No More Excuses

If you are a regular reader, you know I have a lot of things going on.  Honestly, there should be no reason why I have so many things on my plate.  But yet, here they are.  Even when I moved to DC, Southern Mom told me to make sure I didn’t join 10,000 things like I did in Jacksonville.  And I listened…for awhile.  But I think in my quest to take 2013 by the horns and start making some things happen, I put a lot on myself…again.  Even with my taking off a number of things, I sometimes still feel overwhelmed by all of the things I want to do.

I have a friend that has like 5 businesses/organizations she runs.  Each one is unique and wonderful and makes you wonder why YOU didn’t think of it.  She’s a go-getter, she’s smart, she’s tenacious, and she’s a connector.  But what I know and others don’t is that she doesn’t sleep.  And she is ALWAYS working.  Now, I’m not giving up my sleep, but I can admit I can work on some things more.  She also doesn’t always have a standard 9 to 5, so she can meet with folks mid-day.  And sleep in late.  And pretty much make her own schedule.

Yes, I have a 9-5 and I get up at 5 am to work-out and I sometimes have things to do after work and I have a 2 hour roundtrip commute.  Instead of plopping on my couch and turning on the tv when I get home I could totally fire up my laptop and work on the things I need to work on, mainly this PR firm.  (Because I have been presented with an amazing opporunity, this PR thing may be happening sooner rather than later.)  But I’m completely tired by the time I get home.  I just want to relax.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is, I need suggestions.  Actually, I probably don’t; I know exactly what I need to do.  I need to make a schedule and dedicate a certain number of hours per day/week to dedicate to my business endeavors.  While I’m working on helping everyone else with their dream, I need to start shifting the focus back to mine.

To all of you procastinators (self included), if you have a dream or a goal or a mission you want to accomplish, get off your keester and start making moves!  Time waits for no one.  And while those around you are enjoying the fruits of their labor, you’ll be sitting around wondering why you’re still in the same place.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.

Way Back Wednesday- Glamour Girl

I haven’t done a WBW post in about 2 years.  And since I want to do some more research/thinking on other topics, you’re getting something directly from the heart. 🙂

Growing up, Southern Mom and one of my aunts used to call me Glamour Girl.  Despite the fact I wore lip gloss (“my lip gloss be popping”), played with Barbie dolls, and HATED to get dirty, I told them they were wrong; I was a tomboy… (Yes, you can laugh.)  I think I wanted to go away from this because I viewed being a Glamour Girl as negative.  Even though the sisters were having fun at the expense of an 8 year old, I wasn’t having it.

Despite having a father that is about 6’3″ (now do you see why I want a tall dude???) and a mother that is 5’7″, I stopped growing at 5’4″, due my having scoliosis.  And I was always a little taller and heavier than my female classmates.  I was a jolly green giant until about 7th grade when everyone else started to catch up with me.  At this age, even with my participation in basketball and cheerleading, I began to embrace being a glamour girl.  I was a ham for the camera (still am) and loved dressing up (still do).  My hopes of being a model were dashed when I realized I wasn’t going to grow anymore.  I can’t remember if I ever told Southern Mom this, but she knew that was a dream; maybe that’s an example of a mother knowing her child.  I did participate in the pageant at my high school for two years and in the pageant hosted by my mom’s sorority, not necessarily because I thought I was going to win, but because I thought it would be fun.  And I had no problem being put on display.

While some girls would be miserable if they didn’t win because this was there end all and be all, my mother instilled in me that not only was I pretty but I was also intelligent, nice, friendly, and had a number of other things going for myself.  I was more than just a pretty face. Some girls, that’s all they know, which is unfortunate.  And this isn’t to say that I didn’t have some insecurities.  We all do, and we would be lying if we said we didn’t.  I always wanted longer hair (still do) and wondered if the girl next to me was prettier.

I am happy to say, that even though I still sometimes suffer from insecurities, I’m still a Glamour Girl, even at 31.  I embrace it.  And I better since I’m getting my own crown and sash in less than a month.  And I DO plan on winning my next pageant in August.  And even if I don’t, I’ll be ok.  Because I’m more than just a pretty face.  I’m a friend, a leader, a daughter, a writer, and a volunteer.  Also, I’m not just walking across that stage and putting myself on display for me.  My hope and prayer is that a woman or girl who sees me knows that she can follow in my footsteps, even if she isn’t 5’10” but is closer to 5’2″ and isn’t a size 4 but is closer to a size 16.  I’m also doing it because I think it’ll be fun, I  like to dress up and I don’t mind being on display.   Until next time, I’m just  a Southern girl…in the city!

