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Today’s post is similar to “This Week in the News” but slightly different.  This may not necessarily be “news” moreso than just interesting information that I wanted to share.

First, Michelle in Training, a non-profit started by my friend kat calvin and where yours truly serves as the Public Relations and Marketing Chair, was featured in the Washington Post after we participated in Defining Young Black Philanthropy.  I plan on writing a post in the near future on how we (young professionals) can give back, even if we don’t have 6 zeros in the bank.

I’ve alluded to the fact that I’m a natural girl on this blog a time or two (for those of you that do not know me IRL).  I came across this article on Curly Nikki and thought it was worthy of sharing with my readers.  I’m glad Stephanie received the support from her job to transition to being natural; this story can assist women that are struggling with making the decision to stop getting relaxers rest a little easier and feel comfortable making that decision.  I think I inspired a few of my cousins to go natural after I made the transition as a number of them stopped getting perms.  (I could be totally wrong, but I think I may be right. :))

To ensure that you know what’s going in your backyard, you should be well aware of the fact that the Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments on Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  You should also know the facts surrounding the impending sequester.  As someone that knows people that will be affected, I hope there is a resolution SOON!  Never fret-not all news from DC is bad news.  Yesterday, the statue of civil rights icon Rosa Parks was unveiled at the U.S. Capitol.

Some new websites/apps that you should check out include “Around the Way“, an app that will assist you in locating a local black business.  You should also check out Blerdology, a site made especially for the black tech community filled with news, events, and feature stories.

That’s all I’ve got for today.  Feel free to share a story that I missed.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

Today’s Black History Month Fact: In 1879, Southern Blacks left economic and political exploitation in what is known as the Exodus of 1879.  This was the first migration of Blacks following the Civil War, and Exodusters settled in Kansas, Colorado, and Oklahoma.

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The Show I Don’t Talk About

There’s a television show that comes on a major network during primetime.  A Black woman is the star.  It’s an hour long.  It’s filled with things that titillate the senses nowadays-drama, sex, murder, mystery, and intrigue.   No, I’m not talking about “Scandal”.  I’m talking about “Deception”, the new NBC drama starring Meagan Good.  If you’ve read my blog before (or know me IRL), you probably know that I have typed (and said) I don’t like her and her roles .  I’ve felt she’s been typecast pretty much her entire career.  (Plus, I haven’t really liked her since “Eve’s Bayou”.)  The fact that I continually watch this show must mean that my heart of ice is slowly melting when it comes to Ms. Good…right???

When I first heard about “Deception”, I was thinking, “Great. Another ‘Scandal’. And NBC must have been holding on to it to see how Shonda’s new show was going to work out.”  I can honestly say that I have been watching “Deception” on a regular basis and keeping up with it.  I have to admit, I was a little skeptical at first, but I think I like it.

While I, and most of America, focus on “Scandal” and what a dynamic show it is, little credence is given to “Deception”.  For those of you that are unaware, Meagan Good plays a cop who goes undercover with the family her mother used to work for when their oldest daughter and her best friend, Vivian, is murdered.  After being gone for 15 years, Meagan’s character, Joanna, comes to pay her respects and re-connect with the family.  Of course, her real motive is to find out who killed Vivian.

To be honest, the show does have a number of similarities with “Scandal”.  It also has a lot of differences.  At the end of the day, I need to be a person of my word and support this show, which I am.  But let me tell you WHY I (and you all should) support and watch this show.   I make it no secret that we need quality television showing women (especially Black women) in a positive light, i.e. not fighting, cursing somebody out, being uneducated, and wrecking havoc in somebody’s life.  This show fits the bill.  Joanna is a cop, is educated, and is actually a likeable character.   Also, just as we should not be in competition with each other, we also should not pit our stars against each other.   Kerry Washington tweeted Good and wished her success on her new show.

I’ve always been a fan of and live by the motto “support a Black business”.  And if these two great shows with Black ladies as the leading star aren’t a black business, I don’t know what is.  I know Black Hollywood, and Black people in general, talk about how it’s hard to get quality acting roles, let alone starring roles, for Blacks.  Here, not only do we have two awesome, beautiful, and talented ladies as the stars, they have great Black men (Columbus Short and Laz Alonso) as their co-stars.  So, don’t call me a hypocrite.  I’m growing and maturing and EVOLVING… (Look at the name of this site again.)  At the end of the day, if I am to be a role model to the lives I touch, I have to practice what I preach.  And if I want my future children and the children I currently work with to support one another and to lend a helping hand, I have to do the same thing.  If you’re not watching “Deception”, I suggest you start.  And if you’re like me and don’t always stay up late during the week, you can catch up On Demand.  If you’re a night owl, tune in on Monday nights to NBC at 10 o’clock to see Joanna get one step closer to finding out who killed Vivian.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.

Her Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard

Yes, super long title for today’s post (which I didn’t realize how long until I typed it out), but those are the words that ran through my head during the last few minutes of “Scandal”.  Once again, Shonda and Company outdid themselves with a great episode last night.  So, let’s re-cap.

