Black Girls Hack

My friend, kat calvin, (I call her Kelley) is hosting an awesome, new event in Atlanta this weekend!  If you’re in the tech or non-profit industries and you’re near the A, it would be awesome if you could attend!  You get free food and libations, networking opportunities, and awesome swag!  All sponsor proceeds from the event go to Black Girls Code, which is a non-profit focused on introducing computer science, technology, and the STEM community to young girls of color.  The two great things about this event is that you get 24 hours to come be a part of all of this fabulousness, and it’s FREE!  That’s right, if you are a designer, coder, or you just want to see what this whole tech thing is about, you get all of this great stuff for free!  How often does THAT happen???  So go here to sign up.  And if you can’t make it until midnight on Friday, that’s fine, because they will still be there! 

So, go support my friend, take advantage of meeting new people, and enjoy food, drinks, music, and the opportunity to win free stuff! 🙂  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

* To find out more about Black Girls Code and Black Girls Hack, visit them on the web at and

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