This weekend, I watched the movie “Catfish”, which follows a young man that met a woman on the internet and his quest to meet her in person.  Since I never catch movies when they first start, I missed how they initially met, but the watching his story unfold was intriguing.

As someone that has dated online, I have to admit my biggest fear was that I would meet someone that was totally not the person with which I had been corresponding.  Unfortunately for our friend, Nev, that’s exactly what happened.  He believed that he was talking with this cute, bubbly, twenty-something year old girl.  He even spoke to her mother and younger sister.  Come to find out, he was speaking with a 40 something year old woman who had a boyfriend.  Not to completely give the movie away, but after travelling thousands of miles, Nev discovered this woman went to very elaborate lengths to hide her deception.  She stole pictures on social media, created multiple Facebook pages, and even had two cell phones. 

MTV is premiering a new show tonight inspired by the movie.  And of course, Nev is the host.  Since it comes on so late, I seriously doubt I’ll stay up to watch it. Maybe I’ll catch it On Demand.

I know of multiple people that have found love over the web.  And I also know of people who found nightmares.  I feel really bad for Nev because he thought he found this amazing girl, and she turned out to be a fraud.  And fradulent people can be found in real-life and on the internet, unfortunately.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.

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