Why I LOVE Scandal

“Scandal” is currently the best scripted show on television.  Point blank AND the period.  If you’re a regular, you know how much I enjoy this show.  Is some of the plot a little predictable?  Meh, maybe.  Do the characters talk too fast sometimes?  That’s a possibility.  But are you on the edge of your seat during each episode?  Absolutely.

Now, my co-workers recently turned on me on “The Walking Dead”.  And as much as I jump during each episode when a walker gets shot at or get his head chopped, it doesn’t compare to this latest show by Shonda Rhimes.  “Scandal” is entertaining, fast-paced, and engaging.  Just about every major character on this show has some intrinsic thing about them that is bad-Olivia, Cyrus, Huck, Mellie, and now Harrison-but you LIKE them.  You cheer for them.  You even want them to get away with whatever misdeed it was that they did.  I have talked about how the Other Woman can basically kick rocks and make herself scarce when her boo is still married, but I almost cried with Olivia when Fitz called it off for good.  From last night’s episode, I was mad that David passed along the voting machine info to James (he’s like a dog with a bone!), I was pissed when James found the last voting machine with the memory card, and I was shocked (though not entirely surprised) when Fitz got shot.

When I normally watch shows, I’ll turn the channel during commercials, play on my phone, or just in general find something else to do. But I don’t do that with “Scandal”. I can’t afford to do that with “Scandal”. Even if something seems really minor, you need to pay attention because it’s bound to make a huge difference later.

Honestly, I’ve never seen so many of friends fall in love with a show and continually talk about it.  Even the people I follow on Twitter are tuned in every Thursday to watch.  This show has transcended race, gender, social class, and geography.  It’s a phenomenon.  I will talk to ANYONE about this show.  If for some crazy reason I have to miss it, I make sure to catch up on On Demand.  Even if I’ve watch the episode on Thursday, I’ve been known to watch it again, which is most likely going to happen with last night’s episode.

“Scandal” gives you great storylines, excellent acting, and suspense.  What more could you ask for a in a television show???  Now, when “Luther” comes back for its third and final season, it’ll definitely be a competition between the two to see which is my favorite.  If you don’t currently watch “Scandal”, you’re losing in life.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

PS I’m sure Mellie (the First Lady) new about the shooting AND I’m going out on a limb to say that Hollis Doyle was probably behind it.  (Don’t ya’ll remember him threatening Cyrus???) Remember what I said, the little stuff that seems insignificant…

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