They Didn’t Have to Die (Part II)

Who knew when I previously wrote about Kasi Perkins and Selina Brown that the next day our nation would experience another tragedy?  I have to admit I have not actively kept up with the details about the killer of those students and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  I don’t need or want to. All I know is that 26 innocent people are dead and that it probably could have been prevented.  This reminded me of my post from 2 years ago when I had the series “What We Won’t Talk About”.  One subject was mental illness.  Sadly, mental illness is taboo in most ethnic communities in our country, not just with African-Americans.

God’s plan is perfect, although we may not understand.  And it’s not for us to understand.  But, we must be vigilant and faithful.  And while we may cry, be sad, and wonder why this had to happen to these innocent children, we should be happy that they no longer have to experience the ills of this world.  When I still think about it, my heart aches.  There has been so much gun violence in the news recently.  The fact of the matter is that sadly, gun violence occurs everyday; we just don’t always hear about it.

As I did in my original post regarding mental illness two years ago-if you know someone that you believe is suffering from mental illness, don’t sweep their behavior under the rug.  Take them to seek help; don’t just suggest it.  We honestly must take charge and not turn a blind eye when we believe something has changed with a loved one.  Maya Angelou said it best-when people show you who they are, believe them.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.