I Now Know Why

… I said I wasn’t going to date for awhile.  Unfortunately, I went back on my word and went on a date last night.  Yes, I believe I told someone that I wouldn’t go out on another date until there was another election (think mid-term)… Well, DC has a special election tomorrow, so does that count???

Anywho, not only did I go on a date, but it was with someone that I met online… I swear I’m a complete glutton for punishment.  As I told TyAnthony a few weeks ago, I got bored just working on me.  So I decided to do something about my boredom.  I put myself back on the dating scene.  I totally should not have done that.

My date last night was AWFUL!  Dude had NO personality.  I spent more time talking to the bartender and watching the Lakers/Spurs game than talking to my date.  And can someone PLEASE tell me what part of the game it is to invite a girl back to your place to “watch movies” on the first date???  -_-  I’m not the one.  Now, he did preface that statement by asking me what I was doing after our date was over.  But that’s really no excuse.

And not only was he a dud, but the restaurant was whack.  I’m glad that I was kind of still full from brunch and wasn’t really hungry, because I was not impressed with the food.  I even sent the first appetizer back, and I NEVER send food back.

Anywho, long story short, I’m going to continue to do what I was supposed to be doing in 2013-being focused on my reign as Ms. DC Exquisite, getting my business in order, and working on Elle, both professionally and personally.  And although there is another dude lurking in the shadows, I’m most likely going to keep him at a distance.  There is no country for Southern girls who encounter whack men.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.

ReBlog- Fellas, Good Luck Finding that Perfect Purple Flying Unicorn That Lays Golden Eggs

Yesterday, my blog idol/play cousin/friend-in-my-head Michele Grant, over at Black n’ Bougie reiterated why I LOVE her blog.  The title of my post today is her post from yesterday.  While the world, and I literally mean the entire world, tells single, educated, successful (Black) women what we need to do in order to get a man, no one is talking to the men…and I mean nobody.  I don’t think Steve Harvey has written a book yet directed towards (Black) men instructing them on what they need to do in order to find that “special, perfect one”.   I haven’t seen a book titled, “Why Women Love A–holes” (a play on words to the book “Why Men Love B-tches”).  And correct me if I’m wrong, but I haven’t seen a book titled “Make Her Beg to be Your Girlfriend”; yes, there is a book with this similar title-change “Girlfriend” to “Boyfriend”.  So my girl Chele gave men a mirror, told them to take a look, and strongly suggested they do a little self-evaluation.  To see if they are as great as they would like everyone to think they are.  To see if they are bringing to the table what they DEMAND in a mate.

So, I strongly implore all of you to mosey on over and take a look at her post from yesterday.  Sometimes, I think Michele and I were separated at birth.  She’s Southern, she’s a writer, we share the same last name, and, most importantly, she loves Prince and the color purple (not the movie, but the actual color).   Feel free to comment on my blog, her blog, or both.  And if you do not read her blog on a regular basis, you are losing in life.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

A Year Older, A Year Wiser

While I was getting ready to go celebrate my birthday on Monday afternoon, I got a phone call to turn on my tv to see what had happened in Boston.  Even when I arrived at the piano bar, before it got too crowded, my early bird friends and I continued to watch the news to stay in the know of exactly what was going on.  In the midst of tragedy, we still have to be grateful.  I was (and still am) very thankful that God allowed me to live to see another year of life.  Besides Monday’s unfortuante events, 31 has started off on a high note.  Although I have finally made a decision (for real this time) to leave an old beau alone for good, I’m ok with that.  There are some possibilities that are on the horizon, so we’ll see how those work out.

I also set a new goal for my 31st year of life.  To make sure I stick with it, I’m strategically telling certain people so they can keep me honest and make sure that I’m doing what needs to be done to get it accomplished.

I know it’s only been 2 days, but I feel like I have a little more clarity at 31.  I’ve really understood that I need to let some things (and people) go.  I see things from a whole new perspective.  I finally feel like I’m becoming a woman and that I’m no longer a girl.

I’m excited to see what God brings into my life in my 31st year.  I still miss not being the baby, though.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!