This past Christmas, along with a few of my friends, I sponsored a family for Christmas. And it wasn’t just any family. The mother had been a victim of domestic violence. (I previously mentioned this here.) Tomorrow is NO MORE Day, a day recognized nationally to put an end to domestic violence and sexual assault. The below message is from the DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

We’re pleased and excited to announce that March 13 is NO MORE Day, the public launch of the country’s first unifying awareness symbole for domestic violence and sexual assualt. Join DCCADV to lauch NO MORE and participate in of the most concerted and collaborative efforts to raise awareness for these issues.

NO MORE is a groundbreaking symbol (like the pink breast cancer ribbon and the red AIDS ribbon) designed to galvanize change and radically increase the awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault in our communities.

On March 13, NO MORE Day, thousands of advocates and supporters across the country will unite to officially launch NO MORE.

Domestic violence and sexual assault are not easy to talk about, although they impact millions of men, women, and children every year. Because of the stigma and shame, these issues often remain hidden in our society. NO MORE seaks to bring domestic violence and sexual assault into the national spotlight to generate more attention, more resources, and more action to prevent them. NO MORE aims to empower bystanders of domestic violence and sexual assault in every community to break their silence around these issues and get involved.

Tomorrow, in Washington, there are two opportunites to participate in NO MORE day. First, at 9 am in the Dirskin Senate Office Building in Room 538, you can attend the congressional briefing regarding the results of the Avon Foundation-funded NO MORE Study: Teens and Young Adults on Dating Violence and Sexual Assault, to be presented by Ashley Greene, Actress and Ambassador for Avon’s mark Brand. RSVP here.   You can also attend tomorrow night’s Washington Wizards game.  Come out and support NO MORE, get free products and see the debut of the new PSA.  (Purchase tickets, here. Promo code: nomore).  Proceeds from the ticket sales go to local victim services organizations. 

If you’re social media savvy, follow NO MORE on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  You can also participate in the #NOMOREday Twitter Chat on March 13 at 3 pm EST. 

I’m sure you all felt the same way I did regarding Selina Brown in December.  And we can’t only pay attention when something “major” happens.  We must always be vigilant and look for ways to stop domestic violence and sexual assault.  We can no longer be quiet and turn a blind eye.  I hope you will do something to participate in NO MORE day.  For more information, you may also visit  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.


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