  • I totally called it last week that Fitz was having Jake follow Olivia.  Fitz is OBSESSED with Olivia.  There’s no way else to explain why he first was having her followed and had photographs taken and has now graduated to installing cameras in her apartment.  And Jake isn’t stupid.  He knows Fitz’s obsession with her is not normal and IS personal.  I’m interested to see how this plays out.  I totally think Liv likes Jake-I just wished she would stop crying all the time.  That’s not healthy…or cute.  I’m also wondering what Fitz’s end game is to having Olivia watched.  He should be careful, because Jake could easily find out that they rigged the election.
  • And I called it that the brother (Young Caldwell) was sleeping with his sister-in-law.  But who knew that the older Caldwell brother knew??? The S-I-L was acting sneaky the whole time.  Just goes to show that not everything is as it seems.
  • Looks like Mellie totally got what was coming to her.  EVERYBODY knows that you don’t cross Cyrus Bean-point blank and the period.  I’m surprised that Mellie thought she could get away with getting back in Fitz’s good graces while throwing Cyrus under the bus and not getting found out.  The look on her face was PRICELESS when Fitz found out that a reporter was on her call.  This just shows that Mellie needs to stay in her lane as the first lady and quit trying to run stuff.  She should just follow in the steps of HRC and wait until her husband is out of office…
  • The Mole-it will be interesting to see how this plays out.  Goes to show you never know who’s lurking around the corner.  But I also want them to rescue the Americans.
  • And lastly, Huck needs to take a shower.

So, what else happened last night that I missed?  Or what was your favorite part from last night’s episode?  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!


If you know me personally, you know that I’ve talked about doing everything from going to school to get my MBA, becoming a freelance writer, finding a church home, getting more involved in my sorority, running my first half marathon, and other stuff.  That’s a lot going on-even for me.  So, I’ve made some decisions, at least regarding the first half of 2013.

While I would absolutely love to go back to school to further my education, I don’t see doing that within the forseeable future (like, within the next 3 months-but I could be totally wrong).  I’m going to focus on my side hustle-my own business-receiving multiple streams of income.  I honestly believe that certain things in my life are aligning for me to work on my business at this particular point in time.  Not to mention that I’m assisting a few friends in helping make their dreams a reality: And I feel that I should do the same for myself.

When we’re focused on 10 million things, we can’t be great at all of them. Some thing is going to suffer.  So instead of trying to have 2 hands in 10 pots, I’m putting some pots to the side.  And for TyAnthony, if you’re reading this don’t fret, because I can totally hear your voice in my head as I type this.  This doesn’t mean that I’m going to give up on my goals; that’s not my style.  Some items just have to get put on the backburner for now.  We’ll revisit them in 6 months when things have (hopefully) calmed down and taken a life of their own and I don’t have to work at getting things off the ground.  My goals that I work on for the next few months should have a strong foundation after a certain period of time.  And when that happens, I’ll be able to let those things work themselves out and then I can focus on other things.

It has been a long time since I’ve felt like this (if ever)-like I have the world at my fingertips and that I can do anything.  This may not seem like a lot to some people, but I’m super excited about a potential upcoming trip for which I’m planning.  Most of what I do from now until the last part of the year will determine how successful I am at making it happen.  And what does that entail?  Focus.  I am making plans and saving and working on making dreams reality.  This may be attributed to having more direction in my life and listening to the right sources for inspiration.  Or maybe this is all just a sign of growing up.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

A Story

I changed the title of this post about 3 times; I may change it again before I hit “publish”.  (I did.) This weekend I had an AMAZING time with my girls!  We laughed, we joked, we danced, we met up with old friends, we met some new friends, we hung out with my family, and my linesister and I almost got lost in the street game (that’s a post for another day).  All in all, I am so glad I went away on this mini-vacay!  I almost didn’t want to come back…almost.

Before I left DC, I heard a voice speak something into my existence-something I hadn’t thought about in awhile.  But, as we are proned to do at times, I didn’t pay it any attention.  When we were in NC this weekend, the same voice spoke this same thing into my existence again.  Not necessarily louder, but definitely with more force.  And with so much force that I started paying attention.  When we are on the right track and start doing the right thing, God will come to us.  And we must listen and pray and talk to Him to ensure first that we are doing the right thing AND doing it the right way.

Yes, I know, short post, but I had to get this off my chest-when God speaks to us, it would behoove us to listen.  Sometimes we may have to leave our comfort zone in order to receive our blessings.  And when He speaks to us, we cannot ignore him.  That’s when His voice gets a little louder, His hints not so subtle.  But why would we want to shoot ourselves in the foot and not receive blessings that were made specifically for us?  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.

P.S.  Yes, I know I’m a slacker.  It’s the 19th day of Black History Month, and I have yet to highlight an entrepreneur.  The highlights are coming-just pray for me. 🙂  Also, scratch what I said in an earlier post about doing things (i.e. volunteering and joining organizations) to potentially have my mate meet me. (This comes from putting the right thing in your spirit and opening yourself up to hear the right things.) Like Ruth, if I’m focusing on bettering myself and living my life, all of that other stuff will come.

Today’s Black History Month Fact: Edward Sawyer Cooper, M.D. was elected as the first Black president of the American Heart Association in 1992.