I’m Done Being Fat (Update I)

Happy Monday, folks!  I realize it’s almost been a month since I’ve started my “Get Fit” kick, and I haven’t shared any updates with you all!

Well, I’ve been going steady with meeting my run buddy for 3 weeks now.  So far, I’ve lost 3.2 pounds.  This morning, we jogged for the majority of the first leg of our walk/run.  Each time we go out, we go a little further and move a little faster.  SI, my steady run buddy, has pushed me and inspired me in ways I couldn’t imagine.  We have yet to miss a run because we don’t want to disappoint each other.  The other young lady that also responded to my request came out with us once.  Apparently she’s working with a trainer, but we wish she would come back out with us.  A friend of mine, MA, comes out with us every now and then.  It’s a little difficult for her since she lives in a different quadrant than my running buddy and I, but when she doesn’t run with us, she gets in the miles on her own.

This past Saturday, SI, MA, and I met up with the Black Girls Run group that meets at the National Mall.  We had a blast meeting other ladies, taking a picture in front of the National Christmas Tree and White House, and fellowshipping afterwards at Starbucks.  (Thanks to SI for making sure I got that banana instead of the blueberry muffin.)  I can’t wait to go back out there with them in 2 weeks.  It’s awesome meeting other women AND getting a change of scenery.

To make sure I stay on my half marathon training schedule during the holidays, I’ve recruited some people to keep me company.  Southern Mom and I will be running together on Saturday and next Monday.  She’s afraid she won’t be able to keep up with me, but I’ve told her that she’ll be fine.  I’ve even talked Southern Cousin into running with me next week after Christmas.  She seems to think I’ll be doing a 10-12 minute mile; someone needs to tell her that may not happen…

And although I don’t hit the gym as often as I want (I go once a week-I want to go at least twice), this weekend I started this 30 day challenge that a friend of mine posted on Facebook.  It’s called 10-20-30.  You run or walk 10 miles a week and complete at least 20 push ups and 30 squats a day; you’re welcome to do more.  On Saturday, I even added 20 minutes of pilates into my routine.  (Yes, I only did that because in this month’s issue of “Women’s Health Magazine”, Kerry Washington is on the cover, and she discusses how she enjoys pilates. #dontjudgeme)  That 20 minutes was the best thing I could have done for my muscles after that run on Saturday.

So, in short, this “Get Fit” kick has been awesome so far.  I feel better, have more energy throughout the day, and have even inspired those around me to do better.  But, at the end of the day, this is about me.  I need to be healthy for me and live the best life that God has planned for me.  Whatever your motivation, I implore you all to add some type of workout to your weekly routine.  You’ll thank me later. 😉  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

They Didn’t Have to Die

Thankfully, I’ve never been a victim of domestic violence.  Unfortunately, I know people that have.  With the recent news regarding the deaths of Kasi Perkins and Selina Brown, my heart has been heavy.   These women, both mothers and in their early 20s, were killed within a week of each other by the fathers of their daughters.  However, their killers will never seek justice.  Both men ended their own lives.

Something needs to be done to teach these boys how to control their anger.  It’s almost too late when they become adults because they’ve become accustomed to being violent and aggressive.  I’m not a psychologist by any means and I do not claim to be an expert, but I think aggressive behavior may come from a multitude of areas.  One could be a boy that grows up in a household where he saw an aggressive, angry male hitting his mother, his sister, or another female family member.  Heck, the boy himself could have been a victim.  Another issue could be the child is angry; why-I don’t know.  But in his anger, instead of lashing out at those around him, whether it be physical or verbal, he needs to be exposed to a constructive way to handle being angry.

Parents play an integral role in the development of their child.  Their presence, or lack thereof, has a lasting effect on their offspring.  Some may wonder if a parent is not dispensing good habits or positivity to their child, should they be an active participant in their upbringing.

