Guy Week – My Go-To Guy

Guy Week is here! A little delayed, but it’s here none-the-less. I hope you guys enjoy!

I have a bookcase that I want to get.  But I’m a weakling.  And I’m not handy.  And I live on the 2nd floor of my building.  I could call Southern Dad to help…but he lives in Florida.  I don’t have any brothers, so that’s not an option.  And my closest cousins live two states away.  And I’m single.  You see where this is going.  Who in the heck am I gonna get to help me put this bookcase together?!? And there’s my problem.  That’s why I still don’t have a bookcase, but I do have three stacks of books in my bedroom.

My friend Ms. A and I were having a conversation a few weeks ago (the same one that inspired Guy Week), and one of the things we discussed was the good and bad of living away from home.  Yes, we’re independent and made friends and have made our own way.  But we’re far from family.  Yes, we have male friends, but no one that we would want to ask for help, for fear they would want something in return that we aren’t willing to give.  Or we don’t feel comfortable asking them.  Or we just don’t want them to know where we live.

When I first moved to DC I had a friend, we’ll call him Brick, who was my Go-To Guy.  When my cousins brought my furniture from Southern Mom’s house, Brick helped us move (although he was ridiculously late).  When I realized I left the slats for my bed, Brick came over, measured my bed, went to Lowes to get the slats, and came back and put them under my mattress.  When my car was snowed in during Snowmaggedon, Brick took me to work. (It helped we worked at the same place.)  He even changed the showerhead for me. Brick did all of these things not because he was looking for something.  He did them because he’s a nice guy.  And I should also state this was a give and take situation.  I did things for Brick as well.  That was the type of friendship that we had.  I’m really sad he’s back in Florida.

It always help to have some muscle around, no matter what people say.  There may come a time when there’s some minor repair you need to get done.  Or there may be times when your car is snowed in.  Or you come across this nasty bug that you’re afraid to kill.  I tried for two seconds to shovel my car out of the snow and decided this wasn’t working well and called someone to do it for me.  But I can kill a bug, after my heartbeat slows down and I catch my breath.  I could always take TyAnthony’s advice and put together the bookcase myself.  But I don’t really like that idea.  I feel like there are some things a man should do.  And working with tools and putting this bookcase together is one of them.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!