Fall Back, NeNe

Last night, I was watching the “Real Housewives of Atlanta”, which is one of my guilty pleasures.  Every Sunday night, if I’m home, I can be found chilling on my couch tuned to Bravo.  I even popped some popcorn to watch the drama unfold last night.  Suprisingly, I have been Team NeNe this season.  Last week, I felt her ire as the ladies showed up almost 3 hours late to a dinner that NeNe had hosted in their honor.  And I’m glad she stook by her guns and didn’t let them in her house (although I think I would have been pissed had I been on the other side).  Unfortunately, I had to give my girl Ms. Leakes the side-eye last night.

It’s no secret to anyone that watches RHOA that Porsche Stewart is the quintessential housewife-she doesn’t have a real “job” but volunteers at a foundation named after her grandfather, she cooks and cleans for her husband, and she doesn’t do anything without running it past her mate.  This type of marriage seems to be working for the Stewarts.  But NeNe, in all of her infinite wisdom, has decided that Porsche needs to develop her OWN identity separate from her husband and do what she wants to do.  So the ladies decide to teach Porsche some life lessons during their first night in Vegas.

While I guess I understand where NeNe is coming from, I feel that she is way out of line.  It has only taken me 30 years to realize that I do not need to be in every body’s relationship.  If it works for those two who are in it, who am I to criticize/chastise/judge?  Porsche made a conscience decision to enter into the “type” of marriage she has with Cordell.  She has stated numerous times on the show that Cordell is old fashioned and that is what she likes about him.  And as someone that has stated multiple times that I would LOVE being a housewife (not sure how long that would last, though), I totally get where Porsche is coming from.  She wants her husband to be the head of the household, to be the caregiver and provider, and to be the decision maker.  In essence, she enjoys being submissive to her husband.  As someone that has friends that have dated men 10+ years older, one of the drawbacks/compromises/things is that he’s more likely to “tell” you want to do and be set in his ways and want you to behave a certain way.

Now, what I do not like and cannot appreciate is the disrespectful way that Cordell addresses Porsche at times.  But, once again, if she does not have a problem with it, who are we to comment?  Has Porsche ever turned to NeNe as a confidant and stated she doesn’t like the way her husband talks to her sometimes?  Has Porsche ever confided in NeNe that she wishes Cordell would give her a little breathing room?  No, she hasn’t, at least not from what I have seen.  Another point I can’t get with is when Porsche stated Cordell “let” her go on the trip.  I don’t understand how or why one grown person has to get permission from their partner to do something.  (Maybe it was just a matter of word choice.)  When I was in high school, I totally didn’t get why my best friend’s dad wouldn’t “let” her mom cut her hair.  But when you marry, it’s about compromise.  Sometimes you do things you may not like in order to keep your mate happy.  It should not, though, be a one-way street.

The moral of today’s post?  If your friend/homegirl/acquaintance is happy in her relationship, leave her alone.  What will not and should not be tolerated is her man being disrespectful to you.  You can definitely put him in his place about that.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

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