I’m sort of going off on a tangent, so let me circle back.  Earlier this week, when I read about this story regarding Selina and other victims, I was brought to tears.  It’s not enough for a woman to want to end a relationship; now, she has to worry about her life and the lives of her children.  This story prompted me to reach out to friends to help me sponsor a family that has been victimized by domestic violence.  I’m happy my friends agreed to help me make Christmas enjoyable for a mother and her children.  And it is my goal in 2013 to volunteer on a regular basis with an organization that helps these families.

Sad to say, these stories are not new.  Women are terrorized everyday by a lover or ex-lover.  I do hope that we keep these discussions going and find a way to help children so they don’t grow up to be abusers OR victims.  While we are doing something for the victims, I want to think of ways to diminish the number of women who are victims of domestic violence. What can we do so that these types of relationships become obsolete?  This time of year is a time for celebration, family, and good cheer.  If you’re able, I ask you all to purchase a toy for a child or a gift for a mother.  All some women want is to end a relationship, not be in fear of their lives.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.

Why Huck?

* SPOILER ALERT * : If you are an avid watcher of “Scandal” and did not see last night’s episode, you might want to skip this post.

The title of today’s post can mean multiple things- 1. Why did Huck shoot Fitz? 2.  Why was Huck wearing a bright red hoodie KNOWING he would be recognizable? 3. Why was this set up to appear that Huck shot Fitz? (I’ll get to that in a minute.)

In true Elle fashion, I had a “Scandal” watch party last night.  My neighbor, Ms. V, and my friend Bri came by so we could watch the show together.   I stated earlier in the day that this episode better be EPIC…and it was.  A lot of questions were answered.  We found out when Mellie found out about Fitz and Olivia’s affair, we found out who was behind the explosion at Cytron, we see when Cyrus and James got engaged, we found out when and how VP Langston got hoodwinked by Cyrus and Olivia, AND we found out when and why Olivia quit working at the White House .  In most shows, I would loathe all of these flashbacks, but it works for “Scandal”.  You get an understanding of the characters’ motives and why they behave the way they do.

Now, regarding how Mellie found out about the affair-I don’t trust that Secret Service agent.  He could have EASILY given that pin back to Fitz.  But not only did he give it to Mellie, he told her where he found it.  He’s not protecting the President.  (Ms. V and Bri seem to think he may be the father of Mellie’s baby…because we ALL have doubts that it’s really Fitz’s, but I think that may be a stretch.)  I have to say I’m not surprised that Hollis was behind the explosion at his own company.  It definitely explains why Olivia felt the need to save Lindsay Dwyer (aka Quinn Perkins).

It’s really ironic we were discussing VP Langston before the show came on, noting we hadn’t seen her at all this season.  But she definitely showed up with a vengeance last night.  So, she’s now the acting President.  And, unwittingly, Cyrus gave her the information she needed to get it done.

The relationship between Fitz and Olivia is SO WRONG!!!  But there’s a little bit of something in all of us that wishes they could work it out.  Honestly, I’m glad she has Edison, because I was hoping that she could finally move on, but with Fitz being shot and in the hospital, I don’t think that’s going to happen, especially now that she’s back at the White House.

Now, with Huck.  Ms. V called it; she’s been saying since last week that Huck was the shooter.  I still think Hollis set it up (remember his conversation with Cyrus last week when he said, “I’ll bring down this whole house of cards”???  But, is Huck really the shooter???  Huck is a trained killer who could have killed Fitz with one shot.  Also, what killer wears a bright red hoodie?  That’s a sure fire way to get noticed.  In our post-“Scandal” discussion, we think someone else did the shooting, and Huck is the scapegoat.  We’ll see what happens.

Now, the main thing that didn’t really get mentioned last night was James’ discovery of the tampering of the voting machines last week.  It’ll be interesting to see how this is handled; hopefully it’ll be done during next week’s mid-season finale.

I could be here forever sharing my thoughts on this show.  I will say if you are just now getting into “Scandal”, you need to catch up.  Don’t ask your friends who this person is or why they’re significant.  Maybe you can catch up on HULU or Netflix during the Winter Break.  I highly recommend it.  Enjoy your weekend, and until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

P.S. Fitz can’t die…like he just can’t…