy of the tape is sent to Fitz and Cyrus, but they are at a loss of what to do.  But they decide to take it public.  When the tape is released, Mellie says it’s her.  (Billy can’t catch a break!!!)  Quinn’s reporter boyfriend, Gideon, has been researching the Amanda Tanner story and figured out Billy was involved with Amanda.  Billy, scared for his life because things have gotten out of control, stabs Gideon, resigns from his Chief of Staff position, and the last time anyone sees him, he’s on the elevator with Charlie…

Now, that you’re all caught up on Billy, let’s talk about David.  Something about David never sat quite well with me with him working at Pope and Associates.  And now I know why.  And Olivia was WAY too comfortable to open her safe in front of everyone, ESPECIALLY David.  I think her happy bliss has caused her to let her guard down.  And that is most unfortunate.

Poor James.  I don’t care how upset you are about what’s going on around you and feeling like your world is crumbling down, Cyrus was SO disrespectful and just plain mean to James yesterday.  His attitude was totally uncalled for.  But we know that Cyrus is a monster anyway, so should we really be surprised?

So, I’m totally confused.  Did David really kill that girl?  How did Billy get into the White House records?  How did Billy and David get together anyway?  Why is Billy trying to kill Olivia?  What is Byron Douglas and Jake’s real end game? (Even though I think I have that figured out, I’m still not sure.)  Are Defiance and Albatross even related???  And who is this faux Olivia Pope helping Mellie?  I have no shame in admitting I woke up and re-watched “Scandal” this morning.  I was still confused and needed answers, not that re-watching helped answer them.

Anywho, I was all set to have a watch party for the season finale next week and then decided that would not be a good idea.  While I love my friends, I don’t need ANY distractions next week.  My friends like to talk, no matter how much they admit they don’t, and probably won’t hush up after commercial breaks.  So, I will have my own Pop Secret and glass of bubbly prepped at 9:59 pm.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!